Assassins Creed Valhalla Offchurch Gear Location

Offchurch Gear

Offchurch Gear might prove itself as an obstacle in the game. However, you will find out Offchurch Gear’s location pretty early in the game. There is an amazingly abundant loot for you to splurge on acquiring Offchurch gears, which is not an easy task. 

Do you want to know how to come out of it all alive? Still don’t know how to get closer to the gear of your dreams? Read on to find answers to all of your questions!

How To Get Offchurch Gear

Offchurch gear: 1 exclusive mission

The first and pronounced step to getting Offchurch Gear is completing the Tilting the Balance mission. Even after you come across the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Offchurch location, getting Offchurch gear marked on the map might still be a murky mystery. You don’t have to worry because the developers won’t add hard-to-access valuable gear in the game. 

How To Get Offchurch Gear

Getting Offchurch gear is a lengthy process, a curvy path full of twists and turns. You will have to defeat all your enemies in Offchurch first. You will then have to find all secret tunnels present underneath the small camp and pick up all the other loot. The other loot will include stunning stuff like carbon ingot, Fyrd Spear, and Focus of the Nornir book of Knowledge.

You will see that there is only a piece of loot left to acquire, and that is the Offchurch gear. The Offchurch gear is sealed off behind an impenetrable door. There’s no way to access, it but you know what they say if you can’t get a door to open, break it open.

Yes, you read it right. Remember the Tilting The Balance Quest from before? This mission will require you to kidnap King Burgred – who is horrified and is currently hiding in the room where the Offchurch gear is. You will have to pick the required key from one of your enemies in the tunnels during this quest. Use this key, enter the seemingly locked door and grab the coveted gear.

Offchurch Gear

Offchurch gear will include the Sepulchre Axe – your one big, gold, sharp two-handed solution to dealing serious damage and equally heavy attacks, and other loot containing some carbon ingots, Fyrd Spear and, Focus of the Nornir book of knowledge.

Fyrd Spear Location

Fyrd Spear Location

You will find the first piece of Offchurch gear after going in for a dive. You will have to head over to the underground stairs and go down through the first set of stairs. Keep going straight and go up the next set. You will have to round the corner on your right and get inside the room. You will spot a blocked entrance on your left (where you might find a guard patrolling).

To acquire the Fyrd Spear, you will have to aim and shoot the barrel with an arrow present at the base of the entrance to cause an explosion. Throw it out if you’ve run out of arrows and start clearing the debris. Now head down the steps and get closer to the water.

Start swimming to the opposite side of the room and dive down through the hole in the floor. The next step will require you to find the gear chest present at the bottom of the water. You will have to dive deeper and get the Fyrd Spear.

Sepulcher Axe Location

Sepulcher Axe Location

To get the Sepulcher Axe, you will have to be active in the Tilting The Balance quest or must have completed the quest already. The first step will involve finding a key that will unlock the room of King Burgred where he is hiding. The key will not spawn unless you’re on a quest. Make way through the Kingmaker’s Saga storyline, and you will find the gear in the room where King Burgred is hiding.

Head over to the underground area and move straight through the door. You will have to kill a guard here in order to get the key. Use Odin’s Sight to reveal the location and after, finding the key, unlock the doors to defeat King Burgred. After tying him up, you will be able to find Offchurch gear in the back left corner of the room.


What is the use of Modraniht armor?

Modraniht armor increases the damage rate after a stunning finisher, and you will deal with all five pieces to boost the stun damage.

Discover the location of Viking Norvid in AC Valhalla?

You can encounter Viking Norvid in the central territory building, where he hides in the dock area of the Jomsviking Barracks.

Where is the spot of Thyra in AC Valhalla?

The first task for you is to get the shrines in Ravensthorpe for Thyra. You will encounter him close to the territory waterfall, which is located precisely next to Seer’s hut, nearly the northwest region of Ravensthorpe.

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