How To Get To The Tech World – Pet Simulator X

Pet Simulator X Get To The Tech World

Roblox Pet Simulator X has many different worlds and each of these worlds have different ways to get there. The tech world is quite a new world as a result many players don’t know how to reach there.

In this post, we’ll go through the steps to get to the tech world. The Tech World is amongst the many different worlds you can explore in the game. The Tech World is full of wonders and will make your jaw drop (guaranteed). Although, the process to get to the Tech World might burn a hole in your virtual pockets, everything inside will compensate for the coins spent! If you don’t know how to enter this haven, keep reading!

Pet Simulator X Get To The Tech World
Pet Simulator X Get To The Tech World

How To Get To The Tech World

How To Get To The Tech World

In order to get to the Tech World in Pet Simulator X, you will have to unlock Fantasy World first as the gate to Tech World will only accept Fantasy Coins. Only after completing the first eight levels of Spawn World will you be able to hop straight into a cannon that will then shoot you directly to Fantasy World.

Requirements To Get To The Tech World

Tech World is pretty expensive (even compared to other worlds in the game). It will require a whopping 7.5 billion Fantasy Coins, and with the upgrades to your character, additional pets in your party, and even more improved pet stats, the Fantasy Coins might just be justified to get to the tech world.

Requirements To Get To The Tech World

Once you have made your way to Glacier World and have collected the required amount of coins, you can move to approach the wall for Tech World. The next step will need you to press E tab and then purchase entry into the world. After you get in, you will notice a large chest with around 4000 trillion health in the center of the world.

Move past the shop, and you will find a cannon that will shoot you directly towards Tech City. Here, you will find a mini-area that can be unlocked for 50,000 Tech Coins. This mini-area has a Dark Matter Machine and a few breakables inside.

Obtain Fantasy Coins To Get To The Tech World

Fantasy Coins are required for many things in Roblox Pet Simulator X. With Fantasy Coins, you can access almost everything in the game. There are a few different ways by which you can obtain Fantasy Coins to get to the tech world.

Triple Fantasy Coin Boost

  • You can use Triple Coins Boost for Fantasy Coins.
  • You will find the boost underneath the Boost title in the Exclusive Shop section.
  • This boost will triple your Fantasy Coins.

Ancient World

  • Ancient World offers you a better chance of acquiring Fantasy Coins when compared to other worlds in Pet Simulator X.
  • The more time you spend here, the more Fantasy Coins you will get.
  • Grind the chests in Ancient World, and you will get Fantasy Coins and other rewards like gems and diamonds.

Enchanting Pets

Enchanting Pets
  • Make your way to Enchanted Forest world, available in the Teleport menu.
  • After you get in Enchanted World, you will enchant all pets in that particular unit of the world.
  • The damage caused by your pets while being enchanted will earn you many coins.

Pet Eggs

  • Buy cheaper Samurai eggs instead of Golden Eggs.
  • After buying these eggs, you can exchange them with others in the game. It will earn you some Fantasy Coins.
  • You can also fuse the two eggs and get Golden Pets which will get you Fantasy Coins later.


Following are the FAQs regarding Tech World in Pet Simulator X –

What is the structure of the Tech World?

In Pet Simulator X, the structure of the tech world has the same design influenced by tech valley. It is the only world where multiple shops are not recorded to the teleportation list on the top range. You have to pay approximately 75m tech coins to the locality of the Steampunk chest before the updation of Alien. This whole process allows you to witness the formation of the structure of the tech world in the game that further gives you benefits.

How to get to the Tech World Island in Pet Sim X?

In the process of opening the tech world in the game, you must focus on unlocking the fantasy world because the path you have taken to extend the tech world needs fantasy coins in the game. For this, you have to complete all eight levels that were available in the Spawn world that will allow you to hop inside the cannon that will lead you towards the fantasy world.

How long is the duration for swamping Tech Chest to get to the Tech World?

In the game, you will get to see that the tech chest get spawns every 15 to 30 minutes in the spot of unexpected biomes that also includes VIP spots a trading plaza that will notify you of the broadcast that is “A Gingerbread Chest retains spawned in Fantasy/Spawn/Tech World!”. After the chest gets broken, you will have the advantage of receiving a few loot bags and bulk of gingerbread in the game.

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