Yakuza 4 Rio: Who Is This Beautiful Lady?

Yakuza 4 Rio

Rio is one of the characters seen in the hit video game Yakuza 4. Queries related to the character are frequently asked by the players of the game. It could be because she is incredibly pretty that many players are eager to know more about her. Well, fear not as this article will introduce you to this beautiful character from the video game Yakuza 4 and provide you with all the information that is needed regarding this topic.

That much being said let us waste no further time and jump right into understanding and getting to know Yakuza 4 Rio.

Yakuza 4 Rio

Rio is a side character seen in the hit video game Yakuza 4. She is seen in Club Shine as the hostess of the place. Only Shun Akiyama, the main protagonist, can request Rio to appear.

Rio Look
Rio Look

The age of the character seen in the game is 23 years old. It is a very important and popular club that is present in the city of Kamurocho. The ethnicity of Rio is that she is half Japanese and half Portuguese and has a deep desire to be a Pin-Up model. She is not just interested in being a hostess as she aspires to be a columnist for a magazine. Her ambitions do not end here, as she also mentions how she wishes to learn how to play the guitar. 

Rio's Business Card
Rio’s Business Card

As mentioned earlier, this character is available for the protagonist Akiyama to spend some time with. The first time you visit the club, Shine, Yakuza 4 Rio will give you a card. This is when we learn her name is Rio and that she dances on the sand. The reason she wishes to be a columnist for a magazine is so that she could become famous. 

She prefers to have a drink called Rose Champagne but it is not worth spending the money of the players. 

In the final event, Yakuza 4 Rio will call you to tell you that she will be going forward with the photo shoot she mentioned. The protagonist, Akiyama, will consider that the manager of Asia could know details about the company that is conducting the photo shoot. After this, you will have to go to Asia and talk with the person wearing the light grey suit. After the conversation, he will ask you to go to a location in Nakamichi Alley behind the smile burger. 

Interacting with Rio
Interacting with Rio

After reaching the place, go to the person crouching outside the building and have a conversation with him. This will allow you to head inside the building where four guys will be waiting. Defeat these four enemies, and you will complete the final event. 

Once you can reach 20 hearts with Yakuza 4 Rio, you will be able to unlock a new substory that was not available before. 

The best way to get the best gossip out of her is to use the Amoebatar, Footbaths. And giving her heart will result in a few outcomes, which are listed below. 

  • When you give Rio 8 hearts, you will be allowed to stare at her hand. 
  • When you give Rio 14 hearts, you will be allowed to stare at her chest. 

Yakuza 4 Rio Appearance

Rio in Yakuza 4 has a very unique and beautiful appearance. At her workplace, she can be seen to be wearing a white dress along with a pair of earrings that are shaped like a star, as well as two necklaces and a bracelet. The outfit that she wears when she is not working is a cream-colored trench coat matched with a pair of boots. Her hair color and her eye color are brown. 

Yakuza 4 Rio Associations

As mentioned earlier, Rio in Yakuza 4 is a hostess at Club Shine; therefore, she is associated with and is affiliated with Club Shine. The other association of Yakuza 4 Rio is her relationship. As mentioned earlier, only Shun Akiyama can request this beautiful hostess; therefore, she has a strong relationship with this client. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Rio in Yakuza 4?

Yakuza 4 Rio is a hostess of club Shine and will only be able to be requested by the protagonist of the game, Yakima. 

Where can I find Rio in Yakuza 4? 

You will be able to find Rio in Yakuza 4 when you visit the club, Shine, that is seen in the game. After you visit the club and find Rio, she will give you her card, which will act as an introduction between the player, Akiyama, and Rio in Yakuza 4. 

What is the ethnicity of Rio in Yakuza 4?

In the game Yakuza 4, Rio is half-Japanese and half-Portuguese. 

Who is the voice actor of Rio in Yakuza 5? 

The voice actor of Rio in Yakuza 4 is a Japanese voice actor who goes by the name Rio. The actress is of Japanese origin but was born in Brazil. Her main credited work is the voicing of Rio in Yakuza 4. 


Yakuza 4 Rio is a character in the game Yakuza 4 that belongs to the Yakuza franchise. Many game fans seem to be asking many questions regarding the character above. This article has considered that and provided you with the complete guide necessary to know everything related to this topic. This article has covered topics such as Yakuza 4 Rio’s appearance and associations, as well as a general and descriptive idea of who Yakuza 4 Rio is. 

Hopefully, this article has been insightful and informative. It has provided you with a complete guide to the topic of Yakuza 4 Rio, a character crafted with care by the game developers. This article has attempted to educate you on the topic above and to give you insight on it so that you can respect and appreciate this character even more, which would allow you to have a more immersive and enjoyable gaming experience!

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