Yakuza 0 Telephone Cards Guide | Locations and Rewards

Yakuza 0 Telephone Cards

As you explore the city and after exploration, you will land up at a future remote location. The following location is the center where you will find Locker Keys.

But in 1988, you will be looking and hunting for all the Yakuza 0 telephone cards hidden in the city corners. If we compare It towards the real-life perspective, these are just the telephonic prepaid cards we often use to make phone calls.

What are Yakuza 0 Telephone Cards?

Telephone Cards Preview Yakuza

It is a fact that Japan is very famous for telephonic cards and has a habit of producing advertisements for the cards by uploading any picture. In the game, you have the role of collecting Yakuza 0 Telephone Cards printed with pretty girls on them for the sole purpose and displaying them to the collector.

In Yakuza, till chapter two, you will never see the cards after Kiyu spends one night at his apartment. And for Majima in the game, he first meets Fei Hu, who is available in the third chapter and should learn and gain the knowledge of Slugger style. But note that you will never find all the cards very quickly in the game. For each set of cards, you will find it as the first Type A card set, followed by Type B card set and Type C. Thus, in this methodology, you will roam and scrub the entire city multiple times, and you will receive each card with incredible difficulty.

It is a suggestion for you to purchase or get a Card Watcher, an accessory available for you and get it at a Shrine or a temple by using Completion Points in the game. It will ding and notify you when you are close to a card and chime very fast when you are on the top of the card. Otherwise, alternatively, you can refer to the map and hunt for the cards.

You will find the collector in Kamurocho located in the Pink Valley at the northwest section of Shoten. Also, you will be able to meet the collector of Sotenbori, which appears in the northeast corner of the district, which is located next to Magutako. You should note that collectors will accept only these cards if you have complete three sets, and for every stage, you will have to turn into a collector, and as a reward, you will be rewarded with five million yen.

Kamurocho Yakuza 0 Telephone Cards

Yakuza 0 Telephone Cards Kamurocho

You can find a total of thirty-six cards from the time they are dispersed in the entire city. After getting access to the Sugita Building in the fifth chapter, you can find Erika’s set of three more, leaving six and two for three girls. After you get entry into Wes Park in chapter ten, you can find two in there and add more two, which are as third cards for those sets. Finally, at the ending of chapter ten, you are apt for getting into Little Asia, where the last two cards are hidden.

The Chika Arimura

Yakuza 0 Telephone CardsLocation
AThere is a flag near the Pocket Circuit Fighter. The Yakuza 0 Telephone Cards is located right beside it.
BAt the entrance to Fuji Soba, take some steps towards the northeast side. The telephone card is located beside the trash can of the street.
CLocated behind Shellac towards the eastern side which is located just next to a storm drain.

The Haruki Sato

Telephone CardLocation
AIn the Kamuro Shopping Area, You should enter the zone from the eastern side, then move towards the north section until the alley bends northwest direction. And finally, the card will be on the table towards your left.
BIt is at the Pier, located on the left side of the water along with few pieces of garbage.
CIn Taihei Boulevard, there is a cardboard box on the south side. The Yakuza 0 Telephone Cards is right beside it.

The Ayaka Tomoda

Telephone CardLocation
AFrom the south of Kotobuku Drugs, there is a red car near the Nakamichi Alley. Behind this car, there is the first telephone card.
BIn March Bowl, there will notice on a cardboard box.
CIn Pier, there are some trailers in the northeast section. Look for the telephone card near it.

The Riku Minato

Telephone CardLocation
AInSenryo Ave, go to the southeast corner and west with the bike rack. You are capable of finding it in your way.
BMove in the north direction from the Yoshida Batting Center. After reaching head up for a yellow hotel sign. You will get the card is in the nearby alcove.
CAfter having some steps towards the southwest of the Card Collector guy is at the Pink Alley, having a little gap between buildings.

The Marina Shiraishi

Telephone CardLocation
ATo the east of Maharaja, there is a telephone booth. You can find the card here.
BThe card is on the block of buildings situated at the west of Vincent having five buildings along the northern section. The one building which is a front from the second building from the west. Famously known as Hot Springs.
CIt is located right in front of that gate west of Hotel District and Taxi Stand.

The Riona Minami

Yakuza 0 Telephone CardsLocation
AThe location is from the save point of the southwest in the Kamuro Shopping Area you should have a look towards the southwest and spot the card hidden near a red bicycle’s front tire.
BIn Orchid Palace Mahjong there is a wall at the backside. The Yakuza 0 Telephone Cards is located there.
CYou will find the card which is in the little park at the northeast corner of the map, located near the taxi stand.

The Ayu Sakurai

Telephone CardLocation
AIt is at the Yoshida Batting Center, which is between the video games on the right section.
BThe card is located immediately south of the Save Point at the east end of Shichifuku St.
CThe location is towards the north direction from Maharaja is a little alcove with a car in it on your left and it is next to the car.

The Erika Kitagawa

Telephone CardLocation
AYou will find it inside the Sugita Building office once you receive access to it.
BIt is towards the east section of Theater Square and from the red car that is parked on the east side. You should move towards a little southeast into an alcove and search.
CMove from Ebisu Pawn, head towards the west, then move north up at the little alley and notice it on the right.

The Luka Kanae

Telephone CardLocation
AThe Yakuza 0 Telephone Cards are hidden inside Vincent on the table next to the stove.
BMove around from the Pocket Circuit Stadium then head towards the west past a tiny cafe to a store along with few little red stools in front of it. And you will find the card there.
CMove from the entrance of Shoten, then in the north two shops and one is near the green sign and you are able to get the Yakuza 0 Telephone Cards in a tiny gap between buildings.

The Emiri Okazaki

Telephone CardLocation
AIt is situated inside the SEGA HI-TECH LAND which is at Theatre Square located towards small garbage pails in the back.
BYou will get it in Little Asia near the north exit. But note you will never get it until late in Chapter 10.
CYou will find this in Little Asia, just located in the south direction of the Save Point next to some garbage cans.

The Reika Aiba

Telephone CardLocation
AFrom Earth Angel’s door, go slightly a little southwest to the little alleyway to find the Yakuza 0 Telephone Cards on the ground.
BAfter getting access to West Park, move from the entrance slightly east, then turn north. About halfway traveling the path, have a search on the right and you should get this just beyond the railing.
CIt is available at the South of the Poppo on Showa St., near the stairs down underground.

The Maika

Telephone CardLocation
AYou will get it inside Mach Bowl, which is near the restrooms in the back.
BThe card is hidden just on the north side of the Theater Square Save Point, which is next to a box with some trash in it.
CYou will get the card at the Northeast of the entrance to the Shrine, located on top of a pile of garbage.

The Nanase Otoha

Telephone CardLocation
AYou should start walking from the east entrance of the Kamuro Shopping Area. Secondly, move towards the south down Pink St. about a few steps. On your right side near stairs, you will get into a business and the card is on the ground.
BIn the game after you are capable of entering West Park, you will get this right next to the Save Point.
CYou should get towards the southern direction from the Shrine, then turn towards the east at the T-junction and the Yakuza 0 Telephone Cards is just right next to a lamppost situated at the corner.

The Miku Abeno

Telephone CardLocation
AThe card is situated inside Earth Angel, beneath the hanging TV.
BIt is on the northwest point of Square Theatre here is a club with a sign that indicates “debolah” and it is located just to the right of the entrance.
CThe card is hidden at the southwest of the Save Point in Pink Alley.

The Miho Tono

Telephone CardLocation
AYou will find the card at a Public Park 3 in Tenkaichi Alley, and here it is hidden under the bench near the save point.
BMove from Gandhara and start walking towards the south until you see a tiny alley off towards your right side and the card is available there.
CThe card is at the Kamuro Shopping Area which is near towards the south end of the wider street and the card is next to a garbage can.

Sotenbori Yakuza 0 Telephone Cards

Yakuza 0 Telephone Cards Sotenburi

In the game, from the time they are distributed and scattered all around, you can get 44 cards from 45 cards. For the remaining one card, you have to wait patiently to search Ai Uehara’s third card, which is available at the Bed of Styx Coliseum, but unfortunately, you cannot access the card until you reach the chapter 11 game.


Telephone CardLocation

The Mana Sakura

Telephone CardLocation
AYou have to move from the northwest Save Point, then head slightly into the alley towards the west and hunt this in a corner.
BIt is situated on the Iwao Bridge, at the very center on the east side.
CYou have to move towards the north direction of Club Odyssey, and should heck near the red vertical flag on your left.

The Ai Uehara

Telephone CardLocation
AThe card is hidden just south of the northeast Save Point, tucked in an alcove.
BYou will find the card at the alley south of Utahime, in a corner next to two bikes.
CThe card is in the Bed of Styx, next to the left-hand pillar and it is facing the ring.

The Hibiki Otsuki

Telephone CardLocation
AThe Yakuza 0 Telephone Cards is available in the southwest part of the district is a building with a back alley and it is in the southwest corner of the alley.
BThe card is in the S-shaped alley south of the Casino which is near some garbage cans.
CYou will get the card south of Gandhara, between a motor scooter and a potted plant.

The Saki Hatsumi

Telephone CardLocation
AThe card is located in the Casino, right next to the door.
BYou should move towards the West of Gandhara and there is a place called “Hotel Travis”. Head southwest from its entrance to find the card hidden behind a pole.
CThe card is available at the southwest corner of Bishamon Bridge, next to a red flag.

The Kotomi Asakura

Telephone CardLocation
AYou should head from the entrance to SEGA HI-TECH LAND, then go southeast near a pair of blue benches. And the card is under the southern one.
BYou should hunt towards the south of Mahjong Jambalaya is a building that has a back alley going around it. The card is located on the east side of that building, south of some bikes, and beneath a graffitied art poster of a random guy.
CThe Yakuza 0 Telephone Cards is hidden just around the left side of the Magutako kiosk.

The Kokoa Aisu

Telephone CardLocation
AWalk from the southwestern Save Point, and then go towards the east towards the next side of the street.
BFor getting this card head towards a shirt north of the Temple area. it is a rectangular street with a sign on the ground and boom the card is behind the sign.
CThe card is hidden from the Save Point located on the east side of the Bunzaemon Mall, just simply walk few steps east to find this one.

The Nozomi Hazuki

Telephone CardLocation
AYou will find the Yakuza 0 Telephone Cards right next to the metal stairs to Majima’s Apartment.
BTo find this card walk from the Save Point located east of Ashitaba Park. Move a tiny few steps west to find this one.
CThe card is simply available at the northwest corner of the district, next to the Taxi.

The Kyoko Maki

Telephone CardLocation
AIt is available in Utahime Karaoke Bar, which is next to the potted plant in the back.
BWalk from the entrance to Mahjong Jambalaya, and walk some steps south to a pile of garbage.
CIt is available from the Save Point east of Ashitaba Park, walk around some steps north to find this behind a pole.

The Iori Kogawa

Telephone CardLocation
AYou will get the card at the stairs from the Bishamon Bridge leading down towards the river footpath on the northern side.
BThe card is located in the Bunzaemon Outdoor Mall. You will get it on the angled northwest corner behind a pillar.
CThe car is available for you at the southwest of the Temple, between a cylindrical tank and a beer crate.

The Ai Haneda

Telephone CardLocation
AYou have to move from the northern center of Save Point and walk behind the booth towards the wooden sign behind it.
BThe Yakuza 0 Telephone Cards is on the eastern side of the entrance towards the Casino, hidden under a blue rectangular sign.
CThe card is at SEGA HI-TECH LAND, towards the left of the exit next to some ashcans in the game.

The Nao Mizuki

Telephone CardLocation
AYou will get the card in Ashitaba Park, at the left of a shanty hut along the diagonal side.
BThe card is available at the small alley which is connecting the center of Sotenbori St. towards the river footpath, on the east wall near some garbage.
CYou should move to the right of the stairway leading into Club Mars at the southwest corner of the map and have a look below the staircase.

The Yuki Natsume

Telephone CardLocation
AYou should head from the central Save Point, and walk towards the west direction past the notice board for getting this card on the other side.
BThe Yakuza 0 Telephone Cards is available on the river footpath which is south of Kani Douraku, on the stairs.
CYou should get from the northwest Save Point. Secondly, head towards south and west into one bathroom. Surprisingly the card is just available inside.

The Rina Ito

Telephone CardLocation
AThe card is hidden Beneath the pool table in Shot Bar STIJL.
BYou will get the card in the Casino, behind the Low-Stakes Blackjack table.
CThe card is hidden at East of M Store Shofukucho, behind the railing with a pile of garbage.

The Shizuku Hasegawa

Telephone CardLocation
AGo to Mahjong Jambalaya, then move to the northwest part of the parlor, and you will find the card between the top-left and middle-left tables.
BYou should walk from the entrance of Le Marche then head towards the east and move until you reach the end of the buildings. After reaching turn around towards north facing at the potted plants. And the next card is into one of the plants.
CYou will get the Yakuza 0 Telephone Cards on the south side of the river footpath, situated near the northeast side of the Don Quijote.

The Riri Kuribayashi

Telephone CardLocation
AThe card is available near one Casino at an S-shaped alleyway. Move out the south of that alleyway and walk straight towards the south direction and get the card on the ground near a stand-up sign.
BYou should move from the southern Save Point which is available next to a taxi. Then head towards the north several feet and turn towards the right side into an alley to find the card on the ground which is tucked at a corner side.
CFor getting the Yakuza 0 Telephone Cards you should move from the Temple, then head towards south and west. Move till west past the alley heading at the south, then search the south wall which is located near a cylindrical tank of the game.

What is the Use of Yakuza 0 Telephone Cards?

You can use the telephone cards, and you can trade with them with a guy in the Pink Alley, and he will give you something in return for it.

Why are Yakuza 0 Telephone Cards not appearing?

Firstly, in the game, you have to collect all the cards in the series of A to C, and if you do not get the first card, the next card will not appear in the actual location of the game.

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