The Real Reason Why Gohan Wear Glasses

Why Does Gohan Wear Glasses

The complete name of Gohan is Son Gohan, who is one of the officials and a lead character in the Dragon Ball manga series. Akira Toriyama develops the character. In the series, Gohan was launched and introduced to the public as the first son of Goku and his wife Chi-Chi in chapter number 196 Kakarrot, which was published for the first time in the weekly Shonen Jump magazine on 08 October 1988.

As in the story, Chi-Chi’s character describes a strict mother who pushes Gohan to concentrate on his studies instead of focusing on Martial Arts. But far from his father, Gohan lacks the fighting passion, and also, he does not have any strong power within himself and only likes to attack only when his close and loved ones are threatened.

But further in the story, he will fight alongside the Dragon Team as a defense of Earth for his entire life. The hair looks of Gohan are similar to Yamcha’s, but it inherits his father’s facial features and great black eyes. Also, he carries his mother’s light peach complexion rather than his father’s tan. Gohan also inherited Saiyan’s tail which has brown fur and is very long. During childhood, the bottom was removed and re-grown for some time, but Vegeta pulls it in the first battle.

Why Does Gohan Wear Glasses?

Gohan Wears Glasses

Gohan’s wearing the glasses is that he wanted to look like a scholar, but unfortunately, he has never visited a high school. And, moving towards the end of the Dragon Ball Z, the Trunks is having a word with Gohan about where Gotan went. In the story, Gohan is displayed as carrying books and continuously receiving an “F” Grade, but then also he is wearing glasses and wearing the Toriyama Robot Tracksuit.

Does Gohan Have Bad Eyesight?

Gohan Eyesight

In the game, both the mother and his brother do the same thing while reading without the help of their glasses, and both of them have hypermetropia. Also, they are blind, But Gohan is probably not only wearing glasses after Videl paid for him to go to an optometrist.

Why Does Gohan Look Like Yamcha?

In the story, have you ever noticed a funny point? As Gohan starts growing up, he looks similar and exactly like Yamcha. We will not discuss Goku in this section because he is an exact replicate version of Yamcha and looks almost identical. As Gohan turns into an adult, his hairstyle is similar to him, and further in the future, he will also get the same scars on the face and body, which make him a much more similar or replicated version of Yamcha. It can ever be thought that Gohan and Yamcha will interact barely.

So, it is similar to like he can try to imitate like his friend. It would be hilarious and straightforward to suggest that Yamcha is the boy’s true father; however, the entire tail and Super Saiyan similar thing makes it impossible. It is very much likely to Akira Toriyama, who liked his designs for Yamcha and never wanted them to waste.

What Is Gohan Afraid Of?

In the story of Dragon Ball Z, it seems that Gohan has a lot of fear in his powers and also has a fear of not able to control them. He is also afraid that it might hurt the people accidentally or doing some specific activities which might do something that he cannot handle and take back. Thus, he sets backs as much as possible he can and tries to downscale and calm the situation as much best as he can with his ability.

Why Is Gohan The Only Half Saiyan With A Tail?

Ever wondered why Gohan is the only half Saiyan with a tail in the Dragon Ball Z story. If you think about Gohan, it has more Saiyan human characteristics than the Trunks, Gotten, and Bulla. If you look at Gohan, who was the one and was much more prone for bouting of the range because of courtesy of his Siyan genes. Thus, it seems that Gohan’s Saiyan half, popularly known as Goku, is more dominant than his human half, also known as Chi-Chi, in the story, which is resulting in him developing the tail.

In the childhood days when Goku was small, he grew up with a tail, but his son Gohan did not felt to cut down his tail. Sadly he paid a massive amount of price when they viewed adoptive grandson started turning into an Oozaru and killing him with complete aggressiveness and with that the Great Apes possessed. After this incident, Goku lost his tail when Puar breaks off.

Gohan was born with a seat, and Chichi was very much confused about the capability and allowed the boy to grow similarly to the father. In the story, Piccolo was the one who chopped off his tail after seeing him becoming Oozaru, and with Kakarotto, Gohan’s tail was again born in the battle fought against Vegeta.

Thus, we conclude that the tail will be expelled out from his body and again when an important event takes place, requiring the increase of power. And, each time when Goku and Gohan came close towards death, the tail appeared again.

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