Meliodas Power Levels Compared With Numbers

Meliodas Power Levels

Meliodas is the captain and Dragon’s Sin of Wrath available in the Seven Deadly Sins. The character is the previous owner of the most famous tavern Boar Hat, the key supporter of the game series. Also, in the series, his sacred treasure is the Demon Sword Lostvayne and the intrinsic power with Full Power.

Meliodas Power Level is one of the top tier levels among the whole series. Moreover, Meliodas is also the head of the Ten Commandments known as Meliodas the Love and a former member of Stigma. Finally, Meliodas is also the elder brother of Zeldris and the elder son of Demon King in the series.

Child Meliodas Power Level

Child Meliodas Power Level

Power Level: 300

Basically, Meliodas is born as a child and has a power level of three hundred. But the critical fact is that it is not made up, and this information is mentioned inside the official guidebook of the game. The level is twenty times more-stronger and more powerful than the human child.

Meliodas Demon Mark Power Level

Meliodas Demon Mark Power Level

Power Level: 3750

In the next game, before getting to its natural power, Meliodas has a level of control ranging from three thousand seven hundred and fifty (3,750). As moving forward he will increase and regains his absolute power, which has an ultimate level of thirty-two thousand five hundred (32,500). But according to our reviews, Meliodas is much more potent in the series.

Berserk Meliodas Power Level

Berserk Meliodas Power Level 

Power Level: 10300

The power level of Meliodas Berserk is ten thousand and three hundred (10,300), but the amount of power is meager as we compared to his Assault Modes power level in the series. It is the form where Meliodas cannot control his demonic power.

Also, in this form, the body of Meliodas goes along with the sinister force. And this provides him with a certifiable amount of strength and abilities.

But unfortunately, while he is in this form, he gets consumed by his powers, and as a result, it will lead him to drop control over his mental self, and somewhere in the story, he appears to be lacking out with any emotions in the series.  

Power Restored Meliodas Power Level

Power Restored Meliodas Power Level

Power Level: 32500

In the story, Meliodas, before gaining the natural powers has a power level range of three thousand seven hundred and fifty (3,750). Further, he initiates and acquires his natural strengths, which have a range of power levels officially for thirty-two thousand five hundred (32,500).

Still, according to our information, he is indeed more powerful. In the series, Merlin had stolen the power of Meliodas, which also included the destruction amount that it could cause in the series. Later Meliodas moved with many trials and can master the skill of his own emotions and be in charge of anger. Merlin then came back with his power which upgraded the level of point of having the following as:

  • Magic: 2700
  • Strength: 2700
  • Spirit: 2100

Demon Mark Meliodas Power Level

Power Level: 56000

Demon Mark Meliodas

The standard power level is thirty-two thousand five hundred (32,500), and with the demon park, the level of power is fifty-six thousand (56,000). 

After Revival Meliodas Power level

After Revival Power Level

Power Level: 142000

After Meliodas revival, the normal Meliodas power level range has been increased to sixty thousand (60,000), and in Assault Mode, the power level is one hundred forty-two thousand. (142,000). 

Assault Mode Meliodas Power Level

Power Level: 200000

Assault Mode Meliodas Power Level

Meliodas’s power level in the Assault mode can range from one hundred forty-two thousand (143,000) and further by Growth, another character in the series who observes him having a tough fight against Escanor after getting out of control. Later in the story, we could see the power level range, which increased from the initial capacity to two hundred thousand (200000).

Meliodas End of Series Power level 

Power Level: 682000

Meliodas End of Series

Finally, at the end of the series, Meliodas has a Power Level of six hundred eighty-two thousand (682,000). The calculation is stated as Assault Mode Meliodas has a power level of one hundred forty-two thousand, as discussed earlier. And all its precept sums up to five hundred forty thousand (540,000), and thus he absorbs full power, and the final results are calculated. 

142,000 + 540,000 = 682,000

What is the source of Meliodas Power Levels? 

The Power Level source of Meliodas is as follows:

  • The Demon King Form: Power Level = 777000 – 1000000
  • The Assault Mode: Power Level = 142000- 200000
  • After Purgatory Form: Power Level = 600000
  • The Post Revival Demon Mark Form: Power Level = 90000 
  • The Post Revival Form: Power Level = 60000
  • The Unsealed Demon Mark Form: Power Level = 56000
  • The Power Restored Form: Power Level = 32500 
  • The Sealed Wrath Form or famously known as Berserk Form: Power Level = 10300
  • The Sealed Demon Mark Form: Power Level = 4400
  • The Lost Wayne Form: Power Level = 4070
  • The Sealed Base Form: Power Level= 3370 


Is Meliodas stronger than Escanor?

Yes, Meliodas is stronger than Escanor because the power had by Escanor are the powers of an arc angel, and its name is mael. Secondly, Meliodas’s forces are of the demon kings along with his abilities.

Is Meliodas stronger than Goku?

By observing the power levels, it proves that Meliodas is hugely stronger than Goku.

What was Meliodas’s power level 3000 years ago?

3000 years ago, the power level of Meliodas was 368,000.

What is Meliodas’s power level?

At the current stage, Meliodas Power Level stands at 682,000.

What is Meliodas’ highest power level?

Meliodas at the end of the series has the highest power level that is 682,000.

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