Who Is Gon’s Mother? Hunter x Hunter Mysterious Character Secret

Who Is Gon's Mother

Gon Freecss who is the protagonist of the famous anime and manga series has a huge amount of fans. While the fans of both the show and the manga are familiar with who Gon is as well as who Gon’s father Ging is there seems to be some confusion regarding who is Gon’s mother. 

One of the biggest mysteries in both the anime as well as the manga is regarding who Gon’s mother and a lot of fans seem to be asking this question. This article would try to answer this question to the reader and provide a better understanding of the subject of who is Gon’s mother. 

However, before we answer the question of Who is Gon’s mother let’s understand who Gon is. 

Who is Gon? 

Gon Freecss is a young boy who dreams of becoming a Hunter, an elite class of adventurers with unique abilities. Though he comes from a humble background, Gon has the potential to realize his dream, thanks to his extraordinary abilities. With the help of his friends and mentors, Gon sets out on a journey to find his father, Ging, who is a Hunter. 

Gon HxH

Ging left him when he was just a child. Ging left him with his aunt Mito and went off on his own adventures. Now, at the age of 12, Gon has set out to find his father and become a Hunter himself.

All in all, Gon is a likable and relatable protagonist who readers will root for as he embarks on his journey to find his father and become a Hunter.

Who Is Gon’s Mother? 

While everyone is familiar with who Gon’s dad is and how he has influenced the plot of Hunter x Hunter.

We all know the father of Gon is Ging Freecss who is a legendary hunter and it was to find him that Gon decides to be a hunter. While Gon’s dad’s involvement in the show, as well as manga, is clearly mentioned by the author not much has been revealed about who is Gon’s mother. 

Since the identity of Gon’s mother has been kept a secret it makes fans even more curious to find out who she really is and how much of an impact she would make in the future. 

Mito Freecss
Mito Freecss

In the 2011 anime series, there has not even been a single mention of who Gon’s mother is. The identity is not mentioned in the manga either. In the 1998 anime, however, it was said that Gon’s mother is Mito. 

In reality, however, there is no mention of who is Gon’s mother as Gon switches off the tape just when Ging begins to discuss who his mother is. According to Gon, for him his mother is Mito and that’s what matters to him. 

The questions such as why couldn’t Gon’s Mother take care of him and whether his incredible strength and leaping abilities were inherited from his father or mother. While the answers to these questions are not yet known to the fans, many believe that Togashi has a very clear idea of what the story arc would be for Gon’s mother. Many even have made theories that suggest that the reason Ging has to go to the Dark Continent is because of her. 

Popular Hunter Theory About Gon’s Mom

Gon's Mother
Gon’s Mother

There is a popular theory that the mother of Gon is Alicia Freecss and that she too was a hunter. Unfortunately, she died when she was exploring the Dark Continent. 

Alicia was the daughter of Netero and met Ging a while after he became a Hunter and the duo had a lot of fantastic adventures together. After having Gon, both she and Ging decided to leave Gon with Mito and went to explore the Dark Continent. However, during an unspecified event, Alicia died tragically which resulted in Ging blaming himself for the incident and not being able to save her. 

It is believed by many that it is because Ging blames himself for the death of Alicia that he kept himself away from his son, Gon. 

Mention Of The Name

Gon’s mother has not yet been explicitly shown in the series however, Gin himself mentioned the name of his mother. 

Gon had mentioned that the name of his mother is Kite. This has not been confirmed by the author as of now. 

Will Gon’s Mother Make An Appearance? 

Since new volumes of Manga are coming out there is a possibility that we would be able to see Gon’s mother make an appearance in the manga. However, this will only happen if Gon’s mother is heavily significant to the main plot. 

There is no certainty to this since the character has been mentioned very briefly. It will be all dependent on what the author has in mind for the character. As far as fans of anime and manga are concerned it is anyone’s guess. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Gon’s actual mother?

There was a tape in which Ging had recorded information about his mother, however, just when the tape was about to end and Ging was about to talk about Gon’s mother Gon stops the tape and said as far as he is concerned Mito is his mother. 

Who are Gon’s parents?

Gon’s dad is Ging Freecss and his mother of Gon has not been mentioned yet in either the anime or the manga and remains one of the biggest mysteries of Hunter x Hunter. 

Is Mito Gon’s real mother?

While it has not yet been revealed who Gon’s real biological it has been stated by Gon that for him Mito is his mother as she took care of him since he was a child. 

Who is Gon’s crush?

Killua Zoldyck is the crush of Gon in the Hunter x Hunter series. 


Who is Gon’s mother is a question many of the fans of the Hunter x Hunter series have been asking since the character remains one of the biggest mysteries of the show. 

The article has dealt with the various aspects of the said character known to the fans. Even though the answer to the question of who is Gon’s mother still remains a mystery one can only hope the author introduces the character and gives more information about her soon. 

Hopefully, this article has provided the readers with clarity regarding the question “Who is Gon’s mother?”

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