Is Anthem Crossplay? Know Everything About Multiplayer Mechanics

Is Anthem Crossplay

Is Anthem Crossplay? All the details regarding Anthem Crossplay will be provided in this article.

There are a lot of things that go into making a great video game, and one of the most important is tonality. Video games are often designed with a particular tone or atmosphere in mind. This is known as the game’s “tonality.” The tonality of a game can be light and whimsical, dark and foreboding, or anything in between. 

The right tonality can make a game more immersive, exciting, and just plain fun. It can also make a game more challenging, which is perfect for those who like a little extra difficulty. Anthem, the video game from Bioware, looks to have nailed the perfect tonality for an action RPG. However, many of the players are curious to know Is Anthem Crossplay or not? This article would be clearing all the doubts regarding the topic. 

Before we dive into the crossplay feature let us understand what Anthem is. 

What is Anthem? 

Anthem is a role-playing action online multiplayer game. The game was developed by BioWare and was published by Electronic Arts. Anthem was released globally for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on 22nd February 2019.

The game is set in a dark and dangerous world called Coda, full of deadly creatures and treacherous terrain. But it’s also a world that’s full of hope and opportunity. Players will take on the role of Freelancers, brave souls who venture out into the wilds to protect humanity from the deadly threats that are looming outside the city walls. 


The game’s tonality is reflected in its visuals and gameplay. Everything from the color palette to the music is designed to create a feeling of unease and tension. Players must always be on their toes if they want to survive in this hostile world.

The game’s developers have said that they want players to feel like they are part of a living, breathing world. 

 Is Anthem Crossplay? 

Since Anthem is a multiplayer game, the question of “Is Anthem Crossplay” does arise in one’s mind. This section would attempt to answer the question. 

As of right now, there is no crossplay feature available in the game. No news regarding the introduction of the feature has been mentioned till now. The executive producer of the game, Mark Darrah had stated that during the launch of the game the crossplay feature will not be available. However, based on various indications from the game developers it is safe to assume that they do plan on introducing the feature to the game. 

Is Anthem Crossplay Possible In The Future? 

Well, the answer is a resounding maybe.

We still don’t know for sure, but there’s evidence that suggests it might be in the works. A recent datamine of the game’s files uncovered references to “crossplay,” which has led to speculation that BioWare is planning to add the feature in a future update. Of course, there’s no guarantee that this will actually happen, but it’s definitely something to keep an eye on.

It would be incredible to see crossplay implemented in Anthem. It would make the game much more accessible to a wider audience, and it would also allow for some interesting new gameplay possibilities. For example, one could have cooperative missions where players from different platforms team up to take down tough enemies. Or, a player could have competitive multiplayer matches where players from all over the world battle it out to see who is the best pilot.

Many fans have lost hope in the idea of Crossplay being implemented in the game. 

However, the developers said that they want to make sure that the game is balanced and fair for everyone before they enable crossplay. So, it’s possible that we’ll see anthem crossplay in the future, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Either way, it would be great to see some form of crossplay in Anthem. Hopefully, the players of the game will get confirmation from BioWare soon! 

Is Anthem Crossplay Necessary? 

Anthem Multiplayer
Anthem Multiplayer

Anthem was hyped to be a revolutionary game however, the game received mixed responses once it was released. The player base of the game has been dwindling which results in the game being on the verge of death. Since the game is dying and has very few players it would not be a good idea to separate the few players remaining. Cross-Platform multiplayer allows for the various platforms to merge together and for people to play together using different platforms. 

Introducing Crossplay in Anthem would not just be a redeeming factor for the game but it could also result in the game getting more players interested and start playing the game. EA servers are used to run the game on all the platforms so it does not make sense as to why Crossplay was not introduced already. The only thing one can do is to keep their fingers crossed and hope that the game is able to rise up to what it is capable of doing. 

Anthem Crossplay Platforms

If Anthem were to introduce the Crossplay feature then it would most likely be between Xbox One and Windows since PlayStation has not really been very cooperative when it came to having Crossplay on their platforms. This is all theoretical as we do not know for certain and we will only be able to know once the feature is officially confirmed by BioWare which may or may not happen. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Anthem a cross-platform game?

Anthem is not a cross-platform game however, based on the various hints put forward by the developers we can know for certain that they certainly are considering Crossplay. 

Can PC and console cross-play?

Since the Crossplay feature has been announced for Xbox One it has been widely adopted but not all games have jumped on board with the idea. 

Can you play Anthem on PC and Xbox?

The game is available on PC game pass as well as Ultimate However, Crossplay will not be possible as the feature has not yet been introduced in the game. 


Is Anthem Crossplay is a question that a lot of players are curious to know about since the game is multiplayer and available to all Platforms. While the game is not supporting Crossplay as of now it is possible that the developers could introduce the feature into the game in the future. One can only hope that this happens sooner rather than later. 

This article has attempted at answering the question Is Anthem Crossplay and has hopefully given the readers a better understanding of the topic! 

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