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Gon’s Dad

Gon’s dad is the reason Gon decides to be a hunter as it is the idea of finding him that motivated him to be one. While the majority of the fan base is not huge fans of the character there does exist a layer of Gon’s dad that the fans of the Anime might not be familiar with.

This article would try to provide an understanding to its reader about who Gon is and Who Gon’s dad is as well as take a look into who he truly was.

The information provided here is primarily based on the 2011 Anime, however, instances from the manga have been taken to give the reader more perspective on who Gon’s dad truly is. That being said let’s dive in to find out who Gon and His Dad are.

Who is Gon?

Gon Freecss or ゴン゠フリークス (pronounced as Gon Furīkusu) is the protagonist for the most of the arcs in the famous anime and manga series Hunter X Hunter. He was the lead character in the Hunter Exam, Greed Island, Heavens Arena, Zoldyck Family, and Chimera Ant arcs. He was also the second main character or the deuteragonist in the Yorknew City arc.

In the world of the Hunter X Hunter Anime and Manga Series, the character of Gon Freecss is a Rookie Hunter.

Rookie Hunter is a classification of Hunter who does not have any area of specialization.

Gon Freecss was motivated to become a Hunter as he wanted to find his father. Gon was led to believe by Mito, his father’s cousin who had custody of Gon as Mito thought Gon’s dad is a bad father, that both of Gon’s parents had been killed in an accident. Later in an incident Kite, a student of Gon’s dad had admitted to being looking for Gon’s long-lost father and this made Gon determined to find his dad.

Gon wanted to become a hunter and get his Hunter License in an attempt to find out why his dad would choose his profession over him.

Now let’s find out who Gon’s Dad is.

Ging Freecss – Gon’s Dad

Ging Freecss Or ジン=フリークス (Pronounced as Jin Furīkusu in Japanese) is one of the main characters present in the Anime and Manga series Hunter X Hunter. Ging Freecss is the father of Gon Freecss. In both the manga and the anime series he is a former Zodiac whose code name is Boar or 亥( Pronounced as Inoshishi in Japanese)

Gon’s Dad 'Ging Freecss'
Gon’s Dad ‘Ging Freecss’

In the Anime and Manga Series Gon’s dad, Ging Freecss is a hunter belonging to the legendary classification. He is also the creator of Green Island as well as a former Zodiac.

He was the mentor of Kite and Gon’s dad. He is an archaeologist and for his pioneering works in the field Satotz admired him. Ging remained absent for the majority of the duration of the series however, made an appearance to participate in the HA elections.

While these all seem to be very positive aspects of Ging, he is not the fan-favorite in fact most of the fanbase of the anime and manga series hates him. Why is that? Well, Ging is considered to be selfish, stubborn, and rude.

He abandoned his son when he was very young leading to Gon being a Hunter in order to find his father. The fact that he abandoned his own son did not sit right with a lot of the fans.

Rikiya Koyama is the voice actor of Ging in the Japanese version and Rikiya Koyama is the voice actor in the English dub.

The personality of Gon’s Dad

A lot of his peers are not huge fans of him as he has this “I don’t care” attitude. He also abandoned his own son for his profession. Ging Freecss was born in 1967 and was 32 years at the beginning of the series. Gon’s dad is alive and well in both the manga and the anime series.

Ging's Personality
Ging’s Personality

Ging is said to have a shy personality albeit stubborn. He is passionate about Archaeology and compassionate to other people. He is also capable of speaking multiple languages but none of these qualities redeemed him in the eyes of the fans as he is a deadbeat father. While he may not have been there for his son all the time he still loved Gon nonetheless.

Ging Talks To Gon
Ging Talks To Gon

Ging is also afraid of crowds since he is very shy which is considered to be the main reason why Ging is adamant about meeting with Gon alone. While his parenting techniques are not really accepted by everyone it was revealed in the manga that even after the events of the anime Ging and Gon stayed in touch and are seen to be in contact by phone in the manga.

While fans notice the horrible parenting of Ging, the majority of them also fail to notice how Ging was able to understand his son even though the duo never spent time together.

Ging was able to predict and foresee every decision that Gon would take including Gon taking the Hunter examination as well as predicting the events of the Greed Island Arc. He also knew Gon would eventually find Kite which would lead to the events of the anime and manga series happening.

While Ging Freecss is a bad dad he is not at all evil as he is kind and compassionate to a lot of people which can be seen in both the anime and the manga.

Gon’s Dad vs Kilua’s Dad

Ging FreecssSilva Zoldyck
Father of GonFather of Kilua
Shy and StubbornStoic, Calm, and Pensive Person
Has untrimmed facial hair and black spiky hair.Has long, silver-blond hair
Hazel eyesDeep blue eyes

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Gon find his dad?

Gon meets his father Ging Freecss at the end of the anime Hunter x Hunter

What is Gon’s dad’s power?

Even though it is unclear which category of Nen he falls into it is shown that Gon’s dad is extremely powerful. He is capable of doing transmutation as well as Emission and Manipulation. 

Is Ging stronger than Gon?

Ging is one of the Strongest Nen Users alive in the world of Hunter x Hunter so obviously he is stronger than his son, Gon. 

Who is stronger, Ging or Hisoka?

Since Ging is one of the strongest Nen users, therefore definitely Ging is the stronger of the two and is definitely powerful enough to defeat Hisoka. 


Gon’s dad Ging Freecss is not the most liked character in the anime and manga series Hunter x Hunter. The character is one of the most disliked characters in the show. He is an incredibly strong character with his true abilities and what he’s capable of doing is not even known to the fans. He also has a lot of good qualities and personality traits but none of these was enough to redeem himself in the eyes of the fans. He abandoned his own son and people were furious about it and rightfully so.

This article has attempted at giving the reader a brief insight about Ging Freecss, Gon’s dad, and his personality as well as discussing things not shown in the anime series. Hope this article has been informative and provides a better understanding of the character to the reader.

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