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Spirit Guardians 5E

Spirit Guardians 5E is the in-game creatures that are available to protect you. They will play around you at a distance of fifteen feet until the casting duration. And in the game, you are neutral otherwise good, and their spectral form pops up angelic or fey, but it is your wish. Otherwise, if you are in the role of evil, they will appear atrocious in the game.

What Is The Casting Time Of Spirit Guardians 5E?

In Dungeons & Dragons, the casting time of spirit guardians has a duration of ten minutes, and its spell will last long for the entire fight. Also, it will utilize one action towards the initialization of conflict. Therefore, one argument that lasts for five rounds would deal with the cause of a hundred damage in the game.

What Is The Range Of Spirit Guardians 5E?

Spirit Guardians have a scope of self in the game, and its affected area is described as the distance of fifteen feet for the entire duration of the game. The distance range of fifteen feet is precisely the same: you have the capability of an affected area fifteen feet ranged. Except you are using the form facing the rules, the spell works to reach all the directions and the square you occupy in the area.

So, finally, the range of Spirit of Guardians is fifteen feet calculated from the caster. If the caster is minor in size or medium in size, this section can be slightly higher than the range of fifteen feet. The key reason is that as it applies, the square where the caster is available and standing over it.

Therefore, the smaller creature will not occupy the entire section of five feet of court and note that this is precisely the same area with the fifteen-foot radius. And thus, for a large or humongous creature, the site will be much more prominent in size.

What Is The Duration Of The Spirit Guardians 5E Spell?

Spirit Guardians 5E Overview
Spirit Guardians 5E Overview

When you cast the spell, you can select and can be unaffected because of it. However, the pretentious creature’s pace is bisected within the range. And in the case when the animal makes a hole in the space for the first time on a turn or begins its turn, make sure that it should make a 5e Wisdom saving throw. If you are correct or released, it will apply 3d8 radiant damage, and if you are damaged, it will use 3d8 necrotic damage. And over a successful wave, the monster will take half amount of damage.

Spirit Guardians 5E AttributesValue
Casting TimeOne action
RangeSelf (15-foot radius)
ComponentVMS (A holy symbol)
DurationUp to 10 minutes

And when you move towards higher levels, for example, in the game, if you cast the spell with the help of a spell slot available in the Level four or higher levels, The harm rate will increase by 1d8 for each space above the third level.

To Which School, Class, And Components Spirit Guardians Belongs

After the turn, as you start killing one or more creatures with one spell or higher than that, you will begin to regain hit points equal to double the level of spell amount or thus the thrice times its story of the spell belongs to the Necromancy School. But it would be best if you note that you will not gain the following benefit for undead or killing.

Spell Perks For Casting Spirit Guardians 5E At Higher Levels

  • The Novice
  • The Apprentice
  • The Adept
  • The Expert Level Speels

These are what you get by purchasing, or in some cases, you will receive them as a reward in the loot case; otherwise, you will receive it as a reward. You will acquire a master’s level after completing your school-based quests successfully by being a member of the Winterhold College. The perks will not affect your collection instead, they enhance the existing ones.


Following are the FAQs on Spirit Guardians 5E –

Do Spirit Guardians 5e Go Through Walls?

Yes, the Spirit Guardians 5e are capable of moving through the walls. But it is possible only if an AoE spell contains a particular exception and will not affect the creatures through the wall.

Do Spirit Guardians Move With You?

Most of the players’ critical question is whether the spirit guardians can move around with you in the game or not. So, the answer is yes. The spirit guardians are made to move around along with the caster. Thus, they flit around with you for the entire duration of time in the casting rules.

Do Spirit Guardians 5E Stack?

Yes, the Spirit Guardians stack in the game, but unfortunately, if the damage occurs, its effects have diminishing returns. The speed effect of Spirit Guardians can be reduced, and that is the only thing that doesn’t stack over one other.

Is Spirit Guardians a Sphere?

The range of Spirit Guardians specifies a radius range of fifteen feet, and finally, these fly around in the sphere in up, down, left, and right direction and should be in the globe because they don’t get suitable for line, cone, cube, and cylinder.

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