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Sentinel Shield 5E

Dungeons and Dragons 5E is a part of the fantasy role-playing video game series Dungeons and Dragons. The first game in the series was created in the year 1974. Further, the developers decided to split the series into two parts: the first part was Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) – The one which has a light rule system, and the second one was Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (AD&D) – The one which has a complex rule system.

The Sentinel Shield 5E is a shield with a level of value of +3 weapon or armor. There are no prerequisites for players to use the Sentinel Shield, meaning that characters of all races, skell, or ability levels can take use this shield. It is an uncommon Shield that weighs six lb. The original Sentinel Shield would give the players an advantage on Wisdom and initiative rolls check.

Benefits of the Sentinel Shield 5E

Sentinel Shield 5E Rules
Sentinel Shield 5E Rules
AdvantageProvides bearer awareness and Perception checks.
Price1000 Gold / 20000 GP

The benefits of the Sentinel Shield 5E are given in the players’ handbook. The players can find more information on page 199. The description in the handbook reads as follows:

“When you hit a creature with an opportunity attack, the creature’s speed becomes 0 for the rest of the turn.”

This means that after the player hits the enemy, the speed of the enemy immediately reduces to zero. However, the guide does not specify more about the speed (it can be walking or running, or speed in general.)

“Creatures provoke opportunity attacks from you even if they take the disengage action before leaving your reach.”

This means that the attacks of opportunity can also be made even when the creature takes a disengage action. However, there are some controversies over this point because attacking someone who is targeting somebody else is a hard limit.

“When a creature within 5 feet of you makes an attack against a target other than you (and that target doesn’t have this feat), you can use your reaction to make a melee weapon attack against the attacking creature.”

This means that attacks of opportunity can also be made whenever a creature within five feet attacks the player character with another target. However, the players must keep in mind that this benefit is available only after the attack is made.

Who Would Benefit The Most With Sentinel Shield 5e?

Sentinel Shield 5E Benefits
Sentinel Shield 5E Benefits

The Sentinel Shield gives characters with level ten or higher an advantage over other characters. With the Sentinel Shield, these characters have a better chance to strike, hide, or escape. They also have a good chance to find more loot, as finding loot requires wisdom in the game and the Sentinel Shield gives the player character an advantage with perspective.

However, it can prove to be more helpful to the characters who don’t use their reactions a lot; for example, Paladins. Paladins could use reactions for counterspells since they like to reserve those spells for their smite. They could also pardon it up with their smites as well as doing extra damage.

The Sentinel Shield 5E is also useful for groups when there are only one or two players or when there are a small number of melee characters. This is because the shield will let the characters keep aggro on themselves and at the same time prevent enemies from reaching other targets.

Where to obtain the Sentinel Shield 5E?

It was first seen in the third episode, in Aldor the Immense’s shop. The shop is located outside the walls of Drakkenheim. However, the Sentinel Shield was made available for sale in the twelfth episode. The players can also have a chance to win it in random loot. However, such cases are very rare.

Sentinel Shield 5E Price

The Sentinel Shield 5E costs 20,000 GP. The reason for its high cost is because the Sentinel Shield provides some pretty powerful benefits to the players. One of the most powerful benefits of the Sentinel Shield is the reduction of the enemy’s speed. It essentially allows the players to drop targets. Moreover, it is rare to get it through random rolling. Thus, the reasons for its high costs boil down to two things: Rarity and powerful benefits of the article.

The Magic Table F – Where Sentinel Shield is Found?

The sentinel Shield is included in the magic table F. Other items included in this table are listed below:

  • Sentinel Shield
  • Amulet Of Proof Against Detection And Location
  • Boots Of Elvenkind
  • Boots Of Striding And Springing
  • Bracers Of Archery
  • Brooch Of Shielding
  • Broom Of Flying
  • Cloak Of Elvenkind
  • Cloak Of Protection
  • Gauntlets Of Ogre Power
  • Hat Of Disguise
  • Javelin Of Lightning
  • Pearl Of Power
  • Rod Of The Pact Keeper
  • Slippers Of Spider Climbing
  • Staff Of The Adder
  • Staff Of The Python
  • Sword Of Vengeance
  • Trident Of Fish Command
  • Wand Of Magic Missiles
  • Wand Of The War Mage
  • Wand Of Web


Following are the FAQs regarding Sentinel Shield –

Does Sentinel Shield 5E increase passive perception?

Yes, the Sentinel Shield increases passive perception. According to the player’s handbook, the Sentinel shield increases the passive perception of the players by five points.

Does Sentinel Shield 5E require attunement?

No, the Sentinel Shield does not require attunement.

Is the Sentinel Shield a good feat?

The Sentinel Shield is definitely a good feat with powerful benefits. However, some players think that it is a bit expensive and useless at times.

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