Aura Of Protection 5E Guide | Effects and Rules

Aura Of Protection 5E

Aura of protection is generated by a few creatures in Paladins. These creatures have the ability to naturally induce this layer of protection, which will not only protect this creature generating the Aura but also other allied creatures within 10 feet. Along with this, there are other features of this Aura of protection that may lead to some heated debates regarding the Potency of this protective layer.

Is it really beneficial to the players to use it? Or is it unreasonably powerful? Some players will also go as far as calling it the Auro of Destruction. Let us see, what exactly is this Aura of Protection, and is it beneficial to the Paladin players?

Dungeons and Dragons 5E is a part of the fantasy role-playing video game series Dungeons and Dragons The First game in the series was created in the year 1974. Further, the developers decided to split the series into two parts:

  • Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) – The one which has a light rule system
  • Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (AD&D) – The one which has a complex rule system

The Dungeons and Dragons is basically storytelling. It offers the players to choose a character and solve various quests, fight battles with deadly monsters and explore the vast open world.

What is Aura Of Protection in 5E?

Aura Of Protection 5E Rules

Aura Of Protection is a layer of protection around the player that protects the player character and other allied creatures within 10 feet of the player character from all spells of Level 3 or lower. It not only protects the player characters and creatures nearby from Spellcasting but also from evil creatures. This Aura of protection is available from the sixth level. Other features of the Aura Of Protection are listed below; however, these features are not only available to the player character but also other creatures within a distance of 10 feet.

Provides +2 Deflection Bonus To Armor Class

Armor class is a representative number that shows the player’s ability to avoid damage in combat. In order to hit the player or cause severe damage, the opponent player must roll attacks equaling or exceeding the target player’s Armor class. The Armor Class includes armor bonus, shield bonus, dodge bonus, natural bonus, deflection bonus, and plus 10 points. Proving a +2 bonus to Armor Class will definitely increase the player’s chances to avoid damage. However, this effect will be extended to other nearby players too.

Provides +2 To All Saving Throws

If the player or other allied players in the aura of protection make a saving throw, then they will get a bonus to the saving throw. A saving throw is used by the player character to negate the harmful result of various spells. It is a numeric rating used by the players while attempting to save themselves. However, it must be noted that this saving throw is applicable against a certain number of spells. Providing +2 to all saving throws will increase the player’s and allied creatures’ ability to remove the harmful result of various spells.

Provides Immunity To All Mind-affecting Spells And Spell-like Abilities

Some spells don’t damage the player character directly; instead, they confuse the character. These mind-affecting effects are charmed, sleep, confused, paralyzed, dazed, stunned, and dominated. The spell-like abilities are similar to that of the normal spells; however, they are not cast from a spellbook. They don’t often cause an attack of opportunity and require a concentration check. The concentration checks are used to keep the player character concentrated while casting a spell. The Aura of Protection will resist all the mind-affecting spells and spell-like abilities.

Is Aura Of Protection Good in 5E?

Even though the Aura of Protection provides immunity to mind-affecting spells and spell-like abilities and bonus to Armor Class, it should be noted that this is applicable to both; the player character and all other creatures within a distance of 10 feet. Some players may also call it unreasonably powerful. It increases the chances of surviving without much effort. The players rarely have an opportunity to add an ability bonus and ability score to the Armor Class.

Aura of Protection and Aura of Courage: Are They The Same?

The Aura of Protection is a layer of protection around the player that protects the player character and other allied creatures within 10 feet of the player character from all spells of Level 3 or lower. Whereas, the Aura of Courage gives strength and moral support to fight. The Aura of Courage offers a +4 morale bonus on saving throws against fear effects. This layer of strength affects all players within a distance of thirty feet from the player character. If the player character has a role of a Paladin, then the Aura of Courage extends up to sixty feet around the player character.


Does Paladin Aura Apply to Themselves?

No, the aura of the Paladins does not apply to themselves, but to those around them. In this way, the Paladins can protect each other with the help of the Aura.

Does Paladin Aura affect Concentration?

The Aura of Protection allows the players to add charisma modifier to all saving throws. Thus, Aura of Protection can be used to maintain concentration on spells using the saving throws.

Does the Aura of Protection Work through the Walls?

No, the Aura of Protection work through the walls made of metal. However, it penetrates through most of the objects excluding stones, metals, wood, and dirt.

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