Solve PS4 WS-37505-0 Error With These Easy Steps

PS4 WS-37505-0

Think about attempting the serious level of your loved game for which you are waiting. You are almost there, ready to attack. Suddenly everything is stilled, quite annoying right? ERROR OCCURRED. It’s the most irritating word in video games. It feels like losing all you have in the field. Errors are the most common subject that often takes place in video games.

PS4 WS-37505-0 is a common error that is found when a user PS4 platform. If a user is trying to login through their ID or while playing a game, or when launching a new game on PS4, they come across this error. This error is easily fixable and you can avoid it. So that you don’t get any distractions while playing.

PS4 is nothing but the abbreviated version of PlayStation 4. It is developed by Sony Computer Entertainment and successfully made as the home video game platform that is used by all. It is an independent game development platform where many users got registered and developed millions of games. This platform paved way for individuality and creativity that lead to its success.

What is PS4 WS-37505-0?

PS4 WS-37505-0 Error

If you are a user of PS4, then you will be quite common with this WS-37505-0 error. PS4 WS-37505-0 error disturbs us when playing interestingly. This error will appear as “An error has occurred WS-37505-0” on your screen. The users have faced this error code after updating the latest firmwave. This PS4 WS-37505-0 introduces several changes and improvements.

It includes changes related to messages, party features, and parental controls. It has been infected with a few bugs and issues. And as a result, PS4 WS-37505-0 will occur.

PS4 WS-37505-0 error has been reported to social media websites. For a few users, different types of errors occur. This error code represents an issue with a network connection. it means that the connection between the server and the player’s gaming console has failed. Being a player, this error disturbs and makes the player worry about it. But, PS4 WS-37505-0 is just a bug and can be solved out just with an update. If you didn’t update it yet, you could wait for Sony to fix this.

What are the causes of the PS4 WS-37505-0 Error?

Many players gave their feedback related to this error. There are various reasons for this failure. The primary reasons behind the PS4 WS-37505-0 error are –

Internet Connection Issue

This error can happen due to this reason in some cases. If you have a poor network connection then, this may happen. If you’re not maintaining a proper connection with PS4 servers, it will result in a PS4 WS-37505-0 error.

DNS Issue

Apart from that issue, the player who uses DNS configuration must be unable to connect with PS4 servers. This issue is noted in our article by getting feedback from the player. After rectifying this issue, check for the error.

Firewall Blockage

There is a chance to get a PS4 WS-37505-0 error due to Firewall Blockage. The firewall that is installed on your router might be blocked. And that will be preventing the console from connecting to the PS4 servers.

Server Maintenance

The servers that PS4 uses might be down, and it will require some changes and services. It should be done at least once in a while to reduce PS4 WS-37505-0 error.

Make sure to check the connection between PlayStation Network and the game server. It might be unavailable sometimes. To avoid PS4 WS-37505-0 error, a player should check the status of the game publisher’s website. If you’re not finding any of these problems for error, then check the PSN status page.

If you’re finding the servers being active, please use the Fix tool, and don’t forget to connect the diagnostic tool below. All of the above reasons mentioned can result in PS4 WS-37505-0 error. Before ever going to read the solution part, make sure which reason causes you this PS4 WS-37505-0 error. Figure that out and Be ready to rectify it through easy ways.

What are the solutions for the PS4 WS-37505-0 Error?

PS4 WS-37505-0 Solutions

Before you try to rectify the PS4 WS-37505-0 error, there are some tricks and methods to be noted down first. If you are using a wireless connection, you should definitely convert it to a hardwired one because a wired connection will have a good internet connection than a wireless one.

  • The first step is to switch on an Ethernet Cable.
  • As a next step, restart your modem/router/internet device and check whether it solves the problem. And don’t forget to disconnect your LAN wire before your router restarts and plugin once the device starts.
  • If both the steps aren’t working, then try for these couple of steps.
  • For a few seconds, press the “Power Button” and wait until you hear a couple of beeps.
  • Then after a while, restart the game. Avoid connecting other extra devices to the router.

Testing Internet Connection

To check your internet connection follow these steps –

  • In the menu taskbar, open your ” Settings” and go to the “Network” option in the settings menu.
  • You will find a list of options. Click the “Test Internet Connection” option and wait for the process to get completed.
  • Check whether the obtained IP address, Internet connection, PlayStation Network Sign-In, test are completed.
  • Your internet speed should be 1.5 Mbps or more than that.
  • After doing all these steps, check whether the PS4 WS-37505-0 error got rectified.

Changing DNS

  • From the menu taskbar, go to settings and click the “Network” option.
  • Click “Set Up Internet Connection” from the list and choose the “Use a LAN cable” option.
  • Select Custom from the type of setup and click “Automatic” according to your IP address.
  • The next step is to select ” DHCP Hostman” as “Do not Specify” and click the “Manual.”
  • For Cloudflare DNS, keep your primary DNS as and Secondary DNS as
  • The final step is to choose “Automatic” as your MTU settings and “Proxy Server” as ” Do not use” and complete it by testing your Internet Connection.

Updating PS4 System

  • Go to the “Network” option that is in the settings menu.
  • Then select “System Software Update” and select the option Update.
  • This will result in PS4 getting updated automatically.
  • Finally, go for the PS4 WS-37505-0 error check.

Update your Router’s Firmware

  • Enter into your router’s “IP Address” that can be searched in your search bar, and enter your login details
  • Find out the “Firmware” or “Update” option that will be in the Advanced, Administration, or Management section. The location of this may vary.
  • Go to your router manufacturer’s website and enter the model no and search for the firmware update.
  • Usually, firmwave updates will be contained in a “Zip Folder.” Search for it and fetch it.
  • Then “Extract” them and move them to the desktop.
  • Select the router update file, click the “Update” button, and wait for the process to get completed.
  • After it is updated, “Reboot the router,” and then for final action, check for PS4 WS-37505-0 error.

Forward Ports on Router

Port forwarding can help your PC to get utilized that the port is connected to the Internet. It lets your browser know not to block any particular requests. So doing this process can help you out in many ways.

Check Server Status

Go to the PlayStation Network Status and check whether all the servers are working or not. You can use the “Fix and Connect Diagnostic” tool that PlayStation provides. If you are encountering any problem, then wait for the servers to get back. You can also check the status of your game by using the “Downdetector” option.

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