Collaboration of Girls Frontline VA-11 Hall-A Explained

Girls Frontline VA-11 Hall-A

Entertainment has taken the form of technology for long years. Video games are one among them which are very close to the users. It has been considered as the best time passer for kids. They do enroll in shooting, running, hiding that create a vibrant surrounding among them. Children love to play video games on Tv Or desktop than on mobile phones.

Va-11 Hall-A is an outcome of collaboration with Girls Frontline. It is a mobile strategy role-playing game. The characters that are here are known as T-Dolls, and every character has a firearm. This game has the habit of collaborating with other companies, and Va-11 Hall-A does one such collaboration.

Va-11 Hall-A is developed by Sukeban Games and got released in 2016. It is a visual novel that involves Bartender action. It got its inspiration from old PC-98 games. Though it is small, it had wider appreciation from the players. It is affectionately nicknamed “Valhalla.” When video games are stuffed with the same themes and genre, this game has a different perspective.

What is Va-11 Hall-A in Girls Frontline?

Va-11 Hall-A in Girls Frontline

In 2019, Girls Frontline and Va-11 Hall-A collaborated to create an event in the game Girls Frontline. This event added new rewards, T-Dolls, and other in-game items. These items have their own use and can be obtained by playing the event.

It is all about technology, waifus, and a post-dystopia life. In this world of technology and crimeful life, all human life is infected. Some Nanomachines are specially designed to oppress them. The White Knights are here to take care of the laws. They are so terrifying and make sure that they take care of the laws.

The player here is a bartender at Va-11 Hall-A. It is a small bar that is present that downtown. Though it is a small bar, the people of Dystopia have eyes on it. If you’re keeping your clients happy, then you will be gifted with the most interesting stories. There aren’t any dialogue options in Va-11 Hall-A, yet it creates a storytelling experience. In addition, it replies to many critics’ comments regarding their expectations of the game.

They tell that a game’s plot should always go in hand-in-hand with the mechanics of that game. And Va-11 Hall-A is exactly how they expect. A player shouldn’t get involved in the game plot alone. You have to focus on what is relevant.

How to clear Va-11 Hall-A stages?

Va-11 Hall-A stages

To clear the stages, a player should know three tips. One is guidelines to clear the stages, the second is to know your enemies, and the third is to learn new mechanics. In addition, every character should clear two levels, one is a normal one, and the other is an EX level.


  • The player should clear the rewards that are at a normal level. The rewards that it should clear are Shotgun: Dana Zane XI.
  • Va-11 Hall-A T- Dolls do not drop any in this stage since it has only low equipment.
  • This level can be cleared only if it captures the enemy’s command post. It should obtain victory within 3 turns and should have eliminated 5 enemies.

EX- Level

  • When Didgeridoo in Va-11 Hall-A comes to EX-Level, it should clear the Calibration Tickets X 100 reward.
  • Same as the normal level, you must obtain victory within three turns and eliminate 7 enemies.
  • Since the place of spawn is fixed, you have to fight the Architect to win.


  • The rewards that she has at a normal level are Ammo, Manpower, Rations, and Spare Parts X 500. Eliminating the number of enemies in several turns is the same for all.
  • Move your Echelon to inactive heliport 2 tiles above it.
  • Next, turn to the radar node.
  • Then go for the nodes that don’t have Manticore.

Ex- Level

  • First, clear the map with no battle and win hidden achievements
  • Make sure to keep your HG 1 node away from any enemies.
  • If your T- Dolls is trapped then, restart the map.
  • Try hard to win by capturing the radar.


  • Place one echelon on top of HQ and another echelon down on HQ.
  • The next step, move the second echelon onto the tile down and the tile, i.e., down to the right.
  • Once you reached here soon after White Knight’s turn, the mission will be ended. After that, a player can cross the extreme level with the help of luck or parachute fairies.

Sonic Boom

  • To clear this level in Va-11 Hall-A, you must rescue shorty and capture the inactive heliport.
  • Then, open the gate and move to the open space and place a new echelon on HQ.
  • Place your echelon on the left head, and you will find Gundams blocking your way.
  • Either restart or wait for its move and then complete it.

Know your enemies

  • First, you have to know the deadliest enemy of Va-11 Hall-A. It is Strelet, who is similar to Vespid. It can easily hit your units.
  • The next on our list is Rodelero, an armored enemy. Once it gets closer to T- Doll, it emits a laser that drastically damages the entire row.
  • Dopplesoldner: When it comes to range, it fires a barrage of missiles. It is extremely dangerous in Va-11 Hall-A. It is also referred to as Gundams.
  • Uhlan: An armored tank that targets two tiles in front and then fires for huge damage.

T-Dolls in Va-11 Hall-A

Girls Frontline VA-11 Hall-A Gameplay

There are 10 T-Dolls that are available in Va-11 Hall-A. They are,

  • Dana Zane
  • Jill Stingray
  • Dorothy Haze
  • Alma Armas
  • Sei Asagiri
  • Stella Hoshii
  • Ameli Suomi
  • Art 556
  • MI 887

Dana Zane is obtained from clearing Didgeridoo. You can get Jill by clearing “The Last Rain in the World.” Dorothy Haze can be obtained from the Event shop for 150. Sei Asagiri can be dropped from Stage 1-5 and 1-5EX. Stella Hoshii can be gained from Stage 1-8 and 1-8 EX. Some T-Dolls in Va-11 Hall-A will drop automatically as you cross the next level.

Jill Drink’s Mixing

The main role of the player is Bartender. You should need some Intel points if you want ot move to the next level. And that points can be gained by serving the correct drinks to T-Dolls at Va-11 Hall-A. So to do a fresh and proper drink, you have to know some steps. We need to make this the basic ingredient: Adelhyde, Bronson Extract, Powdered Delta, Flanergide, and Karmotrine. Every T-Doll in Va-11 Hall-A prefers Jill’s mixing to be unique and special.

  • To prepare Dana’s Drink named Big Beer, you need Bronson+ Flanergide+ Karmotrine, and that will give you 20% of armor effect, DMG +30%, ACC +30%, and 8S duration.
  • Brandtini: To prepare this drink, you need 2 Adelhyde+ 1 Powdered Delta. Alma prefers this drink and gets DMG +25%, ACC + 25%, and 8S duration.
  • Piano Woman: This drink preparation demands 1 Adelhyde+ 1 Bronson Extract+ 1 Karmotrine. Dorothy prefers this drink and gets Front Column EVA + 60% and 8S duration.
  • Moon Blast: 2 Adelhyde and 1 Karmotrine are needed to prepare this drink. Sei highly prefers this drink.
  • Bleeding Jane: Stella prefers this drink, and it needs 1 Bronson Extract+1 Flanergide+1 Powdered Delta.
  • Fringe Weaver: This can be made with 3 Karmotrin.

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