Can You Marry Lydia In Skyrim? Guide To A Happily Married Life

Can You Marry Lydia In Skyrim

Can you marry Lydia in Skyrim is a question that many of the players of the game have been asking. Well, it is possible to marry Lydia. This article will attempt to show the reader how to get hitched with Lydia in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

While it may not come as a surprise that the player will be able to marry another character within the game world since Skyrim is a massive RPG in which the player can roleplay in any way they like. While the player is able to marry another character it does make one ask whether there are any other benefits to marrying another character? Well, the answer is yes.

Marrying another character allows the players to unlock many achievements. Adding to that it also allows players to have certain recurring albeit temporary benefits which could help the players often.

Can You Marry Lydia In Skyrim

Yes, marrying Lydia in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is possible. Before patch version 1.5, it wasn’t possible to marry Lydia in the normal way. It was only possible to marry her by using the console commands.

Whether the player loves Lydia or hates her, it does not matter as Lydia is and always will be one of the Potential  Spouses who has interacted with the most number of players when compared to other potential spouses. At the very least one of the first followers that the player spends time with in Skyrim will most likely be the Housecarl from Whiterun. This happens because the player is introduced to Lydia early in the main quest storyline.

Quick Tip: It is only possible to marry Lydia after purchasing Breezehome.

Is It Necessary To Marry Lydia?

Well, the answer is a resounding no. It is not necessary to marry Lydia; the same is the case for all other marriages. It is only necessary to marry another character in Skyrim if the player wishes to do so as it is completely possible to finish the whole game without getting hitched. It all comes down to one’s personal preference.

There are some players who completely despise the very existence of Lydia within the game universe. Many players hate her as she blocks the doorways by standing in the way and blocks the player. Many players are sick of this habit of Lydia. At the same time, some players hate Lydia which cannot be said about all the players. There are some players who absolutely adore Lydia and are very attached to the character after spending many hundreds of hours going on adventures together.

If the player belongs to the second category and loves Lydia well, you have come to the right place as this article would help one get married to Lydia and take your relationship to the next, sort of like a wingman would.

Immediately after the player meets with the character Lydia, she becomes a potential marriage candidate. This is because after completing the Dragon Rising quest and becoming Thane, she will already be presented to the player as Housecarl.

Now let’s talk about how to get married to Lydia.

How To Get Married To Lydia?

One can follow the steps given below to get married to Lydia

To get Married to Lydia the first thing the player has to do is finish the quest named Dragon Rising. This quest will be given to the player by Jarl of Whiterun after the player defeats his or her first dragon and visits Dragonsreach for the first time.

The player should return to Dragonsreach and should talk with the Jarl of Whiterun. After having the conversation, the Jarl will make the player the Thane of Whiterun and would appoint Lydia as the Housecarl of the player.

After Lydia is made to be the Housecarl, the player will be able to recruit Lydia as a follower, and she will also become a potential candidate for marriage immediately. After this, the player will be able to get married to Lydia using the normal method.

Amulet of Mara
Amulet of Mara

To marry another character, it is necessary for the player to buy an Amulet of Mara in Riften from Maramal. If the player does not know where Maramal is or has not visited Riften, you will be able to find Maramal in the Bee and Barb. If Maramal is not seen there, one could try the Temple of Mara.

Talk with Maramal
Talk with Maramal

It is to be noted that the dialogue with Maramal won’t trigger unless the player has discussed marriage with him before. After getting the Amulet, wear it and go to the character the player wishes to marry. The marriage dialogue will be available now for the player.

Marriage Complete
Marriage Complete

After the marriage has been agreed with the character the player is interested in, in this case, Lydia, the player is needed to visit Maramal again, after which he will fix the date of your wedding as the next day. The player can walk outside and wait for 24 hours and can get married. So answering your question, Can You Marry Lydia In Skyrim? Yes, you can.

Marrying Lydia Dialogue

After wearing The Amulet Of Mara, if the player sees Lydia, it would trigger a dialogue sequence, and Lydia would talk to the player in the following line.

“Is that an Amulet of Mara? I’m surprised someone like you isn’t spoken for. “

This allows the player to react with:

-[Interested in me, are you?]-

To which she would reply:

“Well, yes. Why wouldn’t I be? Are you… interested in me?”

After this, the player has two options: to say yes or no.

If the player responds positively with:

-[Yes. Yes I am.]-

Then Lydia would reply:

“It’s settled then. As brief as life can be in Skyrim, at least we’ll have each other.”

However, if the player responds negatively with:

-[No, I’m not.]-

She would reply:

“Oh. I’m sorry I said anything then.”

Marrying Lydia Perks

If the player marries Lydia, she will open a shop in the town and give the player 100 coins. She would also cook food for the player once every day. This would help the player regenerate his or her Magicks, Health and Stamina.

Can You Marry Lydia In Skyrim Special Edition

Yes, it is possible to marry Lydia in Skyrim Special Edition. The conditions for marrying her are the same in Skyrim Special Edition as in the Skyrim game.

Can You Marry Lydia On Nintendo Switch Or Xbox One

It is possible to marry Lydia on Xbox and Switch; however, a glitch could prevent the player from getting married to Lydia.

This glitch has left many players of the game disappointed and frustrated.

Can I marry Lydia in Skyrim as a girl?

Yes, it is possible to get married to Lydia even as a girl. The player needs to own Breezehome and become Thane, after which he or she can recruit Lydia as a follower, and she becomes a candidate for marriage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get Lydia to marry you in Skyrim?

A player will be able to Marry Lydia in Skyrim after becoming the owner of the Breezehome and finishing the quest named Dragon Rising. The player can marry Lydia after becoming Thane and wearing the Amulet of Mara.

Is Lydia a good wife in Skyrim?

Lydia is considered to be one of the most iconic spouses in Skyrim and is one of the most popular spouses as well. 

Can you marry your Housecarl in Skyrim?

Yes, it is possible to marry the player’s Housecarl in Skyrim. She is one of the first characters available to get married.


Can you marry Lydia in Skyrim? This is a common question that many players of Skyrim have been asking, as Lydia is one of the characters that many players love and come across pretty early on in the game. This article has answered all the questions regarding the question, “can you marry Lydia in Skyrim?”

Hope this article has been insightful, has given the reader a better understanding, and has cleared all doubts regarding the question “Can you marry Lydia in Skyrim?” and would lead to a more enjoyable and fun gaming experience and, moreover, a happily married Skyrim Life!

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