Skyrim Bloodskal Blade: The Best Blade In Elder Scrolls V

Skyrim Bloodskal Blade

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an action-based role-playing game by Bethesda Game Studios. This game is set 200 years post the events of their previous game ‘Oblivion,‘ and takes place in Skyrim. The story is about Dragonborn, who set out to defeat the World-eater, a prophesied dragon hailed as ‘Alduin‘.

Skyrim Bloodskal Blade is an excellent sword for any arcane warrior; it requires two hands and is one of the best swords to use throughout the game. It has a powerful attack that shoots a red blaze, pushing away an enemy while damaging them.

Where to Find the Bloodskal Blade?

The Bloodskal blade is found in a dungeon in Bloodskal Barrow. The corpse of one Gratian Caerellius skeleton carries the blade. You have to loot the corpse to gain the sword. To get to Bloodskal Barrow, you must first go to ‘Raven Rock’, the first town in ‘Soul Stone‘. Soul stone is a new island that was added.

Looting Skyrim Bloodskal Blade
Looting Skyrim Bloodskal Blade

To get here, you must first meet the ‘Gray beards’ after defeating the first dragon located at ‘Whiterun‘. Afterward, head to ‘Windhelm’ and go to the docks. Search for the captain called ‘Gjalund Salt-sage‘. He will take you aboard for 250 gold. After arriving there, you should head to ‘Raven rock mine’.

In Raven rock mine, you will find two people arguing and talking to the guy on the right until he gives you a key. Once you enter the mine, you have to fight with many monsters who are powerful, so I recommend you to be at least above level 25.

Make sure to carry a torch as the dungeon will be dark, have someone helping you, and always carry portions that will save your life. Once you reach the bottom in front of a door, you will arrive at a corpse, loot the corpse of Gratian Caerellius, and you should get the Skyrim Bloodskal Sword.

Stats of the Sword

The stats of the sword are impressive, and after upgrading, the sword becomes a ‘Broken Sword‘, meaning the sword becomes very powerful.

Stats of the Bloodskal Sword
Stats of the Bloodskal Sword

The primary damage it deals is 21, the swing speed is 0.75, the damage per second caused is 15.75, the reach of the sword is 1.3, it is worth 500, and it is the only weapon that can be upgraded with an ‘Iron Ingot’. When the weapon is Enchanted, it releases a power attack of 30 damage using the energy blast.

How to upgrade the Skyrim Bloodskal Blade

To upgrade the Skyrim Bloodskal Blade, you have to be a good level smith to make the weapon category ‘Flawless,‘ but sadly, that’s as high as the weapon upgrade can go. People have found a way to improve the Weapon by making your smithing skills go beyond level 100 by either having portions or using good enchanted items to fortify the weapon in Elder Scrolls V.

To upgrade the weapon, one must have Iron ingots to be able to upgrade the weapon. The Iron Ingots can be found in various locations such as ‘Embershard Mine‘ and ‘Iron-Breaker mine‘.

Why use the Bloodskal Sword?

Opening Bloodskal Barrow Door
Opening Bloodskal Barrow Door

The primary purpose of the Skyrim Bloodskal Blade is to open the blocked choke points in the game like the one Bloodskal Barrow Door.

It has a unique enchantment that allows for neither switching nor applying another enchantment. It does not require any cooldown or consumables to keep the blade proper. The Bloodskal blade is a well-rounded sword that allows for close and ranged combat due to its ability to use burst power.

The Skyrim Bloodskal Blade also allows for stealing health when defeating an enemy. Even with low levels of below 30, you get 30 additional damage, and with a level above 50, you get 50 additional damage which makes the damage dealt even better. As per our experience, the Skyrim Bloodskal Blade is the best weapon to use throughout the game.

Negative and positive effects of the Skyrim Bloodskal Blade

The Bloodskal Blade comes with a primary enchantment that does not allow the blade to use another enchantment. You are not allowed to switch the enchantment either. Unless the blade can be appropriately upgraded, you cannot bring out its best abilities.

On the other hand, upgrading the blade and your smithing skills can bring out the blade’s maximum capabilities, making it the best weapon and unstoppable.

Bloodskal Blade Vs Ebony Blade

Bloodskal BladeEbony Blade
It is a two-handed Blade.It is a two-handed Blade
It has a health drain effect based on character levelIt has a permanent health drain effect.
Can be used as a ranged weapon and close combat weaponIt Can only be used as a close combat weapon.

Is Skyrim Blood Blade Not Working?

When fighting the Bloodskal Blade power attack does not work; it is a bug in the game and happens due to the character transforming. To fix that bug, drop the sword and pick it up again, and it starts working correctly.

For PC users, it is best to go to help and search for Bloodskal Blade; once the pop-up appears, you should equip the blade on the left hand, allowing the weapon to use the burst power again.

Skyrim Bloodskal Blade ID And Console Command

Skyrim Bloodskal Blade console commands are the in-game cheat code pop-up that allows a character to use the items ID number to gain a weapon or gold based on their needs. Using an item ID and a ‘#’ for the number of times you want that particular item, Bloodskal Blade ID is “xx01aea4” you can quickly gain the weapon you want. It can be searched when you already possess a weapon and check their status or description you see the items/weapons ID.


Can you upgrade Skyrim Bloodskal Blade?

Yes, you can upgrade the Skyrim Bloodskal Blade using an ‘Iron Ingot’ and your smithing skills.

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