Witcher 3 Toxicity – Everything About The Deadly Trait

Witcher 3 Toxicity

Witcher 3 Toxicity is the limit that prevents Geralt from having too much potion. This article would answer the various questions regarding this topic such as what is Toxicity in Witcher 3? How to reduce Toxicity and what abilities are related to toxicity.

That being said, let’s dive into the world of Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and understand what Witcher 3 Toxicity is all about.

Witcher 3 Toxicity

Toxicity in the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt acts as a Gauge that prevents and limits Geralt from having lots of Potions. The potion can be for anything, whether it is for boosting Geralt’s attack or improving his defense, or even just for health regeneration. If the potion becomes more then it’ll be toxic to Geralt and could even affect his health.

Toxicity is shown in the game as a green bar below the stamina bar on the top right corner of the window. 


It is to be noted that the higher toxicity level could affect the health of Geralt even if it is going down at a constant pace. The Base Threshold of Poison is 75% and if the toxicity exceeds this level the character will keep losing his vitality until the toxic level goes back below the threshold level of 75%.

Toxicity goes down 1 point per second.

The toxicity of most of the decoctions is 70 and the toxicity of most of the potions is 30. When the toxicity is at the base level, Geralt will be able to consume 1 Decoction or 2 Potions as consuming just this much won’t allow the toxicity to cross the threshold.

Consuming more than this, however, would result in the toxicity crossing 75% which would cause harm to the character until it goes below the threshold level. The rise in Toxicity also results in Geralt exhibiting the Toxicity face.

What is Witcher 3 Toxicity Face?

After a certain limit of Toxicity, Geralt’s face becomes veiny and turns purple. This change in the face of the character is referred to as the Toxicity face.

Now, one might ask what triggers this Toxicity face? Let’s find out.

If Geralt’s face turns into the toxicity face then the same purple and veiny face would appear in the cutscenes. Many Witcher 3 players have found this to be quite frustrating.

In the Game, there is also a gree oozy border around the screen. This green border along with the toxicity face generally appears after the character has crossed the 50% level of the Maximum Toxicity Level.

How can one avoid the Toxicity face? Well, the player would have to upgrade the toxicity level.

In order to have at least one decoction without the toxicity face, the player would have to upgrade the Maximum toxicity level to 161. In order to have both a decoction and a potion, the player will have to upgrade it to 221.

In order to have two decoctions, one would have to upgrade the maximum Toxicity level to 321. This is possible with the Manticore Armour along with all the DLC patterns and the general skill of +30 toxicity.

How to Increase Witcher 3 Toxicity Level?

A player will be able to upgrade the toxicity and threshold limit by obtaining and making certain Alchemy Abilities activate. 

Increase Witcher 3 Toxicity Level
Increase Witcher 3 Toxicity Level

A player can increase the Toxicity Limit by activating the Heightened Tolerance Ability. This ability upgrades the toxicity limit to 100%. Another way to increase the Toxicity Limit is by activating the Acquired Tolerance Ability. This Ability upgrades the limit to 300+.

These two abilities allow the player to have multiple Decoctions and Potions. However, there are abilities that go well together with Heightened Tolerance and Acquired Tolerance they are- 

  • Side Effects
  • Endure Pain
  • Adaptation 
  • Tissue Transmutation

How to Reduce Witcher 3 Toxicity

Generally, Toxicity goes down gradually at 1 Point per Second. This can be increased by making use of the Fast Metabolism. This increases the number of Toxicity points going down each second.

Another way to make the toxicity go down is by getting out of combat and doing meditation for an hour. This will not just immediately clear out all the toxicity but also refill the decorations and potions used by the player. The limit for toxicity normally stops at 100 but if the player is able to invest in the right abilities the limit can easily go beyond 250.

Using White Honey

It is possible to reduce toxicity by consuming the White Honey Potion. This will however cancel the effects of any potion used. 

The White Honey will clear all toxicity and cancel the active potions that are being used. It makes use of one charge. There are also different types of Honey such as Enhanced White Honey and Superior White Honey. They also clear the effects of the potions and remove toxicity with each of these potions using two and five charges respectively.

What Is Witcher 3 Toxicity Acquired Tolerance?

Skills affecting Toxicity builds
Skills affecting Toxicity builds

Acquired tolerance is a must-have skill for toxicity builds in Witcher 3. The importance of this skill is because acquiring it will increase the maximum toxicity, which in turn will let you drink more potions and decoctions at the same time. This skill also collaborates well with the Heightened Tolerance skill in WItcher 3.

What Is Witcher 3 Toxicity Damage?

Toxicity in Witcher 3 is a point system, and your Toxicity is 100 points. The potions you take will have a set amount of Toxicity every time you take a dosage. On 50% you will pass out of the ‘Safe Threshold’. If your Toxicity level goes above 95%, you will lose health. When the toxicity level exceeds a certain limit, around 60 to 70 percent, Geralt will start losing a sizeable portion of his vitality after drinking a potion. And if the level ever reaches 100, Geralt will die on the spot.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you increase Geralt’s toxicity?

The player will have to gain the Alchemy Skill of Acquired Tolerance in order to be able to increase the cap on Toxicity. Heightened tolerance raises the threshold which is also useful. 

Is metabolic control worth it in Witcher 3?

Metabolic Control is one of the best skills in the game and is definitely worth investing the points. If the player has a few extra points to spare then this is definitely the skill to get. 

How do you cure poison in Witcher 3?

The player will be able to neutralize the ecce t of any poison by consuming Golden Oriole. 

What is the safe threshold in Witcher 3?

The overdose threshold is 75% for toxicity. Heightened Tolerance upgrades and makes the threshold increase by 5% for each point invested. 


Witcher 3 Toxicity is the game mechanic which acts as a gauge in order to prevent the player from overutilizing the potions and decoctions. This makes Geralt gets poisoned and lose his health if he crosses the toxicity threshold. The toxicity threshold can be increased as well as increase the Toxicity level also. 

It is possible to increase the toxicity level and threshold by making use of certain skills. One would also be able to get rid of toxicity by drinking certain potions. All these points have been discussed in detail in the article.

Hopefully, this article has been useful and has provided the reader with a better and clearer understanding of the topic of Witcher 3 Toxicity!

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