Sea of Thieves Update 2.3.0 Add Many New Things

Sea of Thieves Update 2_3_0

Sea of Thieves update 2.3.0 is here and here is everything you need to know about the new update.

Update Overview

On September 23rd, 2021 the season 4 update of Sea Of Thieves, the update 2.3.0 is made available for Xbox One and PC players. The official Sea Of Thieves Patch Notes has revealed that in the new update the game also has new features, fixes, tweaks, rewards, new trials, new events, new enemies, new deeds, and many more things.

In the previous updates by the Sea Of Thieves the new updates were announced but due to some technical issues, many problems were experienced by the players who were trying to play. The issues were addressed by the Sea Of Thieves patch 2.3.0.


The Sea Of Thieves being a first-person perspective adventure game players get to experience everything as their perspective in the shared world. The game starts with the selection of an avatar for yourself. You can also choose to go on a voyage as solo or duo or group.

The players going solo or in a duo get to sail in a sloop while the players playing in a group get to control a fourman gallon or threeman brigantine. In the group voyage, the players share different roles for controlling the ship such as steering the ship, mining the cannons, navigating, boarding enemy ships and scouting from the crow’s nest which are part of the game.

The players can also attack the other ships with cannonballs and force their way to other players ships which causes a ruckus. Upon the death of the players during the hijacking of other ships the players are sent to the ghost ship known as the ferry of the damned to wait until the time of respawn.

The players while exploring new places on a voyage can get to explore new places and new weapons and foods. The game has emoted by which players can communicate with each other via the game text and voice system.

Fixed Gameplay Issues

Earlier the gameplay had issues that have been resolved by the team now. Earlier the Ocean Crawlers used to appear disrupting the legend Glitterbeard experience which is no longer an issue as they won’t appear to interrupt again.

Now players can not cancel the self douse animations while using the bucket to throw water continuously and more rapidly on their face than intended.

Players will not be able to mitigate damage dealt by other players during the game and also they will not be able to extend distance when fired from a cannon during a game stall.

The use of Ship’s harpoon before server migration will no longer cause that harpoon to become unstable following migration. The devil’s Roar merchant Cargo voyages will lead to a character in the devil’s Roar to collect the cargo consistently.

The Voyages completing the Devil’s ridge finder will be counted towards the Golden Devil’s Voyager commendation within the forsaken Shore.

The text displaying the first parchment of the players during a lost shipment voyage would be shown correctly.

The AZERTY keyboard layout, the 1 and 2 keys will now easily swap to appropriate items.

The New Update

After the last released Tall tales of season 3 on 10 November 2020 the Sea Thieves have released its season four the Sea of Thieves world recently. In the newly released season, the game has a new map, the Sunken kingdom, and other new exciting features for you to check out. This season also has undersea adventures, imminent events, emporium enticement, and a deluge of Deeds.

The Sea Of Thieves Update 2.3.0 Season 4 is a 100 levels long seasonal program.

The Sunken Kingdom

Sea of Thieves The Sunken Kingdom

The sunken kingdom from season three, where you could only get a glimpse is up and available to players. The shrines and treasures of the Sunken kingdom are now open to any player on the Sea Of Thieves.

The great knowledge and wealth are available to anyone who has the bravery to leap the treasures protected by the Sirens and Ocean crawlers.

The sunken kingdom has many new updates and features in it. such as

Siren Shrines

The shrines created by sirens are built with the wicked purpose of protecting the treasures of the kingdom. To reach the locations the players will need to dive deep and swim through aerated waters to reach these mysterious monuments. The locations of these monuments are charted on the ship’s map.

The siren also has the challenge to test the puzzlesolving skills of the players as they navigate obstacles to get access to the hidden location of the structures.

Players can also visit the six sirens there which are the Shrine of Hungering and Shrine of Flooded Embrace in The Wilds, the Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune, and the Shrine of the Coral Tomb in the Shores of Plenty, Shrine of Ancient Tears, and Shrine Of Tribute in the Ancient Isles.

Siren Treasuries

This is an additional undersea location that will test pirate’s combat skills against enemy threats like hideous Ocean Crawlers, Deadly Sirens, and coral Skeletons to unlock the coral Vault and escape with their coral treasures.

Players can visit three siren treasuries which are the Treasury of Sunken Shores in The Shores Of Plenty, the Treasury of the Secret Wilds in The Wilds, and the Treasury of the Lost Ancients in The Ancient Isles.

Coral Treasures

Sea of Thieves The Coral Treasure

While exploring the Siren Shrines and Siren Treasuries will reward players with new coral Treasures and skulls can be returned to order of Souls, coffers go to the merchant alliance, chests, artefacts, and Trinkets will be received by the Gold Hoarders.

Coral Messages

Sea of Thieves Breath of the Sea

While the shores wash away new items the bottles with the Coral Messages may also begin to rise. which can also uncover the unique treasure of the Breath of the Sea.

Mysteries of the Sunken kingdom

Players after locating all the journals will learn the mysteries of the Sunken kingdom return to Larinna for a Legend of the Sunken kingdom voyage by offering a compass and a note leading to the first clue. There the players may get greater prizes with that.

Sunken Kingdom Commendations and Rewards

By completing the commendations players will unlock access to the remaining coral-encrusted items of the sunken sorrowships and weapon sets currently held in the Outpost Stores.

Sunken Kingdom Achievements

The achievements can be unlocked by progressing through the new in-game commendations in the New Xbox and Steam where you can earn a total score of 200. You can earn other achievements like Mystery of Hungering [10G], Mystery of Flooded Embrace [10G], Mystery of Ocean’s Fortune [10G], Mystery of the Coral Tomb [10G], Mystery of Ancient Tears [10G], Mystery of Tribute [10G], Sunken Kingdom Marauder [10G], Seeker of the Sea [30G], Legend of the Sunken Kingdom [100G].

New Gameplays

This season will have new gameplay such as Fury of The damned, Twitch Drops, and Prime Gaming.

New Additionals

The Sea of Thieves update 2.3.0 will have season 4 Plunder Pass, Golden Nile Ship Collection, Golden Nile Costume, Golden Nile Weapon Bundle, Golden Nile Weapon Bundle, Golden Nile Lantern, Victorious Weapon pose Emote, Absolute Joke emotes, freebie drama Emote and Bite Brighten Bundle.

Output Cosmetics

It has olive Majestic Sovereign Set which are available in the outpost clothing shops to purchase for gold.

Sea Of Thieves

The First- action-adventure game Sea of Thieves by Rare is published by Microsoft Studios. It is also one of the first party games released by Microsoft in earlier days. This game is like a pirate adventure game where players get to explore an open world by a ship by Cooperating throughout it.

As this is a shared-world adventure game, players happen to encounter many of them every day during the adventurous journey. This game asks the players to form alliances, go head to head with the other players and go on voyages. The first game of the series was launched on 20th March 2018. The game is inspired by the worldwide popular movie franchise “Pirates Of Caribbean” and “The Goonies“.

With the huge commercial success of the game, this game was released for the Xbox series X/S in November 2020. The game has a huge fanbase for its unique ship combat, multiplayer gameplay and visuals.

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The Sea of Thieves Update 2.3.0 now have all the issues resolved which it earlier had. Also the Sea of Thieves update 2.3.0 have now Xbox Series X Console that will now have dynamically scale resolution to maintain a smooth play. Also, the option to keybind ‘Toggle Replace Gamertags’ has now been re-enabled.

Also, the customs services and performance stability have been improved for the better experience of the players. The game has a download size of 7.6 GB for Xbox One X and Xbox Series X, 6.4GB for Xbox Series and Xbox One, 7.1 GB for Windows and 6.7 GB for Steam.

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