Top 31 Fortnite Best Skins Of All Time

Fortnite Best Skins

Fortnite is one the most popular online video games, released in 2017, developed by Epic Games. It offers its players three distinct gaming modes sharing similar game engines and gameplay. Being so popular, it has a player count of more than 350 million. The game presents a wide variety of skins, wraps, harvesting tools, gliders, back bling to its users. All users avail of battle passes and item shops.

I’ve made a list of all Fortnite best skins, which looks absolutely fabulous. All the skins are included from Chapter 1 to the current chapter 2. With this list, you can grab the best Fortnite Skin easily.

With the increase in popularity, there are different questions too that arise among the players. One of the most common questions is ‘Which is the best skin in Fortnite?’. So let’s dive into the topic.

Fortnite Best Skins (Legendary & Rare) Ranked

From the research that I have done, I know that Fortnite is an online video game developed by Epic Games. It was released in 2017. It is available in three distinct versions, namely, Fortnite: Save The World, Fortnite: Battle Royale, and Fortnite: Creative.

In this, there are Fortnite skins that are to be purchased by the user. These skins are prepared by the programmers who develop the visual.

Chief Hopper

Fortnite Chief Hopper

Chief Hopper’s name feels very familiar. He is a character in Netflix Show: Stranger Things. Chief Hopper is without a doubt one of the Fortnite Best Skins out there. Since he was everyone’s favorite in the show by dealing with Demogorgon, they have now implemented it in video games. He is the Chief Police of Hawkins town, Indiana.

Skull Trooper

Fortnite Skull Trooper

It looks like a budget-friendly Halloween Costume. Its popularity is rooted in its longevity. It was landed temporarily during one of the game’s seasonal events and vanished for almost a year. Thus, this is the rarest Fortnite Best Skins of Fortnite.

Renegade Raider

Fortnite Renegade Raider

It transforms the user’s skin into a cool face-painted fighter pilot. This was available for 1,200 V bucks when the player reached 20th level in the first season. However, it has not been returned ever since then.

The Reaper

Fortnite The Reaper

This skin was available for those who completed the 100th tier in season 1. Those who have come to this level are good players who have enough time to spend playing the games.

John Wick

Fortnite Best Skins john Wick

One can pick up the real skin by Wick’s Bounty Limited time event. Since Limited Fortnite Best Skins usually roll back around, this way is possible to get this skin. John Wick definitely deserves a spot in Fortnite Best Skins List.

Dark Bomber

Fortnite Dark Bomber

This is a Kevin (Cube-corrupted sibling of Brite Bomber). This was available for 1,200 Bucks. Her variant do-gooder has returned in the past, so it’s expected that even this skin returns to Fortnite. This is the dark version of Brite Bomber’s skin. This skin gained its existence after Brite Bomber touched the cube in the dark reflection loading screen. Due to this event, Brite Bomber is also been added to Fortnite Best Skins List.


Fortnite Best Skins Sentinel

This skin is not so hard to get hold of compared to other Fortnite Best Skins of Fortnite. This skin is tier 1, Fortnite Season 9 skin. It’s certainly an intriguing skin. He is an aggressive robot chicken (a poultry-based Transformer).

Tricera Ops

Fortnite Tricera Ops

This is available for 2,000 bucks. It’s a fantastic costume. This is very rare because it has appeared very few times in the item store.


Fortnite X-Lord

This skin is great because of cool tattoos. Few heaps of different styles that haven’t been used before. Some chainsaw harvesting tools to match which were new there before for any Fortnite Best Skins in Fortnite.

Black Knight

Fortnite Best Skins Black Knight

This was available as a reward for the users who reached the 70th level of the 2nd Battle of Fortnite. The piercing red eyes of this skin excites the players since it was released way back, so we may not find these roaming on the map. The black knight skin is a legendary Outfit from the “Fort Knights Set“, which can be obtained during Season 2 via the battle pass. and could be unlocked at Tier 70.

It is the final skin you can earn from Season 3. It’s a pretty clean-looking skin overall, and the black shield that comes with it is popular back bling. It’s definitely worth the spot on the list of Fortnite Best Skins.


Fortnite Calamity

Coming to the girl’s best skins, let’s take a sneak peek at their Fortnite Best Skins. The Calamity is the most legendary outfit in the battle royale, available at Tier 1 of Season 6. This was one of the first skin to be available in multiple colors.

Brite Bomber

Fortnite Brite Bomber

This is an infrequent skin that was released in season 1. It’s one of the most classic Fortnite Best Skins so far in the game and is available for 1,200 bucks.

Sparkle Specialist

Fortnite Best Skins Sparkle Specialist

This is a Disco themed skin that was part of the Fortnite Fever set. This skin is available at Tier 56 in Season 2. From then it hasn’t reappeared again.

Ghoul Trooper

Fortnite Ghoul Trooper

This is another rare skin that best suits for Halloween Season.


Fortnite Valkyrie

It is another legendary skin. It is considered a female counterpart of the Ragnarok. It has the finest details, which aren’t in many other Fortnite Best Skins. It’s available for 2000 bucks.

Bunny Brawler

Fortnite Bunny Brawler

This skin was available with Pastel Patrol Set. This is a bunny costume and one of the sweetest skin in this game. It was available in the item shop on several occasions for 1500 bucks.

Galaxy – Scout

Fortnite Galaxy – Scout

It is a legendary outfit of Fortnite from Galaxy Pack Set. It was accessible through the Android-just tournament. It was a handsome opportunity for the Android users to grab the set by participating in the Galaxy Cup tournament sponsored by Samsung back in July. From August 1st, 2020, the outfit was available in the item shop for 2000 V-Bucks. The skin resembled a female character with short hair and the Fortnite galactic theme. Galaxy Skins are all worth mentioning in the Fortnite Best Skins, but Galaxy Scout is the best among them.


Fortnite Best Skins Dummy

Epic Games availed driveable cars in Fortnite on August 16. It then allowed users to drive four of the distinct car types. One of the most incredible Fortnite Best Skins delivered was a crash test Dummy. It reassembled a yellow crash test Dummy with a friendly face. From 5th August 2020, it was available in the item shop for 1200 V-Bucks.

Captain America

Fortnite Captain America

Fortnite has tied up with Marvels for quite a while. Epic Games delivered the 6th marvel comic character Captain America’s skin on the day of America’s Birthday. It was available in the item shop from July 3 to 12. Since then, Steve has not returned to the shop.


Fortnite Best Skins Ninja

It was unlike the other cosmetics in the battle royale. The skin is characterized by blue hairs, a high collared futuristic coat designed beautifully with yellow and blue logos. It was available from January 17 for 1500 V-Bucks in the items shop. The Ninja set included – Ninja outfit, Ninja’s Edge Back Bling, a Ninja emote- ‘pon pon’, and the Dual Katanas Pickaxe. Worth a place in Fortnite Best Skins.


Fortnite Loserfruit

Five months after Ninja skin was available, Epic Games followed suit with Twitch Streamers and Youtubers. The skin is based on Loserfruit, one of the most popular Fortnite gamers and creators from Australia. The skin was available from June 21, 2020, in the items shop in Fortnite Best Skins. The female character included – multicolored hoodie, red baseball cap, and black pants. A harvesting tool, buddy bag bling, and bounce berry were available with the skin. On June 24, the skin left the shop.


Fortnite Best Skins Domino

It is a second Marvel series outfit. It was available in the items shop for 1500 V-Bucks or as a part of the X-Force outfits for 3000V-Bucks. Domino is a mutant with powers of probability manipulation. The skin includes – the Domino Pack Back Bling, Harvesting tool, etc.

Contract Giller

Fortnite Contract Giller

It is one of the rare outfits included in the Bassassin Challenge Pack. It resembles the combination of hateless Fishstick with John Wick’s body, with an additional style variant (no glasses).


Fortnite Best Skins Astra

The skin radiates a sleeping vibe similar to Slumber. Astra is featured with dark blue messy hairs and a showcase of the galaxy’s constellations by animated suit. It was available in the items shop for 1500 V- Bucks. The skin was last seen in the shop on August 13th, 2020. Being a part of the shining star set, it includes Back Bling and the constellation wrap. With awesome structure, it’s definitely one of the Fortnite Best Skins.

Double Agent Wildcard

Fortnite Double Agent Wildcard

An epic outfit of the Battle Royale game. It was released as a part of the Double Agent Bundle on July 10th. The Double Agent Bundle was priced at 2500 V-Bucks, including 3 Fortnite Best Skins with two styles. Double Agent Wildcard offered all-black and all-white wildcard skin with a gold undershirt and colored mask to compliment the outfit. The outfit left the shop on July 19.


Fortnite Zadie

It is among the rare outfits which were priced at 1200 V-Bucks. It was a female character (counterpart of Metal Mouth) and a part of A.L.T.E.R tactics gear. The skin accompanies three styles – jungle and arctic being the most prominent. It was last seen in the shop on February 17, 2020.

Soccer Skins

Fortnite Best Soccer Skins

The Fortnite soccer skins were added to celebrate the Fifa World Cup 2018. Each of the soccer Fortnite Best Skins can be styled with 1 of 24 possible countries. You can customize the number that appears on the jersey. These skins have a “try hard” reputation to them, which means players who tend to use these skins are usually pretty good at the game. Each of the soccer player skins will cost you 1200 V-Bucks.


Fortnite Best Skins Drift

Drift is a legendary outfit in Fortnite available in the Season 5 Battle Pass at Tier 1. It costs 950 V-Bucks and is a part of the Drift Set. Drift is one of the iconic outfits and resembles a kitsune, roughly a “Legendary fox” in Japanese legends and stories. He has a mysterious past and gained some powers like ‘lightning.’ Once this character is unlocked, there are more challenges to completely unlock every style.

Unlike Birthday or Weekly Challenges, these aren’t tied to specific in-game activities but simply by accumulating XP. Five different Drift styles may be unlocked by completing the “Drift Challenges.” All of the Drift Skins are good to be mentioned in Fortnite Best Skins List.


Fortnite Lynx

The lynx skin is a Legendary Fortnite Output from the Lynx set. It was available via the Battle Pass during Season 7 and could be unlocked at Tier 1. It costs 950 V-Bucks. It has 4 stages and styles, Default, Black, and Red. Lynx’s Stage 3 and 4 suits are influenced by the blueprints of “Omega” but with greater agility and flexibility making it a possible reason she is recruited to be a GHOST operative in Chapter 2: Season 2.


Fortnite Raven

The Raven’s skin is a Legendary Fortnite outfit from the Nevermore set. It costs 2000 V-Bucks. It was first added to the game in Fortnite Chapter 1 season 3. It has great looks and one of its highlights is the back bling, Iron Cage. The Raven’s skin is a cool jet-black leather outfit with ragged feather-like details. The dark hood and glowing purple eyes really add to the outfit’s popularity.


Fortnite Best Skins Midas

Midas is also a legendary outfit from the “Golden Set” that could be obtained at level 100 of Chapter 2: Season 2 Battle Pass. It costs 900 V-Bucks. Midas wears a black tie with a silver tie clip and vest over a white shirt, with black slacks and leather shoes. His arms are partly turned to gold. He has very pale skin and a scar is visible across his right eye. He is heavily tattooed.

To access the skin, you have to go through the game’s challenges, complete the medal punchcard every day, and keep up with the other activities on the challenging table. When you access Midas, every item, weapon, and vehicle he touches turns to gold. The notable difference is that Midas suit is black for the shadow version and white for the Ghost version.

Best Fortnite Female Skins

Following are the some of the best female skins in Fortnite –

  • Calamity
  • Brite Bomber
  • Renegade Raider
  • Sparkle Specialist
  • Ghoul Trooper
  • Red Knight
  • Dark Bomber
  • Valkyrie
  • Tricera Ops
  • Nog Ops
  • Bunny Brawler
  • Snorkel Ops
  • Elite Agent
  • Whiplash
  • Recon Specialist

Best Simplistic Fortnite Skins

  • Scarlet Defender
  • Stripe Soldier
  • Red-Nosed Ranger
  • Nog Ops Ranger
  • Brainiac
  • Grill Sergeant
  • The Star-Spangled Trooper
  • Bunnymoon
  • Patch Patroller
  • Bullseye

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Final Words

The Fortnite Best Skins List will give you an idea of which skins to buy when they’re available. All of these skins cost very high and are worth investing the time to check all the aspects of the skin. Without understanding the full details of the skin, you’re wasting your money. We’ll update this post as soon as new skins get released every season.

Happy Gaming!

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