Rogue Lineage Shinobi Guide To Dominate The Opponents

Rogue Lineage Shinobi

Yes! We all prefer to be well-disciplined and honorable people. But, we cannot roam around like a rogue every time. Oh! No, Did I really mention that? But, the power and braveness that one can feel when you are a rogue are really unexplainable.

Rogue Lineage Shinobi is a chaotic dagger that is based on the Assassin Super Class. Many people consider Shinobi as a toxic class. But the strengths and abilities of Shinobi show how powerful and important Shinobi is.

Rogue Lineage Overview

When everyone loves to be principles, have you imagined a game with roguelike elements would go so popular? Yes! One game has turned the mindset of people. And here, it is “Rogue Lineage.”

Rogue Lineage is an imaginative game that is fully based upon rogue-like elements. This game spins around a single concept, “Permadeath.” Permadeath mechanic is the permanent death that the players will face who lose all of their health, and they can’t be used anymore in the game. It is a game based on the Roblox Game Engine.

An interesting part that decorates the game is that the player can pass down some of their character to their heir, that is, next-generation, and as a result, the player becomes their next character. In simple words, it is a game in which you can see your heir playing. You’ll keep on playing with different characters. The players will try to figure out their mistakes in the previous character and be cautious with the present one. Thus, they have chances to improve themselves.

Nice, Right?

Rogue Lineage is a PvP game creatively designed and developed by Monad Studios. Each character has only 3 lives. And Yes, this interesting game cannot be accessed for free. It is a paid one, and you can access it for 350 Robux.

Who is Shinobi in Rogue Lineage?

Rogue Lineage Shinobi is also named Sekiro. It is a chaotic dagger. Chaotic is a form of alignment. Players who play under the chaotic category will have less regard for the law and, with no hesitation, kill others. But, on the whole, chaos doesn’t mean evil or murder, and they try to kill others to express their freedom.

It comes under Ultra Class based on the Assasin Super Class. Shinobis is well-known for its grappling hook. But many players consider that it doesn’t work very well. The specialty of Rogue Lineage Shinobi is to pressurize their enemies with this hook.

How to obtain Rogue Lineage Shinobi?

Though Shinobi has very few features, players would try very hard to get hold of Sekiro. In order to obtain, follow the steps given below.

  • The first step is to max out the Assassin Super Class. Assassin is a sub-class in which most of the daggers come under.
  • The player should possess 90 chaotic or 45 grips on the whole. Very specifically, 30 grips after any assassin.
  • Gaians and Metascrooms players can skip this step. Others should have a Prosthetic arm. You can get your Prosthetic arm for 500 silver soon after your real arm is ripped off.
  • After getting all the facilities to go to “The Owl” in the Sunken passage.
  • The entire silver cost comes to 2440—500 silver for the Prosthetic arm, 150 silver for the armor, and 40 silver for the Tanto dagger. If you are a Gaian or Metascrooms, then it is 1940 silver.

What are the abilities of Rogue Lineage Shinobi?

 Abilities of Shinobi in Rogue Lineage
AbilitiesStat Points
Damage/ Hit08
Hits/ Time10
Combat Mobility10
Running Away10
Difficulty Using04

There are different abilities that a Rogue Lineage Shinobi can do. Though these are the minor ones, they will create a major impact on the game.


After 5 seconds cooldown, you can use your metal arm to shoot a rope. This will help you to go upward. You can also pull your target into the air using this.

Owl Slash

It can be used only when you lift someone in air using Grapple. It causes minimum damage.

Shadow Rush

Grounded Shadow Rush

If you want to dash into your enemy you can use this. It determines 10 seconds cooldown.

Aerial Shadow Rush

Using this will lead you downward and damage those are in your path. You can only use it after using Grapple.


This is used to restore your health bar fully. It saves you from being attacked. After 30 seconds of activating, your enemies will be on fire if you attack. Remember to recharge it after using Resurrection.

Passives of Rogue Lineage Shinobi

Shinobi Passives

Every character that is present in this game will possess these features. Through this, the power of the character increases, and they tend to use more facilities.

Tanto Training

If you are a fan of Tanto Dagger, then definitely you should try this. Tanto Training helps you to buy and use a Tanto dagger. As an added advantage, this skill comes free with your first skill.


This is an important passive that helps a Rogue Lineage Shinobi to land safely. In addition, it reduces fall damage and even lesser than Whisper’s Featherfall.

Mastered Stealth

It upgrades the Stealth tool and becomes very transparent. The Stealth tool upgrades to the max from Assassin.

Strength of Rogue Lineage Shinobi

The strength of a character determines how important the character’s role is. It determines how long you can survive in the game.

  • Resurrection is Rogue Lineage Shinobi’s most important strength. It grants damage, attack speed buff, speed, and a flame proc. It also has a low cooldown.
  • With the help of Tanto Daggers, they can damage their enemies more than Mythril Daggers.
  • Superior mobility is given through Grapple and Shadow Rush.
  • Rogue Lineage Shinobi’s armor gives strong buffs.
  • Grapple acts as a savior to you if you are disarmed or can’t get the dagger back. You can have a quick and easy escape.
  • Shinobi M1S gives serious damage to the target.
  • Shinobi don’t have any ragdolling moves. This will help you to give long and damaging combos.

Weaknesses of Shinobi

  • Rogue Lineage Shinobi can be blocked easily. Shadow Rush and Owl Slash come under this category.
  • The cost of max Shinobi is so expensive. It costs 2000 silver.
  • In case if you are standing on a ledge or a cliff while attacking your opponent, then it is too risky.
  • It would be best if you regularly charge Resurrection.

Best Builds for Rogue Lineage Shinobi

  • Navaran helps in matching Shadow Fan to give more damage and to extend combos.
  • With the help of Fischeran’s Wind Shields-1, you can hit the target even harder.
  • Construct finds it very smooth to Grapple away.
  • If you own Gaian, you don’t need the help of a metal arm, and you become healthier.
  • Joining hands with Ashiin gives you super-high damage combos.
  • Vind provides you regeneration stack.
  • Haseldan gives you double Resurrection and can easily run away if the situation is worse.

Best Combos

Rogue Lineage Shinobi - Combos
  • The basic combo is to have Shinobi with X2 M1 Tanto – Spam Lethality- X4 M1 Tanto – Shadow Rush- X4 M1 Tanto- Grapple- Owl Slash.
  • When your life is in danger the combos that can help you is Tanto M1 2X- Lethality- Shadow Rush- Tanto M1 3X- Owl Slash- Tanto M1.

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