Best Blox Fruits Weapons List

Best Blox Fruits Weapons

Blox Fruits Weapons are an important part of the game since each of the weapons has different abilities. With the perfect weapon suitable for you, you can swing around more easily. In this post, we’ll have a look at all the good weapons available in the game.

Best Blox Fruits Weapons List

List of all Blox Fruits Weapons are –

  1. Katana/Cutlass/Ittoryu/One Sword Style
  2. Dual Katana/Nitoryu/Two Sword Style
  3. Iron Mace/Kanabo
  4. Shark Saw/Kiribachi
  5. Triple Katana/Santoryu/Three Sword Style
  6. Pipe
  7. Warden Sword
  8. Warden Sword
  9. Dual-Headed Blade
  10. Bisento/Murakumogiri
  11. Trident
  12. Pole (1st form)
  13. Dark Blade (Yoru)
  14. Saber
  15. Shisui
  16. Wando/Wado Ichimonji
  17. True Triple Katana/Evolved Santoryu
  18. Longsword (Belongs to Diamond)
  19. Gravity Cane/Gravito
  20. Jitte
  21. Koko/Kikoku
  22. Midnight Blade
  23. Rengoku
  24. Pole V2
  25. Dragon Trident

Katana/Cutlass/Ittoryu/One Sword Style

Katana Blox Fruits

In the game, these Blox Fruits Weapons are one of the most common usual swords. Usually, the following sword is being sold to you for a price tag of 1,000 Beli. And these standard weapons are available for you to get at Pirates Starter Island and secondly at Marine Starter Island. But you should note an important point that both the Cutlass and Katana have an equal set of move set in the gameplay.

  • [Z] Mastery 1: [ Quiet Rush]

In the gameplay, if you are dashing towards the onwards direction, it will damage the enemies falling on your path as they are teleporting from one site to another site.

  • [X] Mastery 20: [ Air Slash]

The Air Slash cuts in the air while slashing a light blue. This light will attack all the enemies coming on your way and bang them back.

Dual Katana/Nitoryu/Two Sword Style

In the game, it is one of the most common Blox Fruits weapons. The price of this weapon is 12,000 Beli, and you can get this sword at Pirate Village.

  • [Z] Mastery 1: [ Whirlwind]

It is a Medium ranged weapon along with a cone-shaped attack for knockback.

  • [X] Mastery 30: [ Tornado]

The tornado is inverted cone-shaped. And this attack is used for dealing with damage to all enemies in the surrounding radius.

Iron Mace/Kanabo

Iron Mace Blox Fruits

This weapon is one of the rarest and also uncommon in the game. This weapon is sold for 25,000 Beli, and the weapon is available for you to purchase at Pirate Village.

  • [Z] Mastery 1: [ Mace Smash]

The quality is that it Smashes the ground by striking the nearby enemies.

  • [X] Mastery 30: [Combo]

This weapon chops down the air many times while dealing with damaged enemies.

Shark Saw/Kiribachi

Shark Saw Blox Fruits

The Blox Fruits weapon is also on the list of one of the most uncommon weapons obtained by you after successfully defeating The Saw. When you defeat him, there is a chance of ten percent dropping.

  • [Z] Mastery 10: 

In this scenario, you will be capable of slashing towards the right side and hitting enemies multiple times while stunning them.

  • [X] Mastery 60: 

In the following scenario, the user rotates and slashes. Then, it cuts around for some amount of time while getting towards the mouse.

Triple Katana/Santoryu/Three Sword Style

This sword is rare, and it is sold to you for 60,000 Beli and is available for you at Snow Island.

  • [Z] Mastery 20: [ Air Slashes Barrage ]

By using this, the user can chop down the air releasing with four slashes.

  • [X] Mastery 60: [ Violent Rush ]

It will charge towards the opposition in the game.


The Pipe is an infrequent weapon in the game. However, you can purchase this Pipe for 100,000 Beli in the game and get this weapon at Snow Island.

  • [Z] Mastery 1: [ Rage Combo ]

You have to rush towards along with your mouse pointer and strikes on multiple times.

  • [X] Mastery 50: [ Earth Smash ]

You will break the ground in the game by throwing your enemy into the sky and dealing with the damage.

Warden Sword

It is also one of the rare weapons on the list and rewarded after defeating Chief Warden.

  • [Z] Mastery 35: [ Multi-Target Slash ]

You will be capable of slashing the ground, which will cause the blue waves to generate and come out by attacking several nearby enemies at multiple times.

  • [X] Mastery 80: [ Tornado Wave ]

Here you will shoot a tornado towards the mouse pointer.

Warden Sword 

This sword is a short weapon in the game, and you will get this weapon by defeating Chief Warden.

  • [Z] Mastery 35: [ Multi-Target Slash ]

Here, in this case, you will slit the ground, and thus it will create blue waves and attack multiple enemies in the surroundings many times.

  • [X] Mastery 80: [ Tornado Wave ]

Here you have to shoot a tornado towards the mouse pointer.

Dual-Headed Blade

You have to purchase this rare weapon for 400,000 Beli and get this weapon at Sky Island.

  • [Z] Mastery 20: [ Assassinate ]

You will have to dash in a further direction while spinning, slashing, and everything in their path.

  • [X] Mastery 100: [ Raging Wind ]

You will throw three tiny tornadoes in the game that will be front, damage, and lunging up everything they get into touch.


In the game, it is the most heroic Blox Fruits weapon. You can purchase this weapon for 1,200,000 Beli. The legendary weapon is available for you at Sky Island, and also, this weapon can be turned into Bisento V2 by defeating the Greybeard or the Whitebeard raid boss.

  • [Z] Mastery 50: [ Wind Breaker ]

It flips out three wind slashes, and they will cut down and knock back enemies.

  • – V2: The V2 will launch three mini-spheres that will release in the direction of your cursor pointed direction.
  • [X] Mastery 150: [ Quake Sphere ]

This will throw out a ball that will damage all enemies settled inside it.

  • – V2: It will create a giant size ball, and it quickly damages anybody located around the sphere. Further moving on, it will start becoming prominent in size as time passes, and it will explode at the last hit along with more severe damage.


It is an extremely rare Blox Fruits weapon, and you will obtain it by defeating the Fisherman Lord.

  • [Z] Mastery 50: [ Trident Hook]

Here you will hook to people, walls, and buildings from afar range in the gameplay.

  • [X] Mastery 125: [ Water Pulse]

It will allow you to create damage in any surrounded enemies, but it has a short range.

Pole (1st form) 

It is a legendary weapon in the game, and you can obtain it by defeating Thunder God.

  • [Z] Mastery 80: [ Explosive Cloud]

It will shoot out a cloud, and it will explode out after a couple of seconds.

  • [X] Mastery 180: [Lightning Rain]

The Lighting Rain will drop down the rain three bolts of lightning wherever your mouse pointer is pointed in the game location.

Dark Blade (Yoru) 

In the game, Dark Blade is a legendary tier Blox Fruits weapon. You can buy this sword for 1200 Robux, and If you defeat the Mihawk boss and an admin named rip Indra, you will receive this sword for free. 

  • [Z] Mastery 1: [ One Thousand Slices]

It will chop many slices in front of you.

  • – V2: It will do many more slices in front of you along with more damage. Also, it slashes and will be sent out further.
  • -V2 (when held): The output reaction is exact, but you will dash along with a slash.
  • [X] Mastery 50: [ Dark Air Slash]

It casts out a vertical green slash that will knock back the enemies.

  • – V2: Casts out a more extensive slash than V1 that knocks enemies back.
  • -V2 (when held): The result is the same but additionally, it sends out the slash, which is faster; also, it travels further and breaks Ken.


It is one of the legendary Blox Fruits weapons on the list. You will obtain this by completing the quest and defeating Shanks/Saber Expert, and also, you can upgrade to Saber V2.

  • [Z] Mastery 50: You are capable of charge and slashes at the opponent.
  • -V2: The Saber V1’s is usually very Deadly Rush, and it is a combination with Saber v1’s Triple Slash.
  • [X] Mastery 125: [ Triple Slash ]

You will slash out three red slashes in the opposite direction.

  • V2: You can launch an extensive slash similar to a dragon at your cursor in the game.


After getting the sword, you will notice its case is black and pink symbols designed on the blade. In addition, the slashes will have a pink and purple colored VFX which is identical to the Saddi when Buso Haki is activated in the game and will also be surrounded by black “beams.”

  • [Z] Mastery 150: [ True Quiet Rush ]

When you dash in the forward direction in a swift, and it can cut down multiple enemies. Similarly, it can be used for travel.

  • [X] Mastery 300: [ Focus Shot ]

You will dispatch a ray of purple light in the game, and this light is an inflicting knockback on the enemy.

Wando/Wado Ichimonji 

The Blox Fruits weapon is the thickest compared to the Three Legendary Swords. You will notice that the sword’s handle is white and striped with three golden stripes on it.

  • [Z] Mastery 150: [ Continuous Slash ]

You will slash out a barrage of slashes in front of the gameplay. Also, you can hold it for a longer duration.

  • [X] Mastery 300: [ Scatter Shot ]

You are capable of delivering out slashes like Bisento V2’s Z.

True Triple Katana/Evolved Santoryu

This sword is a fantastic combination of all of the Three Legendary Swords into one blade. This sword is suggested for you to use three styles of sword. It is available very top of Green Zone, where you can purchase it for 2,000,000B$. The requirement is all three swords.

  • [Z] Mastery 150: [ Wolf Fang Rush ]

It would be best if you dashed towards the frontend direction into the enemy before slashing a few times while dealing a decent amount of damage.

  • [X] Mastery 350: [ Dragon Hurricane ]

Here you will ask for a big hurricane at the pointed cursor. It will hit multiple times and deliver the target, which is flying upwards.

Longsword (Belongs to Diamond)

It is a short sword in the game, and you will get it by defeating Diamond and note that It has two moves.

  • [Z] Mastery 100: [ Annihilate ]

You will prepare a shockwave around along with slashes.

  • [X] Mastery 200: [ Glorious Smash ]

You will dash in a forwarding direction a little bit in the game and perform a shockwave attack with a Ken break.

Gravity Cane/Gravito 

It is also one of the best and most uncommon swords in the game. However, you can get it by defeating Fajita, and note that it also has only two moves.

  • [Z] Mastery 125: [ Gravity Push ]

You build a gravity push in the upward direction and dealing damages with opponents.

  • [X] Mastery 250: [ Meteor Barrage ]

In this game scenario, you are capable of constructing a blast of meteors. It is very similar to the skill of a gravity fruit, but it is a very tiny version.


The game is a rare Blox Fruits weapon sword that belongs to Smoke, and you will receive it by defeating Smoke Admiral. And note it also has two moves.

  • [Z] Mastery 150: [ Smoke Barrage ]

You will deliver out a line of Smoke and blinds towards the opponent for 3 seconds.

  • [X] Mastery 300: [ Smoke Apparition ]

In the game, you will become Smoke and runs towards the location where their cursor is pointed and getting anybody on the way. It is capable of creating AOE damage, and it also blinds enemies for a few seconds.


It is a legendary sword in the game, and you can get it by successfully defeating Order A.K.A Law and similarly this sword also has two moves.

  • [Z] Mastery 150: [ Electric Stab ]

You will have the capacity to tackle the opponent by using electricity trails and delivering them into the air.

  • [X] Mastery 325: [ Injection Stab ]

You will develop a crosshair in the game and shoot out an electric shot of middle-range power. Note that both of the moves can be hit by you at multiple people, and it also does only more minor damage.

Midnight Blade

The legendary sword you can purchase for 100 Ectoplasm and is available at El Admin.

  • [Z] Mastery 150 [ Portal Opening ]

This move is the same compared to the Cursed Captain Raid Boss uses. It will open a blue portal in front of you that will sip the enemy very slightly and pushes them away, like somewhat to the Dark-Dark move Dark Spiral and this move will create medium damage in the game.

  • [X] Mastery 325 [ Crescent Dash ]

In the game, it is the second movement where the Cursed Captain raid boss is utilized. It will launch you forward in your enemy direction that is somewhat kind to Saber’s first move. This move will cause mid-high damage and throw your enemy far away, similar to the Portal Opening move.


In the game, it is a new sword. It was developed and added in Update number 13. If you want to get this sword, you must search and get the Hidden key, and this key can be obtained by defeating NPCs or Awakened Ice Admiral, located on the new island, Ice Castle. After receiving the sword, utilize it to open the chest within a secret door towards the right side of the stairs inside the castle’s main room. After successfully unlocking the sword in the game, it will display “You found…a secret sword?!” and be rewarded the “Samurai” title.

The Rengoku Sword has two skills:

  • [Z]: Demon Slayer (150 Mastery)

You will dash towards the opponent and slash multiple times in the game and deal 10+ times of damage.

  • [X]: Burning Slash (350 Mastery)

You will be capable of delivering out a flaming slash which will leave behind a burning effect that damages everything it touches.

Pole V2

You will get a Pole V2 can by awakening Rumble’s moves and gaining 180 mastery on Pole by completing one more raid. Later in the game, you will be teleported to Enel, and it can be bought for 5000 Fragments.

Requirements:  You will require the entire five moves awakened on Rumble and, secondly, 180 Mastery on Pole 1st Form.

  • [Z] Hand of God (150 Mastery)

In the game, it is a lightning shot with a good range of damage and AOE. It is usually in combo with X

  • [X] Electric Prison (350 Mastery) 

It is a tiny electric bomb that stuns enemies and is an opening way for good combos. It is usually followed up with Z.

Dragon Trident

There is a new Blox Fruits weapon sword added to the game, popularly known as Dragon Trident. It is launched in Update 14. The blade has two skills:

  • [Z] Sea Dragon Fury (150 Mastery)

It is a straight line that contains a dragon head and is released, providing a decent amount of AOE damage.

  • [X] Water Dragon Prison (350 Mastery)

Here, you will launch various dragon heads, which will draw a circle that stuns—damage to the target.

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