10 Best Blox Fruits Weapons That You Must Know About

Best Blox Fruits Weapons

Blox Fruits as you may already know is one of the most popular games on your favourite platform, Roblox, released in 2019. The game, Blox Fruits can be considered a premium anime game that is inspired by one of the most popular animes and mangas, One Piece. 

The main objective of the game is for you to become a pirate after boarding a pirate ship. You then have to explore seas and different islands to acquire treasures and to collect Devil Fruits that are very powerful to bring necessary improvement to your character to help you advance further in the game. 

In order to become the best swordsman or best player of the game in the world, you must have a good understanding of all the Best Blox Fruits Weapons. There are only swords and guns as the weapons in the game with swords having way more importance and use than the latter. 

To become the best player, you must train your character well to be tough and strong to attack enemies who are usually powerful and tough bosses. To engage and win in such battles while sailing across the ocean you must also know what the Best Blox Fruits Weapons are. This article will help you exactly in this, that is, helping you understand what the best blox fruits Weapons are to wage and win wars and then become the best Blox Fruits player out there. 

What are Blox Fruits Weapons?

Katana Blox Fruits

While there are four fighting styles in the game, there are only two kinds of weapons available in Blox Fruits. These are swords and guns. Among the two, swords are more important and useful. These also match the aesthetics of the game more than guns. 

As swords are the most useful and also the most used weapon in the game, there are also more swords available in the game than guns. This article ranks the five best swords and five best guns in the game to help you fix which may be the best weapon for you in Blox Fruits. 

List of Five Best Blox Fruits Weapons (Swords)

You require Blow Fruits Swords to fight wars, defeat enemies, grind fruits and collect treasures. All the swords available in the game differ when it comes to their availability, uses and the damage they deal. 

There are mainly five varieties of swords which are Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary and Mythical. Of these five, Common swords are weak swords which are easily available, Uncommon swords are those that are a bit better than the common ones, Rare swords are good playable swords compared to the other two before and Legendary swords are the strongest kind of swords and Mythical are the rarest and most-stylish looking swords. 

You can get or buy these swords using Robux from the game store or sword sellers, Legendary Sword Dealers, Bosses and other NPCs. 

We will now look at the five best swords of the game, Blox Fruits when it comes to their strength and ability. 

5. Rengoku


Rengoku is the fifth best compared to all the swords available in Blox Fruits. This sword belongs to the Legendary category and is very strong. Rengoku according to most fans of the game is the sword that can cause the second-highest damage in the game after the famous Saber Sword. 

You can easily identify a Rengoku in the game with its red colour enhancement. Even if you change the colour of your Rengoku, its outline will still be red.

You can obtain this strong sword from the Awakened Ice Admiral after getting a Hidden key and then finding a secret door. You will find this secret door inside the main room of the castle on the right side of the stairs. 

You can use the Rengoku not only to cause reasonable damage to your enemies but also to travel a reasonable distance. The sword also has great combo potential making it a Best Blox Fruits Weapon to use during battles. 

The sword has two moves which are:

  • Dragon Slayer (Z key, 150 mastery required)
  • Burning Slash (X key, 350 Mastery required)

4. Saber


Saber sword is considered one of the strongest swords by the fans of Blox Fruits. Like Rengoku, Saber Sword also belongs in the Legendary tier. You can get this sword once you successfully completed the Saber Expert Puzzle. However, it is not a very easy puzzle to complete. 

Along with being a great sword to cause extreme damage to your enemies, the Saber sword is very useful for grinding. The weapon also has a decent range which makes it even more useful in battles. 

The sword has two moves which are:

  • Deadly Rush (Z key, 50 mastery required)
  • Triple Slash (X key, 125 Mastery required)

3. Pole (V2)

Pole (V2)

Pole (V2) otherwise known as Pole (2nd Form) is the third-best sword available in Blox Fruits. This sword also belongs to the Legendary Swords tier and was made available in the game after Update 14. 

This Legendary Sword is considered a high-stun sword and is a better version of the Rare Sword, Soul Cane. Pole (V2) is the first sword in the game that cost Fragments to get it and the second one that requires you to have mastery over other Best Blox Fruits Weapons to obtain it. 

Along with being a great sword to cause high stun damage, it is also great to perform combos while in battle. Pole (V2) thus can cause some serious damage to all your enemies. It is also one of the few swords that can hit Rubber. 

The sword has two moves which are:

  • Hand of God (Z key, 150 mastery required)
  • Electric Prison (X key, 350 Mastery required)

2. Shisui


Shisui is among the most popular swords in Blox Fruits and it deserves all of it. The sword is one of the best swords in the whole game which is why it is in the second position on this list. 

Shisui is very strong and it is popularly known for its excellence. The sword is capable of performing great combos along with moving rapidly thus helping you win battles easily. 

Shisui is one of the only three swords that the Legendary Sword Dealer sells and it costs you about 2,000,000 Bones. Along with costing this much in-game currency, you must also have the True Triple Katana to be capable of obtaining the Shisui sword. 

The sword has two moves which are:

  • True Quiet Rush (Z key, 150 mastery required)
  • Focus Shot (X key, 350 Mastery required)

1. Dark Blade

Dark Blade

In the first position in this list of the strongest and the best Blox Fruits swords is Dark Blade. It is definitely the strongest sword in the game and it belongs to the Mystical Sword Tier. The sword also is known by the name Yoru as it resembles the character Yoru from Valorant. You can upgrade the weapon to make it better and receive the skin named Slayer Skin by performing the Son Quest. 

Dark Blade is the only sword that you can get with a Game Pass. You can also obtain the weapon by being gifted a Game Pass by another player, buying it using 1200 Robux and getting a Brazil Cube which is summoned by rip_indra. 

Dark Blade or Yoru is the sword that can cause the highest damage in the game. Along with this, it can perform amazing combo potential which can guarantee your win in a battle. The sword with its amazing abilities makes it great for PVP. 

The sword has two moves which are:

  • One Thousand Slices (Z key, 1 mastery required)
  • Dark Air Slash (X key, 50 Mastery required)

List of Five Best Blox Fruits Weapons (Guns)

Another type of weapon that you can use in Blox Fruits to win battles and defeat enemy are guns. The number of guns available in the game is way less compared to the number of swords in the game. Many fans of the game also prefer swords over guns as they are more useful and effective. 

Of all the available guns in the game, a list of the five best guns available in the game is given below. 

5. Bazooka


The gun, Bazooka takes the fifth position in the list of five best guns of Roblox Blox Fruits. Since Bazooka is a gun that is popularly present in a lot of games that feature guns, we know that it is a strong weapon. The gun is commonly known as a stronger version of a cannon. 

Bazooka in Blox Fruits comes under the Legendary tier and you can try obtaining the weapon once you have defeated Wysper, a level 500 boss. However, the chance of getting the weapon after this is only 5 to 10% so you also need to be lucky to get a Bazooka. It is worth getting one in the game as it has the highest click damage compared to all other guns in Blox Fruits. 

The gun has two moves which are:

  • Alpha Waves (Z key, 100 mastery required)
  • Incendiary Ammo (X key, 250 Mastery required)

4. Bizzare Rifle

Bizzare Rifle

In the fourth position in this list of five best guns in Blox Fruits is the Bizzare Rifle. It is a very powerful long-range weapon that is a part of the guns present in the Rare tier in the game. The gun is also great to perform combo attacks while in battle. Bizarre Rifle is undoubtedly the gun in the game that can deal the highest damage. 

You can either get the Bizzare Rifle either by spending 25 Ectoplasm or by buying it from the NPC dealer, El Rodolfo who you find on the Cursed Ship. But the problem with the latter way of getting the gun is that you can only get to the location if you are at least level 1000. 

The gun has two moves which are:

  • Heat Seeking Shot (Z key, 150 mastery required)
  • Hellfire Shower (X key, 300 Mastery required)

3. Kabucha


Kabucha is the third top gun in this list of five best guns in the Roblox game, Blox Fruits. This Legendary tier gun is very famous in the game. This is because Kombucha is probably the fastest gun in the game with a lot of combo potential. 

Other than being the fastest gun, it can also deal good damage to your enemies. The weapon is not completely a gun but it is more of a slingshot that has great knockout. For that reason, it is often paired with swords like Shisui in this game. 

You can get this gun by spending 1500 fragments from the seller Usoapp who will be on his island. 

The gun has two moves which are:

  • Flying Fire Bird (Z key, 125 mastery required)
  • Intense Wind (X key, 250 Mastery required)

2. Serpent Bow

Serpent Bow

The second-best gun in the list is Serpent Bow which was added to the game in Update 15. This gun belongs to the Legendary tier. You can easily identify this gun as it has a unique curved snake shape with a bowstring. 

You can obtain the Serpent Bow gun once you defeat the Islan Empress boss which is a Level 1675 boss. You can find the enemy, Island Empress on Hydra Island in the Third Sea. 

The gun has two moves which are:

  • Poisonous Blast (Z key, 125 mastery required)
  • Snake Bind (X key, 250 Mastery required)

1. Acidum Rifle

Acidum Rifle

The best gun in the game, Blox Fruits and the top of this Best five Blox Fruits guns is undoubtedly the most famous gun, Acidum Rifle. The gun belongs to the Rare tier and what makes it so great is its ability to poison your enemies and deal damage over time. This is known to be the highest clicking damage in Blox Fruits. 

You have a 20% chance of getting an Acidum Rifle after destroying the Factory. 

The gun deals a fair amount of damage on your enemy in the first hit and continues dealing damage with the poison that injects into them. 

The gun has two moves which are:

  • Spiky Bomb (Z key, 100 mastery required)
  • Acidic Smoke (X key, 200 Mastery required)

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