30+ Rogue Lineage Classes Secrets Revealed

Rogue Lineage Classes

Are you tired of playing the same old game? If Yes! Try this new heroic game. Rogue Lineage is an imaginative game that was created based on the Roblox Game Engine. This game doesn’t have a friendly community; rather, it’s the place where you have to prove who you are. You may feel a toxic community, but the game rewards you with the right community for you when you keep on playing.

Rogue Lineage Classes is similar to the levels that are in other games. However, there are different types of classes and sub-classes in this game. You’ll definitely have a variety of choices to select.

What are Rogue Lineage Classes?

Rogue Lineage Classes are assigned so that they come under Ultra or Base level players. The variety in classes is because a player can get several weapons and can progress well to get and go further. The lowest class is known as Base, and the highest is known as Uber.

After the player crosses certain Rogue Lineage Classes, they are demanded to be chaotic or order for some classes. This is because a game’s ultimate purpose is to entertain you. There are many classes for you to progress in, but make sure you don’t lose your fun.

Rogue Lineage Classes – Sub Classes

Rogue Lineage Base Classes
Rogue Lineage Classes – Base Classes

Base class players come under orderly factions. This refers to base players are good people who fight against chaotic or bad people and jail them. They are considered heroes. To get started with the base Rogue Lineage Subclasses first, a player should get some trinkets and sell them. After that, a weapon is significant to go further.


Scholar comes under mage class. If you wish to get a scholar, then you should possess only silver and a tome. A player can get a tome through different methods. One way is to find a Scrool. The player should have Mana to buy a tome. Nearly the player totally needs 240 silver. It has many passives, and it can easily defend other magic users.


It comes under dagger class. If you want to get a skill, you should have 0.8 Zombie Scrooms. On the whole, a player needs 175 silver for every skill and 140, especially for Ashiins. Thief helps you to get escaped through clever techniques. It can be upgraded to an Assassin or a Spy. It has different and unique abilities such as pickpockets, dagger throw, Lock manipulation, stealth, and agility. It can get its own things for survival through pickpocketing and can escape from anywhere.

Pit Fighter

Pit Fighter is a base spear class. It becomes more powerful only with its equipment that can be found at the pit in Oresfall. Totally, it costs 170 silver. It has the capacity to give serious damage and can be upgraded to a church knight or a Dragon Knight. It can give a tough fight with thieves.


It comes under base sword class. However, if you need a warrior trainer, you can go to Emeraldstone Tavern at the Sea of Dust. A player should be ready to give 140 silver for all skills. The special feature of swords is that they can adapt to any situation and give moderate speed, range, and damage against any weapons.

Rogue Lineage Classes – Super Classes

It is the second category that comes in Rogue Lineage Classes.


It is an orderly super fist class that weakens the opponent when combined with other weapons. Monk has passives like Monk shield, Fire Fist, Iron Body, Trained Combat, and Chi Blocking.


It is the chaotic super fist class. It becomes the people’s favorite because it causes extreme damage. Big Hoss trains Akuma. It becomes more strong when combined with weapons like swords and spears.


It is an orderly super mage class. It acts as a supporter for the teammates to help in observing. It can also be upgraded to Master Illusionist. It is considered as good support.


It uses nature’s force as its power. It can be improved up to Druid. It is a Super Rogue Lineage Classes neutral alignment mage. It is easily obtainable and a low-budget money printer. It possesses some plants that are used as explosives when combined with Fons Vitae.


It has the power to call for the undead using its magic. It comes under chaotic mage Super Class. It can be better with Master Necromancer. It has two different class traits: Mastery of Craft and Ardorian Mage.


A Spy can escape tough situations and can defense and move to fitness opponents. It is a Super Class. It can fall from distances with less damage. In addition, it has the ability to launch ambushes on your opponents.


It is exceptional in Super Class. No one can Assassin in daggers, and it can upgrade to a Faceless one’, a Shinobi. It can effortlessly attack someone. He is an expert in dagger throw.

Dragon Knight

Its goal is to give large portions of damage. It is an orderly spear Super Class. It has more strength and power and can make powerful combos. Dragon Blood and Dragon Roar are its strengths.

Church Knight

As a solo player, it isn’t easy to get it. It comes under Super Class. It can make a variety of moves and can create great combo damage. The weapon is soulbound to Church Knight, and so it can’t be disarmed.

Sigil Knight

Rogue Lineage Class Sigil Knight
Sigil Knight

It can be improved to Sigil Knight Commander, and it is easy to obtain. It is an orderly sword Super Class. Ruby, Sapphire, and Diamonds are its essential skills.


Being a Blacksmith, you will be an expert in Forging weapons. While the players are purchasing a Blacksmith, we have a chance to sell bulk weapons. The players prefer for the dagger to get better results.


Samurai can avoid damage in multiple ways. It is a Melee Class and can make potent combos. It can give the best damage output among all. It has a fast weapon attacking speed when compared to daggers.


It comes under Chaotic Sword Super Class and has a Greatsword weapon. It has the ability to give huge damage with minimum hits.

Rogue Lineage Classes – Ultra Classes

The third class category that comes under Rogue Lineage Classes is Ultra-Classes. There are nearly 17 under this class. Shinobi, Sigil Knight Commander, Druid are some of the famous ones.

Faceless One

It is a chaotic dagger Ultra-class. It is well-known by a different name, Night Lord. You can get it with low health, and in return, it gives you extraordinary damage. After getting this, the player’s character loses its face.


Its specialty is to give high-damage combos. It comes under Rogue Lineage Classes chaotic fist Ultra-Classes. Its super armor is its ultra protection against combos. It can easily kill its enemy with a single combo.


It is an expert in using Rapier. This weapon can give high attack speed with moderate damage. It is also known as Ultra Spy. It is the easiest Ultra to get.

Dragon Slayer

It is shortly known as Dslayer, and it is the orderly spear Ultra- Class. You cannot imagine the amount of damage that it can make with its combos and hits. You can get it for 1050 silver. It has great skills like fastest moving, extra jump, etc. However, it is pretty cheap when compared to its powerful effects.


It is also referred to as Shujin or Shogun. It helps to create an opening for attacks and deeds with rapid combos. It paves the way for high burst damage and has the fastest speed of 1 less speed when compared to Assassin.


Lapidarist comes under Ultra-Classes. It is well-known for its armor and weapon support. With the help of its weapon, it gives a great support hand to mining. It can be trained using Castle Sanctuary. It possesses a hammer which causes a lot of damage. It also has gems that are used for burst damage.


A unique feature that is present in this is it uses a trumpet in order to perform. It is also known as Ultra Bard or Doot Master. It searches for the houseless players to target. It has infinite access to food and support allies. It can also do a Mana run or Mana Climb for a longer time.

Wrath Knight

It is also known as Dark Sigil Knight that comes under Sword Ultra-Classes. It has high HP points equipped with a helmet and armor. It can use Mirror for transportation and can provide combo-oriented damages on a huge level.

Master Illusionist

They are considered mind controllers. They take over full control. It is considered to be very effective against chaotic players. In a team fight, it gives its best support. It has the ability to use God’s spells. When it is giving the right spells and snaps, it can give huge damage.

Deep Knight

It comes under Chaotic spear Ultra-Classes. It can be trained with 4 skills. On the whole, it costs 2000 silver to get it. It is mighty that even its combos are capable of knocking Ubers. It has different versatile skills like Chain pull, Leirathan Plunge, and also Deep Sacrifice. It is possessed with a helmet and armor that help to make many healing moves.

Dragon Sage

It is also known as Dsage. It has low health and is derived from Monk. Though it can’t give significant damage, it makes sure that the player’s enemies are at a disadvantage and makes it easy to attack and set the opponent on fire.

Rogue Lineage Classes – Uber Classes

It is the final class in Rogue Lineage Classes. It has seven important items that can be used for major destruction.

Uber Oni

It is also known as Sunaikinti’s Blessed. It is notable for attacking multiple enemies. It can create a high amount of damage. It ranks high in Damage/Hit ability.

Uber Necro

It is commonly known as Lich Mage or Worm Prophet. It has Mana fly, Worm Bombs, Call of the dead, and Worm Blast.

Uber Abyss Walker

Rogue Lineage Class Abyss Walker
Abyss Walker

It is shortly called Abyss Dancer. It is one of the best for close attacks. It can give incredible damage without any curse stacks. In addition, it has an Unstoppable force in attacking others.

Dragon Rider

Dragon Riders are used as a long ragdoll combo. It is one of the easiest Uber to obtain. It is known for its mobility in the game and can also easily run. It has the ability to call Drake, and with that, you can fly to a maximum of 1 minute. When it throws a single spear, it can explode to 100 spears, using its ability of Heroic Volley.

FAQs Related to Rogue Lineage Classes

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