18 Overcooked 2 Kevin Levels Locations | DLC Included

Overcooked 2 Kevin Levels

Overcooked 2 is a tremendous and significant move containing the culinary and appetizing challenges you can expect to meet and solve compared with the predecessor and most of the demonic of all Kevin secrets level. There is a hidden behind an unexplained basis. Every Keven level is the ultimate test for your team’s cooperation. The credit goes to the combinations of devilish for tasks containing cooking and environmental risk functions.

What are Overcooked 2 Kevin Levels?

Everything is fantastic, and also, some excellent addons are added for you to test your team’s skills for an elevated level. But unfortunately, it is not prepared about how each one gets unlocked and what is secretly hidden behind the secret criteria. And fortunately, in the game, you contain a list of requirements for every level, and it should save you from an unpleasant situation with a lot of confusion and wastage of time.

How many Overcooked 2 Kevin Levels Are There?

You will find eight secret levels in the game, which are all inspired and named behind Kevin. He is the adorable sidekick pup who has an eyebrow which is somehow a bit more distracting and a differentiable feature, and the fact is that he is a dog. The following hidden levels of Kevin are home to a few of the very sturdiest challenges in the Overcooked 2.

How to unlock all Overcooked 2 Kevin Levels?

For unlocking each Kevin level, the key is in meeting some positive sections at some particular stages. There are eight groups distributed throughout the story map in the game, and you will notice them as tiles that are not flipped in the game world despite completing the levels that are surrounded all around them. And your role is to only depend on the stories themselves, and it is not very easy and limited to reach high scores.

Some Overcooked 2 Kevin Levels will require you to hit some combo order. For example, you need to distribute the dishes on time, and in order, you have accepted as a top-up. The requirements will change depending upon your capacity and the size of your party. Thus, it is your responsibility to see and examine the table mentioned below and look at the requirements section, which you have to achieve for unlocking every level in the gameplay.  

Kevin LevelUnlocked InRequirement
Kevin # 11-3The Single player with combo of 2 
The Multiplayer with combo of 2
Kevin # 22-2The Single player with combo of 3 
The Multiplayer with combo of 5
Kevin # 32-4The Single player with score of 600 
The Multiplayer with score of 1000
Kevin # 43-1The Single player with score of 450 
The Multiplayer with score of 1100
Kevin # 54-3The Single player with combo of 4 
The Multiplayer with combo of 5
Kevin # 64-5The Single player with Score of 400 
The Multiplayer with Score of 500
Kevin # 75-5The Single player with Combo of 5 
The Multiplayer with Combo of 8
Kevin # 86-4The Single player with Combo of 5 
The Multiplayer with Combo of 7

How to unlock Kevin Levels in DLC?

In the game, accurately serving dishes will appear at the top of the game screen in the direction from left to right. It will increase your counter of combo. Make a note that it Is not very easy if you miss or let out any order’s time of serving or something other will affect your order, which will delay delivering it will reset to zero. So, in short, forgetting the combo of X factor, it is required for you to serve X number dishes in a row. And remember flowing the words in a row should be in the correct order and completing them without failing in the gameplay.

Overcooked 2 Kevin Level – Surf ‘n’ Turf

Kevin Levels Surf n Turf
Kevin LevelUnlocked InRequirement
Kevin # 12-2The Single player with One star 
The Multiplayer with One star

Overcooked 2 Kevin Level – Campfire Cook Off

Overcooked 2 Kevin Levels Campfire
Kevin LevelUnlocked InRequirement
Kevin # 11-3The Single player with a combo of 4 
The Multiplayer with a combo of 4
Kevin # 22-3The Single player with a combo of 5 
The Multiplayer with a combo of 5
Kevin # 33-3The Single player with a score of 600 
The Multiplayer with a score of 800

Overcooked 2 Kevin Level – Night of the Hangry Horde

Kevin LevelUnlocked InRequirement
Kevin # 11-2The Single player with a combo of 5 
The Multiplayer with a combo of 5
Kevin # 22-2The Single player with a score of 500 
The Multiplayer with a score of 800
Kevin # 33-2The single player with a combo of 7 
The Multiplayer with combo of 8

Overcooked 2 Kevin Level – Carnival of Chaos

Overcooked 2 Kevin Level Carnival of Chaos
Kevin LevelUnlocked InRequirement
Kevin # 1Level 1-3The Single player with a score of 400 
Multiplayer with a score of 500
Kevin # 2Level 2-3The Single player: Combo of 5 
The Multiplayer with a Combo of 7
Kevin # 3Level 3-3The Single player with a score of 450 
The Multiplayer with a score of 600

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