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Is Bloodborne Hard

Many gamers are hesitant to get into playing Bloodborne thinking the game would be too hard for them. So, is Bloodborne hard? That seems to be a question a lot of players seem to be asking to know whether they will be able to play through the game. This article would try to give the players a better understanding of Is Bloodborne hard or not?

Before we dive into understanding whether the game Bloodborne is hard or not and if so why is it considered hard, we need to understand what Bloodborne is and why people believe that it could be hard. So, let’s find out what Bloodborne is.

What is Bloodborne?

Bloodborne is an Action Role-playing game that was released in 2015. The game was published by Sony Computers Entertainment and developed by the game development company FromSoftware. The game was released for PlayStation 4.

In Bloodborne, the player takes the role of a Hunter in a world that is inspired by Goth and the Victorian Era. The game takes place in the city of Yharnam. The inhabitants of this decrepit city are affected by a disease that is, well you guessed it, blood-borne. The player has to travel throughout the city unraveling its mysteries trying to find the source of this mystery plague while fighting monsters and cosmic beings.

The game is played from a Third Person’s perspective.

The game has a lot of similarities with the Souls games which could be why many ask the question Is Bloodborne hard. The game upon release in 2015 received massive praise from both gamers and critics alike. The main highlights of the game were its atmosphere, interconnected world designs, sound design, Lovecraftian themes, and particularly its levels which had a high difficulty.

This leads to many of the players who want to try the game out asking “Is Bloodborne Hard?” Well, let’s find out.

Is Bloodborne Hard?

Since Bloodborne is from the development company FromSoftware who are developers of the Souls Game which is known for being incredibly hard to complete. It could be this idea of the game being developed by FromSoftware as well as the game being very similar to the Souls game could be what that resulted in many people thinking that Bloodborne is also difficult. So is the game difficult?

Well, yes, the general consensus is that the game is pretty hard but that is because of the pretty steep Learning Curve. Once the player gets the hang of the game then it is agreed by many fans of the game that it gets pretty easy.

In fact, in our article Hardest Soulborne Games Ranked, we’ve placed Bloodborne on top beating all Dark Soul games.


Many players of the game agree that the first part of the game is pretty hard and it took them hours, days, and sometimes even weeks to finish the first part. This is because, as mentioned earlier, due to the steep learning curve of the game. The game is said to be brutal in Central Yharnam which takes place during the first part of the game. Again, this is because it takes some time for the players to get used to the controls and mechanics of the game.

The bosses that are considered incredibly hard in the game are Defiled Amygdala, Gascoigne, and the Cleric Beast.

Apart from the steep learning curve, the game is not that hard. The game is tough but it is fair and this is more of an accurate description of the game than calling it outright hard or difficult. Compared to other games from FromSoftware such as Dark Souls and especially Demon’s Souls, Bloodborne is the most approachable game developed by the company.

Bloodborne Gameplay

The game is extremely streamlined, and the developers were even kind enough to not incorporate the Builds like in the Souls games. However, the game did go all out on the melee attack. While it may sound difficult, be assured that the player will be able to get through the game, no matter how difficult it gets. If the player at any point feels like they are in way over their heads then just remember your friends are only a call away. Ring the bell and summon other players to help carry a bit of your weight for a while.

There is no shame in having others help you, whether it’s in a video game or in real life, even if some may lead you to believe otherwise.

Is Bloodborne more difficult than Dark Souls?

While the game Bloodborne does have a very steep learning curve which makes people think that the game is incredibly hard it does get pretty easy once the player gets a hang of the game. If we have to compare Bloodborne with the first Dark Souls game then we can say Bloodborne is slightly more difficult. However other games in the Souls series such as Demon’s Souls are definitely much more difficult than Bloodborne.

Which is harder Bloodborne or Sekiro?

Bloodborne Vs. Sekiro
Bloodborne Vs. Sekiro

The challenges in Sekiro definitely require more skills. Adding to this the ranking as well as the file enemies are definitely harder in Sekiro when compared to Bloodborne. The real place where Bloodborne triumphs over Sekiro in terms of difficulty is the Boss Battles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bloodborne harder than Monster Hunter World?

If we were to talk about the difficulty in Monster Hunter World and Bloodborne it can easily be said that Bloodborne hits the perfect middle ground when it comes to difficulty whereas Monster Hunter World offers both extremities.

Is Bloodborne good for Beginners?

Well, Bloodborne is an incredible game but it does not make the game easy for beginners who are new to the Souls Genre. The game has a pretty steep learning curve and if the player can get used to the game mechanics then the game gets pretty easy and less scary. It’s definitely an incredible game and if you own a PS4 then it’s definitely a must-try.


Is Bloodborne Hard? This is a question that many gamers ask the question before trying out the game. There is a general myth regarding games in the Souls Genre and especially games from FromSoftware that they are incredibly hard and brutal and exhausting to beat so it’s only natural that one asks “Is Bloodborne Hard?”

To put it, in a nutshell, the game is pretty hard to learn which makes the first part of the game very difficult for many players but once the player gets over this obstacle the game will be comparatively easy.

This article has given all the information regarding the question “Is Bloodborne Hard?” Hopefully, this has been insightful and has cleared all doubts regarding the question, and would hopefully encourage more people to try out the game!

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