Coffin Borne God Weakness – Guide To Eliminate Mot In Persona 5

Coffin Borne God Weakness

Many players of the Persona 5 want to know what the Coffin Borne God Weakness is. The players find it difficult to cause damage to Coffin Borne God and wish to know its weaknesses to efficiently and quickly win the battle against it.

Many of the players found it was only possible to do like 18 damage in a single turn, which made the players curious to know about Coffin Borne God’s weakness. This article will give all the details related to the topic.

Before we understand what Coffin Borne God Weakness is we’ll understand Coffin Borne God first.

Who is Coffin Borne God?

Mavet, commonly referred to as Mot, is the personification of death in Canaanites. The God is also commonly related to infertility, the Underworld, and the drought. Coffin Borne God is another name available for Mot in Persona 5.

Coffin Borne God
Coffin Borne God

The character has appeared in a variety of persona series. Mot is a Death Arcana persona and the ninth one on the list. It can be found in Futaba’s palace as well as in the Qliphoth World. This is where the character gets the title of Coffin Borne God.

The character initially appears as a shadow sub-boss in Futaba’s palace. In the party, the player must be able to defeat Mot in order to advance further along with the palace. This boss uses a special skill known as a trapped rat in order to transform a member of the party into a rat that will rattle the affected member of the party, rendering them useless and unable to take action.

This character will also likely call for Lamia as a backup during the fight.

Coffin Borne God Weakness

One would want to know about the Coffin Borne God Weakness in order to defeat the boss. This section of the article would attempt to guide the player in having surefire ways to defeat Coffin Borne God.

The boss has been considered to be very hard, as many players were only able to deal a maximum of 18 damages in turn. This has caused many players to ask what the Coffin Borne God Weakness is.

To keep it short, the weakness of the Coffin Borne God is Wind. But there are many more factors that affect the battle, we’ll have a look at them in detail –

How To Defeat Coffin Borne God?

The Use of Morgana is also recommended by many players. While the Wind Weakness is present, many players also advise making use of the status effects for enemies who are incredibly challenging to the player. This is a better alternative than searching for the weakness of each enemy.

Attacking Coffin Borne God
Attacking Coffin Borne God

You can try abusing the crits and the Wind Weakness of Coffin Borne God. You can also try getting hold of a persona with Tarujaka to increase the damage caused to the boss on a very small scale.

If you are struggling to keep all the members of the party alive then it is better to keep either Ryuji Or Yusuke in order to deal the damage to the boss. It is also better to keep Mona in the party as he can use the wind skills on Coffin Borne God.

It is important to remember not to keep two of these characters in the party. It is also advised to try grinding on other enemies nearby for a small time.

A few tips mentioned by the players are to use Rakunda which decreases defense on the boss after which you need to make use of the Wind Skills while the boss remains confused. This will result in the player being able to cause more damage to Coffin Borne God and eliminate the boss very quickly.

What is the coffin borne God weak to?

The Coffin Borne God is capable of draining curse attacks, so a player needs to be careful about it. However, one needs to know that this difficult-to-destroy boss is weak to Wind. Since the boss has a lot of health issues, it is better to keep Mona at the party as he can use the wind skills on Coffin Borne God.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a decadent false god weak to?

A Decadent false God is a shadow based on ice. Since it is an ice-based shadow, the primary Weakness of it will be fire. If we refer to it in the persona way, the weakness would be the Agi Skill.

What is Futaba’s mom weak to?

Make use of all the state boosts to knock her down, as once she gets knocked down, she will be extremely vulnerable to physical damage. After she is Knocked down, she uses an incredible amount of physical skills and basic attacks to cause a lot of damage.

When was Futaba born?

Futaba is the youngest member of the Thieves at the young age of 15. She is everyone’s favorite hacker extraordinaire and was born on February 19th, 2001.


Coffin Borne God Weakness is the weakness of the Boss Coffin Borne God, commonly referred to as Mot. Players have found this character to be very hard to defeat, resulting in this query being common in the Persona 5 fandom.

While the answer to the question of what is Coffin Borne God Weakness can simply be said to be Wind it is not quite as simple as that. The way to defeat the boss is also very heavily dependent on the members of the party as well as the strategy used by the player. It is necessary to have Mona in the party as he can use the wind skills on Coffin Borne God, which would leave the boss confused.

It is also important not to get hit by the special skill of the boss known as the trapped rat, which turns the members of the party into a rat.

Hopefully, this article has been insightful and has cleared all the doubts regarding the Coffin Borne God Weakness and would guide the reader into having an easier and more enjoyable gaming experience.

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