How To Use Roblox Plus Notifier To Get The Catalogue Items First! [2024]

Roblox Plus Notifier

Roblox Library is a huge marketplace for all Robloxians to purchase incredible cosmetics. This Library is based on a currency named Robux. Each Robux is worth 0.35 US Cents and can vary depending on the amount of Robux you are purchasing. These cosmetics include hats, hairs, shirts, shoes, and many more things. Many people buy these items to flex on their friends.

Roblox Plus Notifier is an app or utility tool that notifies you whenever an item is added or changed in the Roblox store. This utility tool is essential in saving your Robux and buying the items whenever they are lowest in their price. Some old rare cosmetic items are resold in Roblox Library at lower prices, but other players buy these listings instantly. Due to such a great deal, the players can either use the cosmetic for themselves or resell them to earn more Robux.

roblox plus notifier

In 2019, a popular YouTuber made almost 90000 Robux by using this notifier and flipping the same items on Roblox Library. Roblox Plus Notifier is used by many users to snipe the catalog items at a lower price. Many developers have developed many different ways to get notified upon the change in item.

Roblox Plus Notifier Sound To Get Item Notifications

In Roblox Library, there are some vintage items with insane prices and rarity. These items are very hard to obtain and collect. Roblox Plus Notifier helps you find these items at your desired price and alert you as soon as they are available to purchase in the library. If you want to buy a rare sword worth 20k Robux, you can keep a notifier attached to that item. This notifier will notify you if this sword becomes available for less than 20k Robux.

Roblox Plus Notifier has helped me to find many items that I wanted for years. The main advantage is that this is a completely legal extension that’ll never get you banned.

List Of All Roblox Plus Notifier

There are multiple ways to get notified of the item changes on the Roblox Library. All of these methods require different steps to make them work. You can use one of these methods to make use of the Roblox Plus Notifier. Moreover, you can also use the RAP feature to get a recent price for all items in Library.

Roblox+ Chrome Extension

Roblox+ Chrome

Roblox+ is a google chrome extension used by more than 1 million users to track their Roblox progress. This extension has many different options to help you in finding desired items in Roblox. Some of the features include item notifier, avatar page filters, and trade notifier. These features are beneficial to save your precious time.

To install Roblox+ Chrome Extension –

  1. Open any Chrome-based browser. (Google Chrome, Chromium or Microsoft Edge)
  2. Login to your Roblox account with your username and password.
  3. Nextly, head over to Roblox+ extension page. And click on the Add to Chrome option on the page.
  4. Now the extension file will get installed automatically.
  5. After installing the extension, open the Roblox Plus Notifier’s settings and click on the Item Notifications.

This will notify you every time an item changes its value, or any new item gets added. These notifications will be visible even if you close your browser. Isn’t it awesome?

Roblox+ Twitter Page

roblox+ twitter page

There is another method to get notified of the item changes. There is one account named Roblox+ Notifier on Twitter. This account notifies on every item changes in Roblox Library. Opened in 2016, this account has more than 61k followers who get notifications of every item changes. As soon as any item gets changed, the bot scrapes it and posts it on this Twitter account. That’s why this account is running on Pilot mode.

To enable notifications on Roblox+ Twitter account –

  1. Open Twitter and login to your account using your username and password.
  2. Now head over to the Roblox+ Notifier Twitter account.
  3. Now press the Follow button and press allow notifications. Press Yes, it will ask you to show the notifications from Twitter.

This will now show notifications when Roblox Plus Notifier Twitter account posts anything.

RoNotifier On Discord

RoNotifier Discord

Apart from the above two methods, there is one more way to get notified of item changes. As we all know, the most common VC for gamers is Discord, and the community on it is quite large. Also, discord provides many different ways to interact with friends. Similarly, RoNotifier is a channel on Discord with over 1200 members listening to all of the notifications. These notifications are indeed related to item changes in Roblox.

To enable RoNotifier on Discord –

  1. Open the RoNotifier channel page.
  2. Now, press the Join Server option to join the Discord server.
  3. Make sure you turn on the notifications for discord.

Roblox Plus Notifier on Mobile

If you wonder how you can use these tricks to get notified on mobile, don’t worry, I’ve got a simple solution for you. As chrome extension cannot be added on a Mobile browser, we need to find another way to get notified. Remember the Twitter account? Yes, we’ll use it to get notifications on item changes. To get the notifications –

  1. Install Twitter App from Play Store.
  2. Login to your account.
  3. Follow the Roblox+ Notifier and turn on the notifications.

Boom, this will help you to get notified of every item changes in Roblox.

Roblox Plus Friend Sound Notifier Not Working?

If your notifications sound is not working for Roblox Plus, make sure that your extension is enabled. Also, check if your system notifications sound is turned off. If yes, enable them by entering settings.


Here are some Frequently Asked Question on this working of notifier –

Is ROBLOX+ safe to install and use?

Yes, Roblox+ is safe enough to use it. I’ve been using it for more than 1 year now without any problem. Apart from this, the extension has more than 1 Million users, with an average of 4 stars. This extension uses the client-side script embedding to add more features to the Roblox website. As this extension works on the client-side, Roblox has got no harm from us using it.

Which browsers are supported by Roblox Plus Notifier?

Currently, only Chrome-based browsers are supported by the Roblox Plus extension. This extension is explicitly coded in such a way that it’s only usable on these browsers. The list of all supported browsers –

  • Google Chrome
  • Chromium
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Vivaldi
  • Yandex Browser
  • Opera
  • UC Browser

These browsers are all made on chromium SDK and has support of extensions from webstore.

Does Roblox+ contains virus?

No, Roblox+ is scanned by the community daily to check if there are any malicious codes inside it. But that doesn’t seem the case. Roblox + is clean true to my knowledge, and has been on Chrome Webstore for more than 1 year. Chrome Webstore is pretty strict in its policies of user security. So, it’s doubtful that this extension has any virus.

Final Words

To summarize, Roblox Plus Notifier is a powerful tool to get notifications for any item catalog changes. These notifications can help you to find some items at meager prices. Using this technique, many users have earned a lot of Robux, and I’m sure that you’ll be able to do that too.

Which item do you like to flip in Roblox Library?
Let me know in the comments.

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