9 Best Ro Gangster Outfits in Roblox [2024]

Ro Gangster Outfits

Ro Gangster Outfits are the outfits that are designed with the aim to give a rowdy and rude look to the characters. The entire outfit is designed in such a way that they just lit up the fire in a gangster.

Ro Gangster Outfits

Following are the outfits which give the gangster look –

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Ro Gangster Outfit 1

Black Headband
Black Hoodie
Black Wallet Chain (1.0)
Diamond Stud Earrings
Duffel Bag
ET Tech-S718 Pants
Hollowed Antlers
Messy Black Hair
sending virtual hug
Skull Neck Gaiter
Wardog Vest

When there are more outfits out there many players search for Ro Gangster Outfits that will show a person exactly like a rogue and make look like terror and trendy. You can get this outfit for just 878 Robux and the outfit consists of a black hoodie with ET- Tech S-718 pants.

This outfit has a Slickfang, a Duffel Bag, and Hallowed Antlers. To give it a more gangster look they have also added Diamond Stud Earrings with Skull Neck Galter in Roblox.

A gangster’s appearance is incomplete without the presence of a chain and so he is given a Black Wallet Chain and a Black headband. They have black hair that looks a kind of messy and not neatly combed.

2. iTsXbAdEr

Ro Gangster Outfit 2

Black Graffiti Jacket
Black Melancholy Hair
Black Ripped Jeans
Black Turtle Neck
Duffel Bag
Laid-back Earbuds
Onyx Oni Horns
Side Stitched
Skull Neck Gaiter
Slouchy Beanie in Total Darkness
Squiggle Mouth
Stitched Side

This Ro gangster outfit is the second-highest outfit that is demanded by the players. They are purchased by spending nearly just spending 754 Robux and everything that u get out of it matters a lot more than anything else in this world.

In this outfit, you will be getting a Black Graffiti Jacket and Black Ripped Jeans that suit perfectly for any character. Along with this, you are given a Skull Neck Gaiter which is a mandatory one for a gangster, and a Duffel Bag same as the earlier one.

To make it look more terror they have also used Onyx Oni Horns and Laid-back Earbuds and their hairstyle is a quite disturbed one called Black Melancholy Hair.

The combination of this Ro Gangster Outfit seems to be a more gangster-type look. There is also this use of earbuds that gives a cool and gangster who is never afraid of anything and anyone.

3. DobieLee

Ro Gangster Outfit 3

Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People
Black Demon Trident
Black Demonic Horns
Black Headband
Black Short Parted Hair
Chained enemy vlone
Gothic Black & red plaid pants
Katakana Face Mask
Know-It-All Grin

This Ro gangster outfit is specially designed by the experts to make them give a demonic look and the elements that are used do perfectly its job. For horns, they have used Black Demonic Horns and the hairs used are Black Short Parted Hair.

The pants used for these outfits are the combination of two models like Gothic Black and Red plaid pants and also have a Katakana Face Mask that makes it a gangster rather than a devil. This outfit also has a Black Demon Trident which exactly all devils will hold.

They have also used Know-It-All- Grin makes it more perfect. The designer of this outfit must be very keen on giving out such a result as all these fittings match with each other accurately.

On one side of the hand, a silver chain is used and on another hand, a bandage with bloodstain is used to indicate that these are the perfect Ro gangster outfit. This outfit can be purchased for 543 Robux.

4. najwakiyot

Ro Gangster Outfit 4

Black Anime Princess Ponytails
Black Demon Trident
Black Punk Rock Buns
Black Shorts White Lining Tattoos
Chill Hoodie
Good Intentioned
Gothic Angel
Nose Chain
Red Devil’s Hovering Horns
Red Punk Rock Headphones

On the whole, this Ro gangster outfit might look like messy ones but the truth is these are the outfits that are designed for a female gangster character. They have used lots of tattoos like Black Shorts White Lining Tattoos and the horns that she has come from Red Punk Hovering Horns.

This outfit also has the Black Demon Trident and a chill Hoodie to depict its coolness. This outfit has a nose chain exactly like the silver chain that is for boys and this evil princess is made to wear Black Anime Ponytails.

This Ro gangster outfit is a combination of red and black color which is very apt for a gangster look. Moreover, there are words been inscribed like Angel and Demon in the pants of the outfits.

With all the special elements designed out, you can get a perfect outfit that can be purchased for just 503 Robux.

5. Clqaiiro

Ro Gangster Outfit 5

Agent Shirt
Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People
Clean Shiny Spikes
Curly Hair For Amazing People
Deep Destroy
Diamond Stud Earrings
Fancy Black Cowboy Hat
Iced Out Chain 
Korblox Deathspeaker Left Leg
Korblox Deathspeaker Right Leg
Pet Rock
Tactical Pouches
Wicked Devil’s Horns

This is one of the weirdest and uniquely designed Ro Gangster Outfit that has no pants. Don’t imagine in the worst way rather these outfits have no legs like others rather have Korblox Deathdpeaker Legs that look like a thin rod being placed as legs and so they don’t need to wear the pants.

They have used Diamon Stud Earrings and have a Fancy Black Cowboy hat that makes it more trendy. This outfit is designed with Wicked Devil Horns and has an Agent Shirt with Tactical Pouches. To increase its gangster’s look they have used Iced Out Chain and there are spikes seen all over its clothes.

Though it looks much more trendy and evil most of the players keep this outfit a last in their list. But, I’m gonna tell you you will regret that decision.

All these extraordinary outfittings can be purchased for merely 720 Robux which is quite high and proves the value of this outfit.

6. Mas_Yato

Ro Gangster Outfit 6

Black Pants
Boys Black Undercut
Cisco’s Headphones
Duffel Bag
Hypebeast Fashion Mask
Randy Orton!

If you have minimum Robux and wondering what to get in Ro Gangster Outfit, then this outfit is for you. This is an outfit with a perfect look and it’s cost-effective. They have used a special Hypebeast Fashion Mask also with Black Pants. To enrich its gangster look they have also used Duffel Bag and Cisco’s Headphones.

The pants that are used here are highly designed and the hairstyle being used for this outfit is mindblowing and just replaces all other missing elements.

And this outfit demands you to spend just only 445 Robux and in return, you will get a cool gangster outfit.

7. PixelWolf387

Ro Gangster Outfit 7

¬_¬ (Face)
Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People
Black Denim
Buddy’s Black Cap
Diamond Cluster Earrings
Tactical Gamer Shades
Trxsh Vest
Wallet Chain (1.0)

The next one that you are going to see in our Ro Gangster Outfits list is a cool and fashionable one. Many of the players wish to have their gangster be a cool guy with a cool look and this is for those people. This outfit has Buddy’s Black Cap and Diamond Cluster Earrings with Black Denim.

There is a Wallet Chain being used at the side of the pant and also has a Trxsh Vest. This outfit also wears cooling glasses and has Tactical Gamer Shades being used in the shirts and pants of the outfit.

The hairstyle is like a spike one which is in the current trendy one. So, if you are dreaming to get this outfit then it will cost you 330 Robux.

8. Kathrin_Play

Ro Gangster Outfit 8

Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People
Black and Red
Black Rose 1.0
Buddy’s Baseball Cap
Clean Shiny Spikes
Love chain
Nerd Glasses
Rebel plaid skirt

This Ro Gangster Outfit is especially for a female gangster with a lovely note. They have used Buddy Baseball Cap which is Red in color and also a black rose that the character can hold up in his mouth. She wears a skirt and the style that is used here is Beautiful hair for Beautiful people.

There is a lovely chain being used and also has many tattoos to denote her rudeness. No matter whatever a female wears there is always a pinch of softness inbuilt in them.

This outfit also has nerd glasses and some spikes present all over the outfit. These outfits can be purchased for 432 Robux.

9. P3rson_onl1n3

Ro Gangster Outfit 9

Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People
Black Headband
Cyberpunk Sniper
Dark Flame Aura
Dark Grey Hoodie
Dark Shoulder Wing Set
Ripped Black Jeans
Sparkling Shine

Most of the Ro Gangster Outfits don’t use Sparkling with them because they didn’t want to look cute or shining, but this outfit has a Sparkling element. They wear a Dark Grey Hoodie along with a Dark Flame Aura.

They have also used a Black headband and a Dark Shoulder Wing set which gives it exactly the look of devilish.

There is the usage of Cyberpunk Sniper with these outfits and it gives a terrific look that suits the gangster title. These outfits can be purchased for 695 Robux.


What is RO gangster?

Ro gangster refers to “Roblox Gangster” meaning the players who pretend to be gangsters on Roblox.

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