Roblox math.random | How to use math.random() efficiently in Roblox

Roblox math.random

Roblox Studios is a tool where you can create games and publish them on Roblox. Roblox Studios is provided with some inbuilt tools and plugins which can be directly used to make a game. But many times, these tools are inefficient and often don’t work with the characters you create. To make them work properly, you’ll have to code in Roblox Studios. Math.random is one of those parts of codes.

Roblox math.random is a function used in Roblox Studios to generate a random value within some range. This function is handy to spawn different items. The function returns a pseudo-random value between 0 and 1 if it is called without any parameter. In games like Murder Mystery 2, where the players have to be selected at random, this function can be used in such cases.

Roblox random movement

What exactly is Roblox math.random?

Roblox math.random is a function used in Roblox scripting to generate a random real number between 0 and 1. Just as every programming language has a function to create random values, Roblox’s Lua scripting also has this math module, which can generate random values.

Roblox math.random function

For some games like Breaking Point, where you have to fight random people, the developers use math.random to choose a lucky person from available players.

You can create a Roblox Humanoid and use math.random to assign random spawns to the character. Such codes are extremely important for games where players spawn randomly.

How to use Roblox math.random?

Currently, there are two ways to use Roblox math.random function. Both of them have different data type outputs and can be used differently. Following are the ways to do it –

No parameter

Roblox math.random can be used without parameter to generate a random decimal value between 0 and 1. This value is totally independent of other factors that can not be created again.

local num = math.random()


--> 0.47852
local num = math.random()


--> 0.29536

Explanation – Roblox math.random() without any parameter returns a random value between 0-1 with 0 included. This function uses a random function provided by ANSI C. First, we created a local variable named num to be equal to math.random() . Then we printed num to check its value.

With parameters

Roblox math.random works with two parameters. If these parameters are floats, then it’s rounded off to the nearest integer. This function returns a random integer from the given range. Example –

local num = math.random(1, 5)


--> 2
local num = math.random(1, 5)


--> 5

Explanation – In this example, we created a local variable num assigned to the value of math.random(1, 5) . This will generate a random integer from 1 to 5 (1 and 5 included). This method is very useful if you want to generate random sets of greetings for the users who join.

Can we recreate the same random values again?

Yes, you can use seeding to generate the same random series. This seeding can be used by applying math.randomseed(). For example –


local num = math.random(1,250)

local num2 = math.random(1,250)


--> 147
--> 186

local num = math.random(1,250)

local num2 = math.random(1,250)


--> 147
--> 186

Explanation – In these two examples, we used the randomseed() to set up the seed for the random generator. This will make sure that the next randomly generated values follow the seed and generate the same sets of output.

Which coding language is used in Roblox

Roblox coding language

Roblox has created a custom coding language for its management. This language is called Roblox Lua. Although it’s similar to Lua, they do have some minor differences. Roblox has added their functions in Roblox Lua to make it more compatible with the games.

Some other functions related to Roblox math.random

Math.random is a widely used function in Roblox. But there are other ways to generate random values in Roblox Lua. They can be done via –

This creates a new random object. There is an option to pass a seed as a parameter to this function. If the seed is not specified, then it will use a random seed.


This will return a random integer from a range of integers. This random function works the same as math.random passed with two parameters.


There are many different doubts regarding the programming language used in Roblox. They are as follows –

Is Lua used in Roblox?

Yes, a combination of C++ and Lua is used in Roblox game development. This language is created by the developers of Roblox to add more custom functions and APIs.

Can we learn Roblox Lua in a day?

Unfortunately, no. If you have prior knowledge of coding and understand the coding data structures well then it’s possible to learn it in a day. Otherwise, it’s very hard to learn Lua in one day.

Roblox math.random returns decimals?

Yes, if you don’t pass any parameters to the function, it generates a random decimal value from 0 to 1. This decimal value is based on C++’s double precision.

What is Roblox math.random interval is empty error?

This error occurs when you pass the same integers of values that converge to the exact integers in the function. Or when your upper limit is lower than the lower limit. It creates an empty set of intervals. For example, if we execute math.random(5,1), this will throw an error because there is no interval from 5 to 1. (It should’ve been random(1,5))

How can we generate a random string in Roblox?

It’s effortless to generate a random string in Roblox. To do so, you first need to create a random integer from 1 to n. After this, use a switch case to generate a corresponding arbitrary string.

Roblox learning to code

Final Words

Roblox game development is developing at a faster rate from the past two years. With over 150M+ users every month, there is a good scope for developers. Some of the games on Roblox have crossed the 5B+ visits mark and the developers have rewarded a lot for creating such games. Roblox math.random is one of the useful components for creating games.

Moreover, the Roblox Library contains lots of plugins that can be directly used without knowing to code. Such implementation allows the new players to create games in Roblox.

If you want tutorial on any other Roblox functions, let us know in the comments.

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