Rimworld Intermediate Trainability Explained In Simple

Rimworld Intermediate Trainability

RimWorld, the popular sci-fi colony management game, offers players a diverse array of challenges and opportunities, including the ability to tame and train animals. Within the game’s intricate ecosystem, animals play a vital role in assisting colonists and improving overall efficiency.

Among the three levels of trainability available for animals in RimWorld, intermediate trainability occupies a unique position, offering a balance between utility and limitations. In this article, we will delve deeper into the concept of Rimworld intermediate trainability and explore its implications within the game.

This article covers everything that you need to know regarding the topic of Rimworld Intermediate Trainability. 

Rimworld Intermediate Trainability

Intermediate trainability represents the middle ground in RimWorld’s animal training hierarchy. Animals with this level of trainability can be taught to perform specific tasks and obey basic commands, making them more valuable than animals with no trainability. However, they are not as versatile or capable as animals with advanced trainability.

Trainability is the best way to check the intelligence of an animal in the game Rimworld. 

Trainability None

It is to be noted that not all animals can be trained in the game, and there are different levels of trainability available, including Simple, Intermediate, and Advanced. There are also animals that have the ‘None’ trainability level. If an animal shows this level, then it will not be possible to tame and train the animal. 

You will be able to check if an animal can be trained or not by checking the Trainability stat that can be found in the info menu of the animals.

Now, you might be wondering which all animals in the game have the Rimworld Intermediate Trainability, do not worry, as the next section of this article will cover exactly that. 

Rimworld Intermediate Trainability List of Animals

There are only very few animals that show Rimworld Intermediate Trainability. All the animals that have the Rimworld Intermediate Trainability have been listed below.

  • Arctic fox
  • Barkskin
  • Clawer             
  • Fennec fox
  • Megascarab
  • Monkey
  • Red fox
  • Rhinoceros
  • Warg
  • Yorkshire terrier

Rimworld Intermediate Trainability Skills

Intermediate Trainability

There are four skills that are available for the players to choose from to train your animals out of this if the animal you want to train has Rimworld Intermediate Trainability, you will be able to train them for two skills. They are – Guard and Attack 


Guard Skills make your animal follow and walk around a pawn so that they can protect them whenever an enemy attacks the pawn. 


The Attack skill makes the animal charge and attacks your enemy. 

How To Train Your Animals

In order to train an animal in Rimworld, you will need to follow the steps mentioned below. 

  1. Choose the animal and select the option for training that can be found on the bottom half of the screen on the left side. 
  2. You will be able to see all the skills listed above, along with whether the animal can be tamed or not, with either a red ‘X’ sign or a green checkmark. 
  3. Your pawns will be aware of training the animals for particular skills and start training the skills now

If the pawn is unable to change the red Cross mark into a green checkmark, it means that the animal that you wish to train does not have enough intelligence. You can know which animals have the Rimworld Intermediate Trainability by referring to the list provided above. 

If the animal can be tamed and trained, then your pawn will begin to feed the animal slowly and teach the animals the skills based on the trainability. 

Advanced Trainability

Just teaching the animal a particular skill once is not enough you will need to teach the animal a skill more than once. An example of this is that when you are training the animal for a particular skill, such as the Guard skill, you will see a 0/3 next to it, this means that you will need to teach the animal the guard skills three times so that the animal can learn it completely. 

As long as you have tasked someone with the handling job, your animals will slowly but surely earn whatever skill you have selected for them to learn. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ‘Trainability Advanced’ RimWorld?

In Rimwold, players are allowed to train their animals and give them four skills which are three Trainabilities, namely Simple, Intermediate, and Advanced. From the trainability names, you may have understood that the Advanced is the best skill set of all, and they are Rescue and Haul. 

Once your animals have the Rescue skill, they can save the downed pawns out of harm’s way. However, they have to be relatively close to the animal they are trying to save. The Haul skill is similar to the one colonist used to get items into the stockpiles.

Which animals are trainable RimWorld?

You can tame almost all the animals in RimWorld, but you can only train a few to give them advanced skills. The animals that you can train to give either Intermediate or Advanced skill sets are as follows Arctic fox, Arctic wolf, Barkskin, Clawer, Cougar, Elephant, Fennec fox, Grizzly bear, Husky, Labrador retriever, Megascarab, Megasloth, Megaspider, Monkey, Polar bear, Red fox, Rhinoceros, Spelopede, Thrumbo, Timber wolf, Warg, and Yorkshire terrier. 

What is the best combat animal in RimWorld?

While there are many great animals apt for combat in RimWorld, cougars are easily one of the most powerful animals suitable for combat in the game. Cougars are way stronger than wolves and boars, and with their first attack, they can apply a stun for six seconds on their enemies. Apart from that, they are also great at guarding, attacking, rescuing, and hauling.


In RimWorld, intermediate trainability provides a valuable middle ground for training animals, enabling them to perform essential tasks and obey basic commands. While animals with intermediate trainability may not possess the versatility of their advanced counterparts, their ability to haul items, follow commands, and assist in rescue operations can significantly enhance colony efficiency and mitigate potential dangers.

By understanding the strengths and limitations of animals at this trainability level, players can make informed decisions and strike a balance between utility and constraints, ultimately leading to a successful and thriving colony.

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