SMP vs CBPC – Exploring 2 Incredible Mods in Skyrim


The vast, immersive world of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has captivated millions of players since its release in 2011. With its rich lore, breathtaking landscapes, and countless quests, the game offers an endless realm of possibilities. However, even after hundreds of hours of gameplay, some players yearn for fresh experiences and new challenges to breathe life into their virtual adventures. 

The article explores two Skyrim mods, SMP vs CBPC, that enhance the gameplay experience. SMP offers advanced physics interaction and armor removal, while CBPC focuses on physics simulations for body parts. Both mods have their own installation processes and aim to enrich the vast world of Skyrim through player customization and immersion.

Enter the world of Skyrim modding, where passionate and talented creators have pushed the boundaries of what’s possible within this legendary game. Mods, short for modifications, offer players an opportunity to enhance, expand, and transform their Skyrim experience in remarkable ways.

In this article, we will explore SMP vs CBPC, two mods that will enhance your Skyrim experience!


Here’s an overview of SMP vs CBPC in short –

FeaturesSMP (HDT-SMP)CBPC (CBP Physics)
Mod DescriptionA skse plugin for advanced physics interactionPhysics mod for various body parts
Modding SupportSource code released for public to continue developmentSource code used to create CBPC mod
Main Changes1. Proper removal of armor tracked from the world
2. Resetting system on loading screens
1. Breasts, belly, butt bounce, collisions
InstallationInstalled like any other SKSE pluginFOMOD installer included with the mod
CompatibilityRequires other mods for full functionalityReplaces other existing CBP mod
PerformanceBalanced for performance and minimal impact on FPS
Supported VersionsVR and SSE versions of the game


SMP Skyrim

HDT-SMP, or SMP in short, is a skse plugin that allows the players to experience advanced physics interaction. This is applied to the actors through the files needed for configuration. The developer of this mod, who goes by the name hydrogensaysHDT, has released the source codes that are needed for this plugin for the public under an MIT License after he retired from modding. This has allowed people to update the mod and continue his work for years to come. 

The changes that this mod incorporates are the proper removal of armor that is tracked from the world. Resetting the system on loading screens and much more. 

How To Install SMP

You can install the mod just the way you would install any of the other SKSE plugins by using a mod manager of your choice. You need to remember that this plugin is not of much use without numerous other mods installed to support this one.


CBPC Skyrim

This section of the article has NSFW content. 

The CBP Physics mod by polygonhell was the basis of this mod, according to the creator. Polygonhell had released the source code through the MIT release, which allowed the developer to create the CBPC mod. 

The mod offers the players various features, such as This mod features Breasts, Belly, Butt bounce, and Breasts, Vagina, BellyButt, (and More) collisions along with NPC as well as the hands and schlongs of the playable character. The mod has configuration files that would make collision spheres fit the shape of your body. 

CBPC is not fake physics simulation or pre-calculated simulation it makes use of spheres in place of vertices to do its calculations. The calculations are done for each frame. The mod offers dynamic physics simulation and also provides the players with a good balance for performance so that the mod does not affect the gameplay. According to the creator of this mod, if a physics mod murders ones fps in order to work, then it is not good. 

This mod supports both the VR and the SSE versions of the game. You will need to make sure that you selected the right one on fomod. 

How To Install CBPC

The DLL file name for CBP and CBPC is the same, and therefore the mod overwrites the CBP mod. This mod completely replaces CBP, and CBP will no longer be needed. 

The FOMOD installer is included with this mod. You can install it using a Mod Manager. 

If you decide to change the name of the dll file, then ensure that you delete the old files before you update the mod since if you don’t do this, there is a very high probability that you will experience crashes due to two same mods clashing. 

Note – None of the mods will work with the crashing game!

Thats why SMP vs CBPC is a subjective battle, and both mods have their own different use cases.


The world of Skyrim is a vast and immersive realm filled with endless adventures and possibilities. While the base game offers a remarkable experience, the thriving modding community has taken Skyrim to new heights by introducing innovative modifications that transform and enhance the gameplay. In this article, we explored two exceptional mods, CBPC as well as the groundbreaking HDT-SMP mod, each leaving an indelible mark on the Skyrim experience.

As players dive into these mods, they not only experience new gameplay mechanics but also witness the transformative power of passionate modders who strive to enhance and expand upon the already incredible world of Skyrim.

So, whether you’re seeking immersive storytelling, an entirely new world to explore, or a realistic and dynamic gameplay experience, these mods offer a gateway to a Skyrim that goes beyond your wildest imagination. Embrace creativity, embark on unforgettable journeys, and discover the true potential of Skyrim through the remarkable world of mods. The possibilities are endless, and the adventures await!

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