Shadows Over Loathing Moleross House Walkthrough: A Haunting Abode of Mystery and Dread

Shadows Over Loathing Moleross House

Shadows Over Loathing Moleross is one of the most difficult to explore and has confused most players. This confusion has sparked a wide range of debates in various forums related to the game, including Reddit and Steam. The most commonly asked question related to the topic is how to get through the house and how to get rid of all the wormholes that are present within the house.

If you are someone who has been faced with this particular problem, worry no more as you have come to the right place. This article will provide a complete guide on how to traverse this confusing house and how to remove all the wormholes. That much being said, let us jump right in and explore Shadows Over Loathing Moleross House. 

Shadows Over Loathing Moleross House 

There is a house in Gray County in the game Shadows Over Loathing known as the Moleross. This house has created a lot of confusion amongst the fans of the game, and this article will attempt to provide you with a complete guide so that you are aware of not just how to get through this house but also to remove all the wormholes present in the game. 

There are multiple notes lying around the house. Even though it is not clear whether all the notes are needed, it is best to have them all, especially if a step is not working for you. If, for example, you are unable to clear a step, then it is advanced to read the attic notes. In addition to the attic notes, there are also notes in the bedroom in the bookcase that you can push, as well as on the desk and under the pillow. 

The best thing you can do while exploring the Shadows over Loathing Moleross house is to read all the notes so that you are able to cover all the bases. 

Finding the Crowbar

Before we go any further, you will need to know where we are able to find the crowbar so that you can use it later on. This section of the article will help you in finding that. 

In the first area, there will be a chop shop where you will need to fight a girl on a throne. Once you have fought her, you will find a shed a bit further away. Go to the shed and open it; inside, you will find a toolbox. Inside the toolbox, you will be able to find the crowbar. 

Now that we have got a basic idea of everything, let us dive into the topic at hand, how to get through the Shadows Over Loathing Moleross House and how to get rid of the wormholes inside it. 

Traversing Shadows Over Loathing Moleross House


The first thing that you will need to do is enter the Shadows Over Loathing Moleross House. Once you have entered the house, head to the smaller wormhole that can be found on the wall. Once you go into the smaller wormhole, you will find a bigger wormhole that will lead you to the dining room. Go into it. 

After doing so, go next to the lamp and turn it off. There will be another wormhole right near you next to a painting. Head into it. After doing all this, enter the house once again. 


Stand next to the saucepan and puddle and select the option to break the light. Go through the big wormhole, after which you will need to throw rocks from the kitchen. After doing this, go back through the same wormhole that you came in in order to reach back to the hallway that you entered. 

Shadows Over Loathing Moleross House Upstairs

Stay close to the bottom wall and head on upstairs. You will find a wormhole right in front of you. After you get in and out of the wormhole and you will need to close the shutter on the window furthest away from you. Remove the knot of the rope from the dresser. You will find a ladder next to the stairs use it to read the notes available in the attic. 

After doing everything mentioned before, you will need to head back outside and go around the back. Once you do this, bribe the pig so you can get the key. 200 is a safe bet so that you can get it without fail. Now head back inside and go upstairs to the door that was locked. Go inside the room, and you will ding a wormhole on your right side. Get inside the wormhole. 

After this, you will need to push the bookcase inside the wormhole and head back outside. You will be able to find a rope on the well, use it and climb down the well, where you will need to go through another wormhole. This is where the crowbar comes into play. Use it to remove the wood from the window. 

After doing all the steps mentioned above, you will now be able to enter the door on the left side, and now all the wormholes that were present before will be gone. You will also be able to go back to the room where you found the rope in order to collect the meteorite.


Shadows Over Loathing Moleross House has left many players confused. This article has covered everything that you will need to know regarding how to get through this particular house as well as how to get rid of all the wormholes in the house.

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