Rebellious Elephant Weakness – How To Defeat This Enemy Easily?

Rebellious Elephant Weakness

‘Rebellious Elephant’ is the seventh persona of the moon Arcane, a boss fight which you as the player can fight and once defeated you are able to take over their personality. In this article, I will tell you about Rebellious Elephant Weakness.

Persona 5 is a role-playing game starring with ‘pseudonym Joker’, a student who exchanged schools based on false accusations and awakens with other students with special powers. Phantom Thieves of Hearts, is a vigilante group consisting of awakened students who roam the multiverse in hopes of stealing malevolent intent from the hearts of adults.

Who is the Rebellious Elephant

Girimekhala‘ is the actual name of the Rebellious Elephant; he is the Seventh persona of the moon Arcane who has come from the realm of the souls to devour human souls.

Rebellious Elephant Appearance
Rebellious Elephant Appearance

He can be located at Okumura’s Palace and in the area of Mementos in ‘Adyeshach‘ as a shadow figure. He is one of the four Persona’s to learn the ‘Marakunda’ and ‘Foul Breath’.

What is the Rebellious Elephant Weakness

The Rebellious Elephant is a shadow monster that both the protagonist and the enemy ‘Youji Isshiki’, the shadow of Futaba’s Uncle, can use as a persona during their battles.

Bless Attack on Rebellious Elephant
Bless Attack on Rebellious Elephant

The Rebellious Elephant weakness is the ‘Bless’ attribute/skill. During the battles, using any skill with the Bless attribute will have a more substantial advantage against the Rebellious Elephant.

It has a few attributes that the Rebellious Elephant can guard against. But thinking that it has only one weakness, it would be a strong enemy is a misconception. When fighting against ‘Bless‘ Attribute, he can be defeated in two or less attacks based on the players level and Bless attribute rank.

Rebellious Elephant Stats

Arcane Moon
Level 44
Type Gloomy
Strength 35
Magic 23
Endurance 25
Luck 22
Phys and GunRepel
Resistance Fire
Skill1. Deathbound
2. Mudoon
Battle Drop Aluminium Sheet
Items Negotiable 1. Straw doll
2. Physical ointment
3. Bead (Rare)
4. Mudoon Skill

How is Rebellious Elephant As A Persona Stat

As a persona ‘Rebellious Elephant’ has slightly different stats than when he is an enemy or a shadow. Below are the stats of the Persona:-

Mudoon15 SPHigh chance to instantly kill 1 targetInnate
Marakunda24 SPDefense down to all foes for 3 turnsInnate
Swift Strike17% HPLight Physical damage to all foes 3-4 timesInnate
Foul Breath8 SPIncrease one foe’s susceptibility to ailments46
Wage War12 SPMedium chance to inflict Rage on all enemies48
Repel Phys—-Repel Phys Attacks51

Negotiation With Rebellious Elephant

After taking out the small enemies, you get a pop-up saying “HOLD UP” this will initiate a negotiation with the ‘Rebellious Elephant’, he will say “Wait.. I will give you anything” for the reply to that, the protagonist will get 3 options “Join my cause”, “Give me some money” and “I want an item”. From those options to gain the persona, you want to go with the “Join my cause” option, this will make the Rebellious Elephant say that you are a smooth talker like him and that he is not a shadow but lives there.

After this conversation, he says, “I am YOU,” and after this he becomes a persona that you can use. Considering that he has a repel effect to physical attack and guns but a weakness to Bless, you should be careful during battle to his weakness. Similar to Rebellious Elephant Weakness, his persona has a Bless weakness.

How to Reach The Rebellious Elephant Weakness

To reach the Rebellious Elephant you need to go to the fifth dungeon “Okumura Palace“; This dungeon will have a huge spike in difficulty so players need to be careful and use the games mechanics to their advantage. Bringing a Physical persona in this dungeon will help you out more than you think.


You will have a lot of enemies which will have a lot of attacks that will negate your attacks, so having persona or allies with different abilities will give you great advantage in this dungeon and the fight against two of the boss enemies; ‘Girimekhala‘ and ‘Arahabaki‘.

You will find a red machine with two side kicks to fight, the two side kicks are weak to fire and the main one is weak to nuclear attacks. once they are destroyed, Girimekhala will show himself; Use Bless attribute to fight Girimekhala and gain his persona easily.

How Defeat The Rebellious Elephant Easily

The Rebellious Elephant weakness is the ‘Bless’ attribute/skill. During the battles using any skill with the Bless attribute will have a stronger advantage against the Rebellious Elephant. During the entire battle do not use any physical skills as all of them will be repelled back, make sure to use Bless as much as you can.

Using Bless to defeat the Rebellious Elephant is the most easiest way to deal with him.


What is the Rebellious Elephant Weakness

The attribute of Bless is the weakness of the Rebellious Elephant.

How Many Bosses Are There In Persona 5

There are a total of 13 Bosses in persona 5.

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