Persona 5 Black Rock Guide

Persona 5 Black Rock

Persona 5 is a game that originated as a roleplaying format for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 created by Altus. This game has a high school format fantasy world that shows the reality of a troublesome group of students that acts as a protagonist that meets compatriots in the way. This game was released in September 2016 on PlayStation 4 and 5 in Japan and get worldwide reorganization in April 2017.

Treasure Coffers

Players can find the Persona 5 Black Rock in particular treasure coffers. It was found in an underground cavern in Futaba’s palace in the game persona five and royal that has one quality, but the chest is not locked. The added area is a chamber of sanctuary in Futaba’s palace in the game persona five and royal that has one quality, but the chest is locked. The last area is a path of kaitul in mementos in the game persona five and royal that has one quality, but the coffer is locked.

What Does Persona 5 Black Rock Do?

Persona 5 Black Rock Uses

Black Rock is a fusion material found in Persona 5 which can be used to create an HP boosting accessory. Black Rock fuses with Izanagi to create accessories. It can be found in Shady Tanaka Accessories. If you already bought this item from Shady Tanaka, it gets restocked every 1st of the month.

How to Get Persona 5 Black Rock?

You can manage to get the Persona 5 Black Rock by purchasing it from either of the two shops: Tanaka’s Shady Commodities near Café Leblanc or the Street Vendor located near Shibuya Central Street. Buying it from the shops will cost you 1000 Japanese Yen. Secondly, you can get it from the treasure chests which are found in – Futaba’s Palace (in Underground Cavern), Futaba’s Palace (in Chamber of Sanctuary), and Mementos (in the Path of Kaitul).

Some Items Of Persona 5

Accessories in Persona 5

GeneralBlack Rock, Black Necktie, Dotted Tights, Headphones, Black Tights, Silver Key Ring, Hairpin, Fanny Pack, Suspenders, Hip Glasses
Stat boostRoland Medal, Zodiac Charm, Lucky Charm, Thief Mask, Army Socks, Gigs Belt, Armada Belt, Witch Amulet, Hercules Anklet, And Many Others
HP/SP boostSoul Choker, Black Headband, Mind Choke, White Headband, Vigor Sash, Stamina Sash, Breath Sash, And Many Others
AffinityBlack Band, White Band, Star Bracelet, Yellow Band, And Many Others
Active skillsTiki Keychain, Rosary Of Purity
Evasion and resistanceDandy Mirror, Magic Rosery, Gale Cape, Ice Marks, Fire Masks, Midnight Ring, And Many Others
EvasionRage Gems, Wild Clogs, Thunder Band, Wood Clappers, Hunger Charm, Notebook, And Many Others
Passive skillsBoss Undies, Sp Adhesive 1, Regen Patch 1, Skanda Belt, Train Badge, And Many Others
OthersHope Diamond, Queen’s Necklace, Arm Pc, Evoker, And Many Others

Armor in Persona 5

UnisexPadded shirt, soul vest, space suits, hope shirt, pyramid jacket, army vest, ancient shirt, and many others
ManDemon’s jacket, over guard, captain’s vest, official’s robe, black jacket, black robe, and many others
WomenBaseball jacket, moonlight robe, titanium set, rosette corset, pink top, retro camisole, pyramid shawl, and many others
CatsSublime collar, solar wind scarf, id collar, breeze scarf, morose collar, and many others
Dirty armorUnholy armor, corrupt gear, fragmented armor, gold tainted armor, grimy gear, and many others

Material and treasure in Persona 5

TreasureOffice calculator, diamond, grooved copper, money counter, unsigned mug, opal, thin gold, peacock fan, robot arm, leather case, and many others
MaterialTanned leather, silk yarn, tin clasp, red phosphorus, cork bark, iron sand, and many others
Skill cardBlack card

Outfits in Persona 5

Shin megami tensei seriesSamurai grab, burroughs costume, hazama’s uniform, and many others
Devil summoner: Raidou KuzunohaGouto costume, imperial uniform, student uniform.
Persona seriesShadow ops uniform dancewears, trish costume v2, Devil summoner
General DLCChristmas outfit, summer uniform, winter uniform, swimsuit, maid uniform, and many more
DefaultPrince suit, metal rider, red latex suit, phantom suit, cyber gear, and many more
CatherineToby’s overalls, Johnny’s coat, Vincent’s outfit, and many more

Consumables in Persona 5 black rock

SP recoverySoul food, ann cream puffs, chewing soul, beni azuma, soul drop, moonlight carrot, and many more
HP recoveryDevil fruit, bead chain, bead, moon dango, life stone, medicine, and many more
HP & SP recoverySoma
FoodMaster curry, moon burger, fruit danish, fine curry, broken rock salt, big bang burger, part in a can, spring fruit pack, and many more
ToolsVanish ball, limelight, spotlight, lockpick, smokescreen, and many more
Battle effectHappy bomb, dry ice, freeze spray, stun gun, air cannon, atom match, straw doll, and many more
Battle recoveryHappy pop, strawberry curry, mayo locust, D ration, hot and sour tea, mental floss, and many more
Battle effectHappy bomb, hell magatama, dry ice, zener cards, straw doll, tesla coil, and many more

What’s the deal with the “black” item?

Black Rock Transformation

In this heading, players get to know about the black item present in the game to evolve their levels in the game. Black items like model guns, black robes, black kogatana are considered base items in the game. Players get the strength to decrease a persona to grow these items related to the best pieces of equipment succeeding in the game.

Should you date everyone in persona five royal or just one girl?

The game explains the real-world situation in a fantasy-like setup that tells that the player is ready to pursue as many girls as they want. There will be an extreme chase of losing chocolate because you may consider all girls and make them uncomfortable. Still, at some point, you make them not satisfy and will get abuse by them in your back, which is far more hilarious than dating with Ryuji as you will not spend a day with all girls.

At valentine’s day party, you have to choose one girl out of them and spend the rest of the day with her; otherwise, you have to devote your day with Ryuji; this makes the game a bit challenging, so it was easy to be with one girl and satisfy their need to preceding in the game.

Why do very few people keep Arsene during an entire persona five playthroughs, despite being joker’s primary persona?

The player gets the reason to put Arsene in a persona is only for challenging run. He considers as the weakest performer in the persona in both offense and defense cases and completely worthless outward prisons. The game says that the first fusion of persona is kept forcefully in the first prisons early, making the players lose two personas to receive a more immeasurable one.

Most of the players remain with only two personas at this point of the game that makes them weaker that addresses them to lose the Arsene. Sometimes players lose the Arsene to give them something better in the persona, so at last, they have no choice except to lose Arsene.

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Final Words

Persona series aims to define the nature of rebellion in teenagers for slavery and corruption and how they overcome all obstacles to defeat this race in Tokyo. One of the features in the game is the back rock that the protagonist equipped, but it doesn’t have any effect. This item is wanted for itemizing specific persona within accessories. In persona five or persona five royale, the advanced version is like the stone for transmutation with no effect. Persona 5 royale was in the attention in October 2019 in Japan for PlayStation 4 and got a worldwide appearance in march 2020 by Altus.

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