RDR2 Split Point Ammo: What Is It and How To Get It?

RDR2 Split Point

When a heist goes tragically wrong, Arthur Morgan and the Van der Linde motley crew are forced to escape the western settlement of Blackwater. To survive, the gang must loot, steal, and fight their way all over the brutal heart of America, with federal officials and bounty hunters hot on their tail. As internal problems threaten to rip the organization apart, Arthur must choose between his own convictions and devotion to the gang that raised him.

RDR2 Split Point is a type of ammo that reduces the effects of drain from a dead eye, while small arrows and bullet cartridges don’t damage the pelts.

What Is RDR2 Split Point?

The key difference between split-point and high-velocity ammunition is that split-point ammunition has superior accuracy (+10), but high-velocity ammunition has a longer range (+10).

Buying Split Point
Buying Split Point

The only true drawbacks of SP ammo are that you can only carry a maximum of 100 to 150 rounds of it at a time, which is less than ordinary ammo (200 to 300 rounds), and you have to wait for the crafting animation to finish depending on how much you want to produce.

How To Make Split Points In RDR2 Online?

Split Point Recipe
Split Point Recipe

Split Point ammo can be created by simply creating a fireplace and crafting it.

For some convoluted reason Rockstar has yet to give a true answer to, you cannot currently craft any type of ammo at your main Online campsite.

RDR2 Split Point ammo can be crafted, but they take a very long period of time to craft, and hence, many people tend not to use them, or if they do, they have to wait for a long period of time for the ammo to be made.

Is RDR2 Split Point Worth It?

RDR2 Split Point ammo is completely worth it if you ask me, it is cheap, it can expand your ammo capacity, is stronger than regular ammunition, and it will give you an extra 5XP on each kill you make.

It is also extremely accurate and reduces the drain-on ‘dead eye’ effect.

You can always buy High Velocity or Express ammo, but they are really expensive and will waste a lot of money needlessly.

RDR2 Best Ammo

Express Ammo

In the entire game of RDR2 Express Ammo is the best ammunition as it greatly increases the damage caused by it. It makes the weapon more greater during Raffle off shots and close range or even Long range damage will hit hard.

Velocity Ammo

For rifles, pistols, and revolvers, high-velocity ammunition is available for purchase or looting from adversaries. The ammunition is special since it can pierce several adversaries at once. The player gets the opportunity to kill or injure numerous assailants at once when sufficient people are lined up.

It can even pierce many animals if the player is fortunate. Even though the quality might suffer, it can increase the supply of animal skins. It is also helpful when battling adversaries in a congested space.

Can You Convert Regular Ammo Into Split Points?

Every game has to have its own ways of reducing the strength of overpowered weapons. As Split Points, you cannot change all your regular Ammo into a split points as there is a limited capacity.

Replenishing the stock is also really difficult as finding them on enemies, and in-game is really difficult, and crafting them is also difficult as you cannot do so in bulk.

RDR2 Split Point Ammo Recipe

In Emerald Ranch, you will need to find a fence and go to him and buy the Split Point Pamphlet in the Document section. You will have to buy the Pamphlet as you cannot find it otherwise. It costs $385.

Head to your camp to craft them. You need to read the pamphlet to make sure you can craft it, go to Ammo in the craft option and you will be able to see which weapons you can craft the Split Point Ammo for.

RDR2 Split Point Cartridges

Split Point Cartridges
Split Point Cartridges

All weapons except Shotgun and arrows can have and utilize a Split Point Cartridge.

  • Revolver Cartridges – Split Point has a +0.2 Damage and +0.5 Accuracy, and it can only be crafted.
  • Pistol Cartridges – Split Point has a +0.2 Damage and +0.3 Accuracy, and it can be crafted
  • Repeater Cartridges – Split Point has a +0.2 Damage and +0.5 Accuracy. It has to be crafted
  • Rifle Cartridges – Split Point has a +0.2 Damage and +0.5 Accuracy. It has to be crafted

RDR2 Split Point Vs Regular Ammo

Split Point Regular Ammo
High damage There are 60 Cartridges in each box
High accuracy The value of each box is $1.00
Each Weapon has its own number of Cartridges There are no extra effects
Drains Dead Eye SlowerEach Weapon has their own number of Cartridges

RDR2 Online Split Point Ammo Pamphlet

In Red Dead Online, pamphlets are employed to access new crafting recipes. They may be purchased from Fences, acquired as level-up prizes, or looted from opponents, chests, and other locations in free roam, each of which has a rank/role requirement. After acquiring a booklet, the recipe must be read before it may be used. Some pamphlets are quite uncommon in treasures.

Split Point$385Rank 28Any cartridge except shotgun plus Knife


Which is the best ammo to use in RDR2

Express or Velocity ammo is the best ammo you can find and utilize in RDR2

Is RDR2 Split Point worth it?

YES, Split Points are definitely worth it to have and use in RDR2.

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