FNV Scrap Electronics: Everything You Need To Know About The Item

Scrap Electronics

Fallout: New Vegas is the 2010 installment of the famous fan-favorite Fallout Series. It is a game of the action role-playing genre that was published by Bethesda Software and developed by Obsidian Entertainment. FNV was released worldwide on October 19, 2020, to be played on different platforms like Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, and PlayStation 3.

FNV Scrap Electronics, is an extremely important item. One of its most important use is in the repair of ED-E so that you can start and do the quest ‘ED-E My Love” if in case you lack enough Science or Repair skills so as to use the other available options. 

The game, Fallout: New Vegas is a spinoff of the original Fallout series and is set in a post-apocalyptic environment consisting of regions like Arizona, California, and Nevada. The world in which the game happens is one that faced a global nuclear apocalypse in the year 2022 due to its use of Atomic Age Technology in an event referred to as the ‘The Great War’ in the game.  

There are many items available in-game that serve important purposes ranging from healing to repairing weapons. One such item that is very important to perform and pass through quests and make successful progress in the game is Scrap Electronics. This article attempts to give you get a good idea as to what FNV scrap electronics is, where you can find it and its various uses. 

What is Scrap Electronics in Fallout: New Vegas?

Scrap Electronics or FNV Scrap Electronics is a miscellaneous item that is present in the game. The item serves various purposes, mostly repairing important weapons that are key to progress through various quests, mainly the quest named, ‘ED-E My Love’. 

The Form ID of FNV Scrap Electronics, whose Editor ID is ScrapElectronics is 0013B2B1. The Value of this item is 1 Cap, and its weight is 1 unit. 

What Are The Uses of Scrap Electronics in Fallout: New Vegas?

The item is a component of several items like a Weapon repair kit, Satchel Charge, Microfusion Cell Cluster, Time bomb, Time bomb high yield, Fat Mine, and Gas bomb. This means that Scrap Electronics is required or is the key element to make all these weapons at workbenches which are all very important to progress through the game. 

What is the location of Scrap Electronics in Fallout: New Vegas?

You can find FNV Scrap Electronics in different locations throughout the game, Fallout: New Vegas. Below are all the locations from where you can find Scrap Electronics in Fallout: New Vegas. 

FNV Scrap Electronics

First of all, you can purchase at least 10 fnv Scrap Electronics during each restock period from Gun Runners. Now, you can find many and steal them from Novac. These include five Scrap Electronics present inside the garage at the Gas Station, one on the shelves placed outside the gas station, and another one on the workbench inside the shack present behind the motel and the houses. 

You can find around three to five fnv Scrap Electronics along with some wrenches and duct tape from Helios One Solar Collection Tower, placed mostly inside shelves and toolboxes. There are also a couple of them placed inside toolboxes around the solar reflector field. 

Some other locations where you can find fnv Scrap Electronics include:

  • Around five or more in the Nellis Hangars
  • Two at the Crimson Caravan Company placed in a stand
  • Two in the Lone Wolf Radio located to the south of Goodsprings
  • Two at the Nellis Air Force Base found inside the generator room. You can access the place during the Ant Misbehavin’ quest. 
  • Two at the Goodsprings General Store, one of them may be in the toolbox that is placed on a stand near the back right corner of the store and the other is on the counter. 
  • One to four present in the train tunnel
  • One at Southern Nevada Wind Farm inside the shack. 
  • One or two may be found in the toolboxes in Nipton inside the Mister Gusty house

Furthermore, you can buy one FNV Scrap Electronics from the Manager of Boomer munitions. Along with all these locations from where you can get this item, you can also obtain five Scrap Electronics per day after fully upgrading Muggy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of scrap metal in the game, Fallout: New Vegas?

The primary and the most important use of Scrap metal in the Fallout: New Vegas installment of the Fallout game series is in the crafting of the weapon repair kit. You can also break down this item into 200 units of lead which you can use further to craft ammunition at a reloading bench. 

Where can I buy Scrap Electronics in Fallout: New Vegas?

If you are looking to buy Scrap Electronics in the game, Fallout: New Vegas, you can buy them exactly from two places. During the restocking period, you can buy 10 of them from Gun Runners. You can also buy one from the Boomer Munitions Manager. 

 What is the best weapon in Fallout: New Vegas?

According to the majority of the fans of Fallout: New Vegas, the most OP weapon one can get in the game is the CZ57 Avenger which is found inside a blue track in the Devil’s Throat. This weapon is a unique minigun which for sure has the highest DPS weapon compared to any other weapon in the game. 

Is Legate Lanius or Hardened Sentrybot the most powerful enemy in Fallout: New Vegas? 

Most of the fans of the game, Fallout: New Vegas will definitely say Legate Lanius is more powerful than Sentrybot. In fact, they call him the most powerful enemy of all in the game. He is the Military Commander of Caesar’s Legion and also the final boss in three out of four factions in the game. 


FNV Scrap Electronics is thus an item that is very important to repair or make weapons to do quests and progress through the game successfully. Everything that you must know about this item in Fallout: New Vegas is discussed in this article to enhance your gaming experience. Hope the article has been insightful and informative to all of you fans of the Fallout franchise and the game Fallout: New Vegas. 

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