Red Dead Redemption 2 Gambler 8 Challenge: How To Complete?

Gambler 8

Arthur Morgan and the Van der Linde gang are pushed to flee the western colony of Blackwater when a theft goes catastrophically wrong. In order to survive, the gang must loot, steal, and fight their way across America’s harsh interior, with federal agents and the nation’s bounty hunters massing at their heels.

Risk-taking is the focus of the Red Dead Redemption 2 Gambler 8 Challenges, so if you enjoy living on the edge, these could be just up your alley. Not only will you be putting your body in jeopardy as you attempt to avoid stabbing yourself in the five-finger fillet, but you’ll also be putting some chips on the line in a game of blackjack, poker, and dominoes.

What Is Gambler 8?

Gambler 8 Challenge

Gambler 8 is an in-game challenge that can be played with your body at stake. Gambler has about 10 challenges that you will need to complete.

To complete these gambling tasks in Red Dead Redemption 2, you’ll need to be mentally sharp, but we’re here to help you the best we can. The RDR 2 Gambler Challenges must be done in order, so don’t try to speed through them.

Gambler 8 is a challenge that needs you to Win three hands at the game of Blackjack with three hits.

Which Challenge Is Gambler 8?

The Gambler 8 challenge is a challenge in which Arthur has to win 3 games of blackjack with three or more hits. A “hit” in blackjack refers to requesting an additional card to be added to your hand.

Playing Blackjack in Red Dead Redemption 2

This can be hazardous since if you go over 21, the dealer automatically wins. This challenge will need 3 rounds with three hits, so it can require a considerable amount of time (and money) to finish. When your total is low enough to absorb the hit, only request another card. Then, just hope you do not get pushed over the 21-card limit.

How To Clear the Gambler 8 Challenge?

The sole way to succeed at this absurd, luck-based task is to repeatedly press “Hit” until you strike it fortunate.

Actually, the only choice you could possibly make in that challenge is not to split if you are dealt a mid-range pair. Even yet, I’m confident that there is a mathematically sound decision on whether to split to try to achieve a five-card hand, whether it be at 6-6, 7-7, 8-8, or any other moment.

Dealer Distributing Cards

The dealer will start over with a clean slate and with you. You’ll get a fresh deck of cards from him. Additionally, you may try playing them if they’re low. If not, stop playing. You lose 2 cents every time you leave yet don’t keep your money. Additionally, you are not required to remain seated when the table takes turns.

I would advise continuing the procedure up until you have an Ace and a low card. Ace-3 is therefore alternatively a 14 or a 4. You are aware of how often you can bring up that. The most you may go up to if a 10 or facing card is dealt is a 14. If a 7 is dealt, you are forced to remain on 21, yet you still win or push the dealer and do not lose.

Rolling Cards

Alternatively, many players have recommended sitting in the second last, or last seat increases the chance of better rolls (not confirmed). It takes around 30 minutes to get 3 Blackjack wins.

Thanks to some players’ advice on Reddit, we know how to handle Gambler 8 now!

Advice When Doing The Gambler 8 Challenge?

This is sound advice for the task in general, but it is especially helpful if you use this strategy to complete the challenge as soon as possible. If you follow this strategy, I’d also advise choosing the first seat from the dealer’s left. While the remaining players are even given their cards, you will receive your hands first and be able to select if you wish to play them or stop the game. You can move more quickly thanks to it.

RDR2 Gambler 8 Glitch

There is no glitch as such, but there is an easy hack that can be utilized to complete the challenge quickly and easily. First, you want to download an application that can link a ps4 controller to your laptop, and then during the challenge keep pressing the “X” key, and you should be able to complete the challenge.

How to get the Gambler 8 Outfit in RDR2?

By visiting an outfitters store, it is priced at $123 and requires a certain Honor level.

How do you split Blackjack in RDR2?

If by chance during the game, you happen to get two cards of similar value you will be allowed to split cards.

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