Restoration Loop Skyrim: Easy Way To Use The Glitch

Restoration Loop Skyrim

Restoration Loop Skyrim is a secret or trick that can be found in the game The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, which gives the players a sort of unfair advantage to the players. This is why a lot of questions related to this topic are asked often. This article will be giving you a complete guide on the topic of Restoration Loop Skyrim. The main aspect of the Restoration Loop that we will be focusing on will be how to use the enchantment called the Restoration Loop.

That much being said, let us waste no further time and get into discussing the topic at hand.

Restoration Loop Skyrim 

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is a massive game with a wide variety of things, including magic that the players can do one such enchantment is the Restoration Loop and this article will be focusing on that particular aspect of the game.

Since The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is a massive game, there are secrets and tricks getting discovered and revealed by the players even today and not all these tricks and secrets were intentional. One such trick is the Restoration Loop Skyrim. Now you might be wondering what is this Restoration Loop. How is it useful? Well, do not worry, as this article will be answering that question.

The Restoration Loop Skyrim is capable of making the Dragonborn, who is the character you play as, to be the strongest and most powerful being in the world of Skyrim. 

What this small trick called the Restoration Loop Skyrim does is that it takes advantage of two systems that are connected with each other which results in your stats becoming so high that could even potentially make your system crash. 

Since it has the possibility of making the system crash one needs to make sure that you approach this particular method with much care and caution.

Now we will look into understanding how to use this particular trick called the Restoration Loop in the Elder Scrolls V Skyrim.

How To Make Use Of The Restoration Loop Skyrim?

In order to make use of The Restoration Loop Skyrim, you will first need to search and discover the Fortify Alchemy Enchantment. In order for you to get the Restoration Loop, you will need to make use of the enchantment and apply it over and over again while the player is being affected by the Fortify Enchantment potion.

Fortify Enchantment

You will be able to make the power of the Dragonborn go much beyond the limits set by the game if you Loop between potion crafting and enchanting.

Now you might be confused about where to begin. Well, let us take a look at it. Once you have gotten the Fortify Alchemy Enchantment along with a decent level of enchantment stat, then you will need to visit an enchantment table.

Once you reach an enchantment table you will be able to need to permeate the piece of Armor with the Fortify Alchemy Enchantment. After doing so you will need to equip the Armor and then head to the Alchemy table. After reaching the place, you will need to make the potion needed to fortify the enchantment. Once you have gotten the Fortify enchantment potion, you need to drink it and then start this process all over again. After that, you will have to enchant yet another Armor piece and then make the potion again. And then over and over again.

Repeating Enchantment

Craft. Drink. Repeat.

If you keep repeating this aforementioned topic. Then you will be able to increase your Enchantment power by a huge margin. This trick makes the players have extremely highly effective potions as well as extremely overpowered Armor and gear. While all this may sound great, that is not the case and one needs to be careful. If the player keeps on doing this process over and over again, it could result in your game crashing.

It is recommended by most players to end the loop when the percentage of fortify reaches around the 36,000% mark.

However, to be safe it would be advised to stop even before you reach this mark. You need not worry about this, as even then, you will still be extremely overpowered. It is better to be safe than sorry and not get greedy. To put it simply, this particular trick is broken just like the other famous glitch, the Silverware gift.

Now there is a new report suggesting that this trick is no longer even working while some others say it does, which has led to a lot of confusion. This does not come as a surprise as The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is a game that is available on a lot of platforms, so it is very likely it works on one platform and not on the other. The fundamental principle of the Restoration Loop Skyrim has been the same ever since the game was initially released. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you do the restoration loop in Skyrim?

You will have to first find the Fortify Alchemy enchantment so as to make use of the Restoration loop in Skyrim. You are required to take the Fortify Enchantment Potion, and while you are still under its effects, you must repeatedly apply the above-mentioned enchantment to do the Restoration loop. 

What is the best place to find the ingredients of the fortify restoration enchantment potion?

The best place to find and collect three of all the ingredients present in the Fortify Restoration potion, including Abecean longfin, Cyrodilic spadetail, and salt piles, must be Riften Fishery. You can also usually find some of these ingredients in the fish barrels that you can abundantly see around the docks.

What ingredients do you need for the Fortify Restoration loop?

You require certain ingredients for the Fortify Restoration loop. The Ingredients that commonly possess the effects of Fortify Restoration are Abecean Longfin, Cyrodilic Spadetail, Salt Pile, Small Antlers, and Small Pearl.

Does the Restoration Potion glitch still exist in Skyrim?

Yes, the popular video game Skyrim still, unfortunately, has the Restoration Potion glitch, and hopefully, the developers will soon patch the glitch. 


This glitch allows the players to boost their stats and make them massively overpowered. This, however, could result in the crashing of your game, so one needs to be careful while doing so. This article has covered everything that you will need to know regarding the topic of Restoration Loop Skyrim as well as how to use this item so that you don’t have any doubts related to the topic from now on.

Hopefully, this article has been informative and insightful and has provided you with a complete and comprehensive guide on the topic of Restoration Loop Skyrim so that you can have a better and more enjoyable, and easier gaming experience!

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