Assault Rifle Remnant From The Ashes Guide

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Assault Rifle Remnant From The Ashes is probably the best weapon in the whole game. It is right beside other weapons like World BreakerRivenParticle AcceleratorDevastatorShotgunCoach GunRepulsorHive CannonRuinSniper Rifle, Beam Rifle, and Sporebloom. This action role-playing third-person shooter is a game that provides us with a never-seen-before co-op gaming experience. Remnant From The Ashes has dozens and dozens of machine guns, shotguns, hunting rifles, sniper rifles, and more!

You can also attach mods to make their weapons even more powerful than they initially were. We could go on and on about the guns, but do you know which one is the best? Do you know the weapon stats? Are you still scratching your head about how to acquire Assault Rifle Remnant? Read on to get answers to all of your questions!

Assault Rifle Remnant 1 Complete Guide

Assault Rifle Remnant From The Ashes In A Nutshell

“World used to be full of guns like this. It makes you wonder how the Root killed everyone as quickly as they did. Best not to wonder about that.”

assault rifle remnant stats

The Assault Rifle is handy when surrounded by hundreds of enemies in a torn land. The Assault Rifle is famed for being the best weapon in the whole game as it is the most diverse of them all. With a 5% Critical Hit Chance, the Assault Rifle can be used for mid to long ranges, followed by a decent stopping power when used at close range.

This rifle can deal 19.5-45 damage at full auto for at least 24 shots. It makes you wonder what the damage would be like with 168 ammo capacity. It will stay with you for a while, and a fully upgraded Assault Rifle will help you destroy all of your enemies in mere seconds. The Assault Rifle will help you get through an RPS of 7.3, an ideal range of 18 meters, 28 magazines, and 196 Max ammo in most challenging situations.

How To Get Assault Rifle Remnant From The Ashes

monkey key

The Assault Rifle Remnant is a valuable weapon that will help you through challenging situations. It can only be obtained through a random event called Supply Run that mostly appears in the Sorrow’s Field Dungeon located on map. But before you kick off on a white horse looking for the Assault Rifle, you will have to make sure that you have progressed as far as rescuing the Root Mother in the story.

Just in the area after the Church, the dungeon will have spawned. The next step will require you to scout the area for a large glowing golden entrance. It is a large bright golden entrance it will be quite hard to miss. This glowing entrance will have a large ramp leading to something suspiciously similar to a cave. After you have made your way inside the cave, you will have to kill the enemies surrounding you after entering.

Keep your eyes wide open for side passages. In one of these side passages, you will find the Monkey Key. You will have to grab the Monkey Key and fight their way ahead. If you successfully stay alive, you will eventually reach a checkpoint beyond which lies a simple, bland room with a door on which you will find a painting of a Green Monkey. Use your Monkey Key to open this door, and you will then see the Assault Rifle waiting for you inside.

How To Use Assault Rifle Remnant

assault rifle diamond aim

First and foremost, the Assault Rifle Remnant requires Long Gun Ammo. Aiming with Assault Rifle will be able to shrink the crosshairs until a diamond appears in the center of your screen. If the you will keep firing in short bursts, the diamond in the center will provide you with incredible accuracy. Remember that sustained fire will reduce accuracy as more than a few rounds will negatively affect the diamond and decrease it.

Remnant From The Ashes

Gunfire Games develop it, the plot of Remnant From The Ashes is based on a post-apocalyptic world. Where Root, an interdimensional evil, has destroyed the land. You get to play from the perspective of a lone survivor, bringing yourself to hold on while witnessing the epicenter of the invasion.


What is the exact location of Monkey Key?

You will usually get the Monkey Key near the skeleton corpse, located at the other end of the halfway door inside the building.

Is Assault Rifle a useful gun in Remnant?

In general, assault rifles can target enemies at a long-range (less than a sniper). Secondly, the fire rate is also high, which deals with continuous high damage to the enemies, making it one of the best guns to use.

Can I get Assault Rifle in adventure mode?

Assault Rifle is one of the best and rare weapons to carry. If you want this gun in adventure mode, it will be challenging as only a few managed to get the rifle in adventure mode.

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