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penguin isle

Mobile games have emerged as a top source of entertainment in the past 5 years. Many competitive, as well as fun to play games, serve a good relaxation in your hands. According to a report by research, the mobile gaming industry has reached about 100$ Billion in 2020. Major companies are Tencent, Sony, EA, and Nintendo. But other than these there are good indie developers which make some of the incredible games of all times.

Penguin Isle is an Idle game where you have to build your own island and manage it properly. There are many other tasks such as expanding your Island, Hatch new cute Penguins and Survive. This game is very much relaxing and enjoyable as well. Besides, Penguins are one of the most loved animals which are the main characters of this game.

Penguin Isle Overview

penguin isle

Just like Facebook’s Farmville game, Penguin Isle is also based on farming techniques. But the only difference between them is that this game focuses on building your own island which you need to maintain further and expand as well. From this Island, you should be able to earn effectively and save money to expand your Island. There are also some fun quests that make the players like this game even more. When you have enough money, you can buy new habitats and expand your territory as well as income. The cute penguins work hard to generate income in this game. Then there are other creatures and other earning methods which we’ll discuss in this post later.

Playing Characters in Game

Every game has a set of playing theme. This game has an Ice Age vibe but it’s filled with penguins. These penguins and other creatures help you to generate income and complete some quests.


penguin isle penguin

As the game’s name itself has Penguin in it, Penguin is the main playing characters in this game. Just as life simulator games have humans as the main playing characters in the game, this game has penguins. These penguins help you by doing the tasks, which eventually earns you money.

Artic Hare

Arctic Hare is another important creature in this Penguin Isle game. These hares increase the offline reward time which in turn helps us a lot to have a boost in our income.

Ribbon Seal

Ribbon Seal is also a great way to increase your Hear rewards (Hear rewards are explained below). These heart rewards serve as a currency to make a unlock a new creature.

Sea Elephant

Sea Elephant is a creature that boosts the production of gold by 10%. Although this percent boost is not that much, still its worth it if you’re facing a shortage of income.

Polar Bear

Polar Bear also boosts the production of gold from all habitats. Unlike the Sea Elephant, Polar Bear’s percent boost is unknown. The only thing known about this boost is that it affects the income of all habitats.

Other Creatures

Other than the above-mentioned creatures, there are other creatures that make up the game more beautiful. Each of these creatures has its own advantages and disadvantages. They are mentioned as follows –

  • Northern Fur Seal
  • Reindeer
  • Weddell Seal
  • Elephant Seal
  • Muskox
  • Harp Seal
  • Fox Terrier

Penguins and their Habitats

Certain types of Penguins require certain habitats to survive. These habitats are very important to know because the corresponding penguin’s survival depends on it. Here are some list of Penguins and their habitats –

FishermanFishing Spot
FarmerFlower Garden
MinerGravelly Field
JanitorHot Spring
Antarctic ExplorerAntarctic Base
RangerSeagull Nest
Balloon SellerAmusement Park
Ice MinerIgloo Camp
SculptorSculpture Park
ExplorerDolphin Farm
Lighthouse KeeperLighthouse
Ranch OwnerRanch
Balloon PilotHot Air Balloon Field
Stuntman Whale’s Nest

Penguin Isle In Game Items

There are three main types of currency in this game, namely, Coins, Hearts, Gems. Other in-game items include Energy and time token. The usage of each of these are mentioned below –


Penguin Isle Coins

Coins are the main basic currency of this game. With coins, you can buy new habitats and upgrade penguins. These upgraded penguins are much more efficient and more helpful towards your income.


Hearts are very important to evolve new habitats and automating the process of collecting the coins in Penguin Isle. These hearts appear when a penguin is happy with its jobs and loves you. Hearts also states the emotional distribution of your habitat. These hearts can be more used to increase the productivity of your habitat and automate it.


Gems are used to open chests. But these gems can be bought with real money from the app store. This currency is optional for the users, but buying it will get you a little boost in your production and get you more rewards. Gems can be earned by watching ads. These gems can help you in getting a very useful creature that’ll help your income.


Energy is used to increase your Research outputs. This research can help you to discover new habitats as well as new creatures. The new habitat is a very important thing in this game. This can increase income/sec drastically.

Time Token

Time token can be used to get instant money in-game. This is very useful if you want to skip all the boring slowness of the game. All though, I don’t recommend using this because this will create a lack of experience in your handling of habitat. Experience plays a very important role in surviving Penguin Isle.

Island Building Tips

penguin island

Rather than just building anything and buying any creature, buying a perfect one will create a big difference in your survival. Because the wrong upgrade will make you wait much more time than it a perfect upgrade would’ve. Here are some tips that you should follow in order to make the best habitat in Penguin Isle.

Proper Upgrade Order

Every typical farming game has these upgrades which allow players to upgrade their farm. The same thing applies to Penguin Isle, It makes more sense to upgrade the smaller things than buying major large items. For example, you can get a good increase in your income if you upgrade the Sea Elephant rather than other creatures. Always make an order in which you’ll buy your next upgrade.

Please don’t forget to upgrade your Penguins. Penguins are the only creatures that’ll help you to complete your missions. These missions can reward highly and can be much more rewarding than going for a 10% boost over Sea Elephant. Please take care of your Penguins, this game is all about it 🙂

Get More Penguins

penguins in penguin Isle

Penguins are the most fundamental creatures in this game. These creatures will help you to get more rewards and make your life easier. As in the popular game, Age of the Empires, developing more labors before developing big structures are more important because they can do your task easily and can reward much more efficiently. Unlocking a new penguin will give you a boost of 150% in your income every time. This is much more rewarding than any other upgrades.

You can buy the Whale’s Nest to increase the maximum number of penguins which you can groom. This nest can provide a place for new penguins to live and earn for you in Penguin Isle.

Make use of the roaming penguins

Roaming Penguins are kind of special quest penguins. Every time a Penguin wants to take their photos, a camera icon appears on top of them. Tapping this camera icon takes an in-game photo, this will increase the HEart appearing time. Every time you take a photo, Penguin becomes happy, which leads to more chances of appearing Hearts above them. Hearts are a very important currency in Penguin Isle, remember it.

Complete Quests to Earn Energy/Bolts

There are missions on the upper right side of your screen. These missions are very helpful and reward you with lightning bolts. These bolts can be used in various upgrades and skipping the build times and increasing the revenue. These missions have also chance to upgrade your Research. These energy bolts can be very helpful to reach the next tier upgrades.

Earn Extra Rewards

You can earn extra rewards on your income by watching a video ad. These ads are very useful if you don’t want to spend real money on this game to increase income. The game rewards you with some money if you are offline. When you claim this money, there is an option to watch an ad and earn twice as much. You should always take advantage of this situation and get an instant bonus on Penguin Isle.

Take advantage of special events

Like every game, this game also releases some special events in which you can get free money, gold chests, time tokens, Penguins, and many more things. The developers are very active in creating such events. Like last year there was a Xmas event which gave a lot of freebies to all of the players who played that event. There was also the Lunar Year event which helped the players.

Unlock new creatures

Unlocking new creatures always helps in this game but be careful in choosing your creature. Because these creatures can be an asset as well as liability. The most important creature to upgrade is indeed penguins, but after that, if you have enough money you can choose a creature which suits you. Try to buy a creature which buffs your Heart output rate. Hearts are a very important currency in this game.

Penguin Isle Reviews

penguin isle reviews

This game currently has over 273k+ reviews and 10M+ installs on the play store. The average rating is 4.6 stars. This game is much loved by its community. Some of the reviews are mentioned below –

This is a fun game. It’s an “idle” game, which means you don’t really have to do much and there’s no stress involved. You don’t play for points or to win… you play to grow the habitats the penguins live and play in. I find this game to be extremely entertaining. I’m at a very high level and I’ve paid nothing. Zero dollars. Go ahead and install this. It’s completely safe and pretty dang fun.

I Love love LOVE this game! It’s super cute and I’m happy just watching the little penguins waddle around interacting with the decorations. The only problem is that I’ve had issues with getting the idle earnings and it hasn’t gotten any better. I reached out to support and they did their best but it has not been fixed. I appreciate their speed and friendliness though and overall its a great game.

You can feel the vide of chillness in by reading these reviews. That’s is what the best thing about Penguin Isle.

Where can I install Penguin Isle

Penguin Isle is available on both Play Store as well as App Store. This game has been developed by a Singapore company named Habby.

Play Store Link – here
App Store Link – here

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Final Thoughts on Penguin Isle

To summarize, Penguin Isle is fun to play idle games which is very pleasant to play. It has a great atmosphere and a Pengunic vibe in it. It just feels awesome. These Penguins have many different animations and are very satisfying to watch. Overall, this game is a good alternative to many idle games which requires intensive monitoring and skills. In Penguin Isle you can just chill and play!

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