Dragon Ball Legends Special Skill Guide

Dragon Ball Legends Special Skill

You will come across two terms Dragon Ball Legends Special Skill and “Special move.” These two terms are one of the most common tasks or the challenges you find in every chapter of the game. And, don’t worry, completing the tasks is very simple, but make sure you have a green card with you and remember to use it.

How Does Special Skill Works?

You should also make sure to have a “special card” with yourself and make sure you make use of it. In Dragon Ball Legends, the green card is utilized for casting the special skills. Also, you will create a lot more damage to the enemy, and you can also use the special move.

But there is a small exciting fact. The number of cards that you will collect while fighting against the enemies is limited. So, make sure you have a look at the number of cards before beginning the battle. It is wholly dependent you your gaming character, which you select in the struggle.

Let us now consider a scenario. Consider your team’s power in the game is 97,000 and your challenging team’s strength is 47,185. So, it is a crystal-clear picture that you can easily win the battle even by using only one character. But for completing the challenge, you should make use of one particular skill, otherwise, the green card.

It is not a compulsion to receive the following Dragon Ball Legends Special Skill card in the initial phases of the battle. It might also appear in the final section of the fight. In simple words, for receiving a particular skill or getting a green card in the battle, you have to throw away the strikes and the blast cards.

To waste the following mentioned cards, you have to use them when you notice the icon. This icon will indicate that the opponent will be going to attack.

Special Skill Usage

You can also view the information of all the art cards going to the information section of the character.

Thus, the particular skill is known as the Dragon Ball Legends Special Skill green card. It will offer you buff or debuff on the opponent. In some cases, it will invalidate or will counter while using at the right moment. But it is entirely depended on your character in the game.  

Dragon Ball Legends Special Skill Arts

In this game, the Unit Specific Cards will offer a broad range of effects. One of the most common special skills are the ones that are applied on the self buffs and it will always run when it is utilized. But there can be also some Dragon Ball Legends Special Skills that will counter the challenging enemy’s attacks.

It will deliver out the projectiles which will lead to the combos and the ones which can get out the character’s into an ally. It can also be the combination in other art cards of the game which you can see in the following description section.

How to use a Dragon Ball Legends Special Skill 1 time with Goku

Dragon Ball Legends Special Skill 1 time with Goku

Firstly, you should open the game. After entering the game, you have to select a story. Pick a story from the list. After choosing the story, you will be taken to the story page. Here you will find three sections. They are as follows:

  • Details
  • Reward
  • Challenge

Every section will provide you with some essential information. When you complete viewing the information, now you should go to the Challenge section. When you are on the screen, scroll down a bit and search for the option titled “Use a Special Skill 1 time(s) with Goku”.

Mostly you will find it as a second option in the list. Click on it. After clicking on it, you should now click on the “Start Battle Button.” You will find it in the bottom right corner section of the game screen.

After clicking on the following button, a screen will appear on the screen. It will display a message as ”Use 1 Energy to do battle, OK?” Basically. It is asking for your confirmation to Battle. You will have two options on the “Yes” and “No” buttons on the screen.

Click on the Yes button and have some patience, as you will see on the screen that the game is loading. After getting successfully, loaded you will have options to choose the Rival team. Below, it will display the possibilities of the rival gangs along with their information. Select any of the opponents from the list with which you wish to battle. After selecting, click on the Ready button available at the bottom of the screen.

You can choose three rival teams. Wait till the Loading gets completed. Now you will be in the battle. Start performing attacks and damage the enemies. You will see multiple cards on the screen, which will help you to knock out the enemies. In the list, you will also see a green-colored card or also known as the special Goku card.

Tap on it and chop down the rival in the game. Finally, after defeating all the enemies, you will receive some exciting rewards. Finally, click on the OK button, and you will be redirected to the home page.

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