109 Medieval 2 Total War Cheats and Console Commands

Medieval 2 Total War Cheats

Medieval 2 is a strategic game like Age of Empires which focuses on building your army and following up the campaign. With abilities to farm items and then start a battle with your enemies. But before starting the battle, you have to build your army and become strong.

Medieval 2 Total War Cheats are the console commands which are used to obtain items/effects instantly in the game. These codes are used by the players if they want to obtain some items directly. These cheats are also used to change/adjust the environments of the game.

In this post, we’ll go through all the cheats and console commands in the game.

Medieval 2 Total War Cheats

Cheat Code or Console CommandEffect
add_money (opt:faction_type) (amount)Adds an amount of money to a faction’s coffers, can be negative, the default is a player faction
add_population (settlement_name) (amount)Adds an amount of population to a settlement, can be negative
adjust_sea_bedAdjusts whole sea bed to a specified height
ai_turn_speed (multiplier)Sets the maximum speed of turn processing during the ai round maximum supported speed is 255x
amdb_maxSets aerial map overlay depth bias for max zoom
amdb_minSets aerial map overlay depth bias for min zoom
amdb_offsetSets aerial map overlay offset towards the camera
army units (total strength: %i)Adds army units with desired strength
auto_win (attacker/defender)The attacker or defender wins the next auto resolved battle
bestbuySells units cheaper
boundsToggle display of bounding objects
burn_piggies_burn (on/off)Ignite all the piggy winks
capabilities (settlement_name)List details of the recruitment capabilities of a settlement
capture_settlement (settlement name)Evicts any resident characters and armies and gives the settlement to the local player
character_resetResets the character back to its start of turn settings
clear_messagesClear all the current stacked messages
clear_password (faction_label)Clears the current password for a specified faction
control (faction_type)Switches player control to specified faction; old faction may not act correctly as ai faction
create_building (settlement_name) (building_level_id)Creates a building of the specified type in a settlement; for building levels id’s see export_descr_building.Txt
create_mission (sent_faction) (mission_id)Attempt to create and add a mission to the specified faction
create_unit (settlement/character_name) (unit_id) (opt:how_many) (opt:exp/armour/weapon)Creates one or more units of the specified type
damage_wall (settlement) (gate) (breach)Damage wall of settlement. Forces 40% damage to a random gatehouse and a nearby straight section. Destroys gatehouse if ‘gate’ parameter present; breaches wall if ‘breach’ present
date (year)Changes the campaign date to the given year
diplomacy_costs (receiving_faction) (proposing_faction) (opt:target_faction) (opt:settlement_name) (opt:payment_amount) (opt:payment_years)Displays a list of raw and perceived diplomacy items costs from the perspective of the receiving faction.
diplomacy_mission (ai_faction) (target_faction) (mission_type) (opt:mission_target)Creates a diplomacy mission
diplomatic_stance (faction_a) (faction_b) (allied/neutral/war)Set the diplomatic stance between the two factions (factions must be different)
disable_ai [opt: tac | sub | dip | name | priest]Disables all (default) or part of the ai for all factions
disable_vnvsToggles whether to disable game applying traits and attributes
event (start_year[:end_year]) (category[:type]) [(x,y) (scale)]Creates an event
filter_coastlinesApplies filter to world map coastlines
filter_coastlinesApplies filter to world map coastlines
force_battle_defeat (opt:capture_percent)Forces the local player’s alliance to lose the battle, completely destroying the local alliance or optionally capturing a percentage of the local alliance
force_battle_victory (opt:capture_percent)Forces the local player’s alliance to win the battle, completely destroying the enemy alliance or optionally capturing a percentage of the enemy alliance
force_diplomacy (accept/decline/off)Forces the negotiator to accept or decline a proposition
Format:Alliance_index, army_index, unit_index, formation_origin_x, formation_origin_y, rotation_in_degrees, unit_width_in_metres, unit_width_in_men
give_ancillary (charactername) (ancillary name)Gives the character an ancillary
give_trait (charactername) (trait name) (opt:level)Gives the character a trait at level (default = level 1)
give_trait_points (charactername) (trait name) (points)Gives the character points for trait
halt_ai (opt:factiontypename)Halts the turn sequence just before the start of the specified faction’s turn, or the current faction if no faction given
invulnerable_general (character_name)Makes that named general invulnerable in battle
jerichoAnd the walls came a-tumblin’ down
kill_character (character_name)Kills a character with the given name
kill_faction (faction_type)Removes the faction from the game
lights(merge) (used) (auto)
list_ancillariesLists all the available ancillaries
list_characters (opt:faction_type)Lists all the characters in the world or those belonging to a faction
list_characters (opt:faction_type)Lists all the characters in the world or those belonging to a faction
list_traitsLists all the available traits
list_units (character/settlement name)Lists all of the units in an army, with details
logoffLogs out administrator to disable console
logon (password)Enables console with an admin password
message_collation_setSet the message collation on or off (sets all factions)
move_character (name) (x),(y)Moves named character to position on the campaign map
mp (charactername) (amount)Gives the character movement points
nw_statsToggles display of network stats.
oliphauntThe biggest around
output_unit_positions (filename)Output the positions of all units in the battle to the specified file
perf_timesToggle display of simple performance times of game update vs display
print_shortcutsPrints all the keyboard shortcuts for the current handler to documentation/current_handler_shortcuts.Txt
process_cq (settlement)Completes all (possible) construction pending in queue
process_rq (settlement)Completes all (possible) recruitment pending in queue
recruitment_pool (settlement_name)List details of the current recruitment pool of a settlement
regenerate_radarDoes what it says on the tin
reload_movie_dbReloads movie DB
reload_shadersReloads all vertex shaders
reload_texturesReloads all textures reset_display
remove_ancillary (charactername) (opt:ancillary name)Removes ancillary from the character an ancillary (default = all)
remove_trait (charactername) (opt:trait name)Removes a specified trait from the character (default = all)
reset_displayForces a display_close(); display_open() display reset cycle
run_ai [opt:x]Re-starts an ai turn sequence after disableAI or haltAI has been triggered; (use x to also re-enable all parts of the ai which have been individually disabled)
save_battle_replay (name)Saves replay
save_battle_replaySaves battle replay in file replays/(name).Rpy
season (season)Changes the campaign season to the given season
set_building_health (settlement_name) (building_chain) (final health percent)Sets health of a building of the specified type (eg core_building) in a settlement, so that the final health percentage is as specified; for building chains see export_descr_building.Txt
set_email (faction_label) (address)Sets a new email address for a specified faction
set_option (opt_name) (opt_value)Set new value for specified option (use 1 and 0 for boolean options)
set_password (faction_label) (password) (password)Sets a new password for a specified faction
set_ranking_intervalSets the denominator of the faction ranking graph interval which is calculated as (number_of_turns / denominator). If set to 0, then the denominator will be set to number_of_turns, giving an interval of 1
show_all_messagesShow all messages to all factions (on/off)
show_battle_circle (x) (y) (r) (t)Display a circle at (x, y) of r radius for t seconds
show_battle_line (x1) (y1) (x2) (y2) (t)Display a line from (x1, y1) to (x2, y2) for t seconds
show_battle_marker (x) (y) (t) (h)Display a marker at (x, y) for t seconds of height h
show_cursorstatShows the cursor position and region id
show_landings (opt:cursor/region_id)Shows the landing positions available to the ai from a given region, default hides them
show_landings (opt:cursor/region_id)Shows the landing positions available to the ai from a given region, default hides them
show_terrain_lines (duration)Display defensive terrain features
surrender_regions (opt: horde) (opt:faction_type)Gives all this faction’s regions to the slaves. “Horde” surrenders regions for all factions that can be hordes
test_ancillary_localisationAdds all ancillary to the character info display
test_message (event_message_name | all)Test the event message specified in descr_event_enums.Txt
test_movie (mission_type) (movie_name) (result)Test_movie
test_victory_scroll (faction victor) (short campaign (true/false))Opens up the victory scroll declaring that the given faction is the victor
trigger_advice (thread_name) [(advice_index)]Triggers an advice thread
upgrade_settlement (settlement name)Upgrade settlement level
victory (faction) (short)Show victory message for a faction for a short or long campaign.
write_ui_cacheWrites out the UI texture cache to disk
zoomZooms to specified aerial map zoom (only valid during a view of the strategy map)
zoom_to_unitZoom the camera to a unit of a specific id

Medieval 2 Total War Cheats Toggle

Toggle CommandsEffect
toggle_chat_logShows or hides the multiplayer chat window
toggle_coastlinesToggles strategy map coastline display
toggle_flowing_waterToggles display of campaign map flowing water
toggle_fowToggles the fog of war on or off
toggle_game_updateForce the display reset cycle
toggle_HUD_modeSwitches between full and minimal hud during a battle.
toggle_perfect_spyToggles everyone’s spying ability to perfect and infinite range, and off again
toggle_prToggles pr mode
toggle_restrictcamToggles camera restrictions on or off
toggle_terrain (opt:region/ tiletype/ climate/ choke/ landing/ frontier/ features/ frontier_defend)Toggles the terrain to display various data sets, no param resets to normal
toggle_wireframeToggle wireframe rendering

How to Use Medieval 2 Total War Cheats?

To use the cheats, you have to press the Tilde (~) button on your keyboard while playing the Medieval 2 Total War. This will open up a console. In this console, you can enter cheats from the list given above.

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