MM2 Song Codes To Play Awesome Music

MM2 Song Codes

In today’s generation, we generally make things work most accessible and differently. Music had become a significant part of our lives. An individual effortlessly manages these songs in a code that already has predefined existences after introducing a boombox in 2016. Players can access these codes and play their favorite songs that have billions of listens in the Roblox Library.

MM2 Song Codes are the library songs that you can play while playing the game. In this post, we’ve mentioned some of the famous songs which players love to listen to in Roblox.

MM2 Song Codes

MM2 Songs NameCodes
Death Bed4966153470
At My Worst5826581517
Such A **ore5633904817
Play Date4954877483
Oh No5253604010
Not Your Barbie Girl2023502456
Can We Kiss Forever5225350099
Sugar Crash5914756563
In The End3242662294
Don’t Rush5208266425
Love Story489540951
Electric Love5192165104
Savage Love5458852845

Positions – Ariana Grande

Code: 6527642725

American singer Ariana Grande sings the song has the genre of pop music released on 23 October 2020. This song is one of the 6th studio albums by her taken the place of number 1 in the top hot billboard. The song has the setup of president white house in the premiered hours with colorful people described the music of infinite love in different positions.

Shower – Becky G

Code: 5959099726

Becky G sang this song with the teen pop-rap genre written by Cirkut, Dr. Luke, and rock city resealed on 23 April 2014 based on children’s culture tune related to the Disney world. The song has a teen-like poolside party style that gives a western look in various spots with a bright light at night describes ought to pop culture.

Death Bed – Powfu

Code: 4966153470

This song has sung by Powfu, has the genre of Hip hop rap released in 2019 that has taken from the original song “coffee” ft. by Beabadoobee come in 2017. This song has excellent response after being featured in tik tok as it gains more popularity and billions of plays. The current song has an initial setup that describes a relationship between two belongings with a beautiful feeling that wants to live happily forever.

At my worst – Pink sweets

Code: 5826581517

This song has sung by pink sweet has the genre of soul/R&B released in 2021. The song holds the features of rosy-pink color set up all around indeed describes the charisma of love that has the feeling of loving someone even in the worst situation.

Such a **ore – Jvla

Code: 5633904817

This song has sung by Jvla has the genre of Electronic and dance released in 2020. This song featured an overpowering view that is carefree and full of positive attitude that divines a mystique of individual with a bang on music that overwhelmed you with perspective.

Playdate – Melanie Martinez

Code: 4954877483

This song has sung by Melanie Martinez has the genre of pop music with dark waves as it described a piece of chorus music in a stiff attitude released on 14 august 2015. The settings initially told a date set up between teenagers that has confusing feelings toward each other.

Halo – Beyoncé

Code: 5808791050

The song has sung by Beyoncé has the genre of pop released in 2008. The song has an initial setup of a closed couple that explains the incomparable feeling of living together with staple music in the halo series. It was intentionally completed in three hours by Beyoncé.

Oh no – Capone

Code: 5253604010

This song has sung by Capone has the genre of Rap and hip hop released in 2005 written by Ringo Starr, David Jackson, and Hoyt Axton. This song has the setup of dizzy-minded women who come in a fantasy world where people usually perform tasks.

Not your Barbie girl – Ava Max

Code: 2023502456

This song has sung by ava max has the genre of pop released in 2020. It has the attitude and modified version of “I am a Barbie girl” sung by aqua. This song has gained more popularity after recreating it with several users in tik tok that make it more known to the world.

Yummy – Justine Bieber

Code: 4586799290

This song has sung by Justine Bieber, has the genre of pop and contemporary music released in 2020. The song goes for the Grammy award is a solo performance pop-style. It has a fantasy dine-in-like theme with colorful people indulges together and makes to eat usually dishes that makes it more attractive.

Can We Kiss Forever – Kina

Code: 5225350099

The song has sung by Kina has the genre of electronic and dance in the album of “things I want to tell you.” released in 2020. In this song, Adriana Proenza has featured in a black and white world setup that describes a module feeling of individuals in relations. The tone of this song is getting very popular and easily recognized by today’s teens.

Sugar Crash – ElyOtto

Code: 5914756563

The song has sung by ElyOtto has the genre of pop released in 2020. The music has the illusion of lights that pretends a dizzy format in which the singer opts to sing the song.

In the end – Tommee Profitt

Code: 3242662294

The song has sung by Tommee Profitt ft. Linkin park band has the genre of alternative and indie released in 2020. The aura of slow music that settled in the hill’s location generates a positive attitude and healing power in the listener in low melody.

Don’t rush – T & Bugsey

Code: 5208266425

This song has sung by T & Bugsey has the genre of rap and hip hop released in 2020. This song has featured Headie one a rapper who gives it a more rap look in the music; the plot is in the bar where it seems to be full of enjoyment in night out.

Love story – Taylor Swift

Code: 489540951

The song has sung and written by Taylor Swift based on a love story released on 12 September 2018. The song has a Romeo Juliet plot by famous author Shakespeare, but it gets modified in a happy ending. The song reached the grand success of 15 million in the year 2010 and got appraised worldwide.

Electric love – Brons

Code: 5192165104

The song has sung by Brons has the genre of alternative released in 2015. Initially released on 10 November 2014, today’s modified version has an environment of numerous female dancers. It has a musician playing guitar and singing a song to make the dilemma an ecstatic colorful animation.

Falling – Trevor Daniel

Code: 4540157027

The song has sung by Trevor Daniel has the genre of pop, hip hop, contemporary music released in 2018.The song has the setup of beautiful sceneries around and describes Daniel’s promise to himself of self-love that he makes after his breakup. It explains the nature of division and self-love.

Savage love – Jason Derulo & Jawsh 685

Code: 5458852845

The song has sung by Jason Derulo and Jawsh 685 and has a genre of pop music released in 2020. This song has the recording setup where the singer original was singing the song that explains the relation between the girl and a boy where a girl is only there to make her ex-boyfriend jealous. It shows a different version of today’s connection where people are friends with the benefits.

Note: We do not promote music piracy in any sense. All the above music is shared by other users on Roblox.

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