Missing Muse Treasure Hunt – Far Cry 6

Missing Muse Treasure Hunt

Running through the woods of wild scariest holes in fantasy lands are the thriller marks ever. Being a survivor in every hurdle on the quest the player faced gives huge credits and rewards to the user’s profile on role-playing action video games. Going through an infinite number of different quests makes a lite user to the pro player in fictional games.

Missing Muse Treasure Hunt is the one interesting quest among all the missions in the game. Differing from region to all the features the walk makes the best action series ever in the game. This ultimately grabs the treasure-searching skill of the player and the so-called Missing Muse Treasure Hunt.

Quest Overview

Missing Muse Treasure Hunt Location
Treasure HuntThe Missing Muse
RegionValle De Oro
Sub-RegionCruz Del Salvador
RewardDark Tech Mask (Head Gear)
XP Reward150 XP

The region for this mission The Missing Muse Treasure Hunt Far Cry 6 is being brightened on Valle De Oro, Cruz Del Salvador.

This is some relating to storyline fantasy adventure having poems and interesting characters. The reward for the player on completing the quest is 150 XP and Dark Tech Mask.

It doesn’t stop with this but also gifts a headgear called Dark Tech Mask.

Objective of Missing Muse Treasure Hunt

This quest of Missing Muse Treasure Hunt Far Cry 6 is made for finding Rosa through the hints indicated through the poet in his poem.

Crossing adventures in the midst of action should finally end in the victory of finding the character in the quest.

Missing Muse Treasure Hunt Walkthrough

Missing Muse Treasure Hunt Walkthrough 1

The first one is the usual tasks where the player often undergoes in each mission. Yes, it’s the information gaining from the red box.

Here all the required details are delivered promptly on the basis of hints and themes on Missing Muse Treasure Hunt Far Cry 6.

Missing Muse Treasure Hunt Walkthrough 2

In an area filled with wood structures, the player has to go in and climb the stairs.

And then while going a couple of steps in the player identifies aboard. What is on that board? It is the one which consists of all keys with their room numbers.

Missing Muse Treasure Hunt Walkthrough 3

The player is asked to pick up the key on the corner. The use of it has not been delivered not but at the later time of quest on Missing Muse Treasure Hunt Far Cry 6.

Once the key has been got by the player he has to move to the stairs and reach out to the watersides where the boat bridges are sighted.

There kept a table that has an optional note for the user to read. It’s a kind of hint in terms of the quest.

At the side of the table, there is a zip-line that starts from the top and reaches the other corner bottom side.

Using this the player has to reach the down location. Then he/she should climb to the cliff having ways through rocks and stairs.

Missing Muse Treasure Hunt Walkthrough 4

There is the other poetry kept for the player indicating where the next lead is under the water in Missing Muse Treasure Hunt in Far Cry 6.

Here comes the final step of the mission towards accomplishment.

Missing Muse Treasure Hunt Walkthrough 5

By diving under the water there spotted a broken boat near the yellow search area which had sunk. Might look fishy but the real search ends here.

On that boat, there is a treasure box kept for which the player had crossed all ways. And now, how to open that. It’s by the initial key that had been taken from the hanging board of keys.

Using the key grabbed initially the player can open the treasure which rewards the hunter with the Dark Tech Mask.

The mission of Missing Muse Treasure Hunt Far Cry 6 ends here completing and going through all the tasks held on.

To know more about further walkthroughs stay connected.

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