Judgment Honey Trap – Complete Quest Walkthrough

Judgment Honey Trap

Judgment Honey Trap refers to one of the side quests available in the game. The actual name of the mission is “I Got Honey Trapped!” which will be made available to the players after a certain mission. This article will try to provide you with a complete guide regarding this mission and the game called Judgment. There is so much to discuss regarding this article, so let us not waste any more time and jump right into it.

However, before we get to talk about the side quest, first, we will need to get a better understanding of the video game, Judgment.

Judgment –  Video Game

The video game called Judgment was developed by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio. Sega published the game. The video game belongs to the action-adventure genre and is a spinoff game of the hit video game franchise, Yakuza. The game was released initially in Japan for PS4 in Japan and was released worldwide the following year in the month of June.

In the game, you will have to complete missions that involve searching for clues, stealth, and chasing.

Now that we’ve understood the game let’s talk about the topic at hand – Judgment Honey Trap.

Judgment Honey Trap

The Honey Trap mission is a side quest or side case in the context of the video game Judgment. This article will provide you with everything you need to know regarding Judgment Honey Trap.  The mission becomes available for the player to attempt after finishing the side case that is related to the story of Judgment called “Underneath the Mask ”. 

After you complete the said mission, a job will be offered to you, accept this job offer, which is titled “I Got Honey Trapped!”. After accepting the job, you will have to go back to your office and wait there for the client to come and meet you.

I got honey trapped

In order to make your character wait, you will have to find a blue circle marker inside your office. Once you find it, you can step into it and wait. Your client will come to meet you, and this will initiate this side case. You will be given details regarding the case, and to find more leads about the case you have been given, you will have to go to Bantam. 

Once you reach Bantam, go into the bar and converse with the owner. After doing so, in order to get updates on the case, you will need to converse with the journalist who should be hanging out inside the bar.

Starting I got honey trapped quest
Starting I got Honey Trapped

After talking with the Journalist, the next lead is Hachitani’s Chatter activity. To gain evidence from this, you need to open the case files and go through the chatter screen evidence. Make sure to note the locations and the timestamp, as this makes it easier to track down who we are supposed to find – Asuka Hachitani. 

Onion Rings Evidence
Onion Rings Evidence

The screen will show that the last activity done is eating onion rings and in the game universe, the only place that sells Onion Rings is in Theater Ave, a place called Wette Kitchen.

Identify the Girl
Identify the Girl

Go to the location mentioned above and visit the second floor. There will be three young women, and you will have to identify who Hachitani is based on the descriptions provided. You will need to make use of Active Search Mode. There will not be one single 100% match, but there will be someone close enough. This person will have a mole situated below her eye. 

A blond woman will leave but make sure you choose the option “Don’t Go After Her”. After this, you will be able to find Hachitani. Doing all this would make you move to the next segment of the case.

Follow the Girl
Follow the Girl

Hachitani will head towards park Blvd to meet with the man who is on the phone. It is pretty easy to follow her provided you will be able to break her sight if she decides to turn around.

Following The Girl
Following Girl

In this sequence, it is best to follow by being close to areas that could provide you with cover. You will need to continue following Hachitani until she meets with the man on the phone. His name is Higurashi.


There will be a cutscene that will follow after you reach this point. Once the cutscene gets over you will need to fight Higurashi and beat him. He is not a great fighter, and because of that, you will be able to beat him pretty easily. After the fight, a few more cutscenes will be there, and the case will be closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find Asuka Hachitani?

You will be able to find Asuka Hachitani by visiting the Wette Kitchen on Theater Ave and heading to the second floor. She will be present there.

Where is bar tender in Judgment?

The Bar Tender in Judgment is located on Taihei Boulevard.

What is Mari in Judgment?

Mari is a character seen in Judgment whose real name is not known to us. She is commonly seen in Bar Tender.

How many cases of Judgment are there?

There are a total of 50 side cases in the video game Judgment.


Judgment Honey Trap is a mission or a case that can be investigated in the game Judgment. Doubts and queries related to this topic will be cleared as this article has given you a complete guide to quickly and effectively doing this side case. 

Hopefully, this article has been insightful and has cleared all the doubts you would have had regarding the topic Judgment Honey Trap and would lead to a quicker and more enjoyable gaming experience while playing Judgment!

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