RE4 Butterfly Lamp – Beautiful Treasure Item

RE4 Butterfly Lamp

RE4 Butterfly Lamp is an item seen in the game, which has made the majority of the fans of the game want to have it. Hence, topics related to the RE4 Butterfly Lamp have been asked and discussed often in most of the forums related to the video game, Resident Evil 4, and the Resident Evil Franchise. The item is quite difficult to find and has a pretty decent selling value even at its base form. 

Considering how often topics related to RE4 Butterfly Lamp are being discussed. This article will attempt to provide you with everything you need to know regarding the RE4 Butterfly Lamp to make you more informative and insightful about the topic. Let us dig in to understand what RE4 Butterfly Lamp is. 

What is RE4 Butterfly Lamp?

The name Butterfly Lamp sounds fancy and expensive, and the name does justice to the item’s appearance as it is a very beautiful and fancy-looking lamp. The Butterfly Lamp is one of the items that is seen in the video game Resident Evil 4. The item belongs to the treasure item category. In addition to being very beautiful and fancy looking on its own, you will also be able to fit red eyes, blue eyes, and green eyes onto it.

Butterfly Lamp
Butterfly Lamp

One will be able to get red eyes, blue eyes and green eyes from the dead Novistadores. The Novistadores will drop the item after you have killed them.

Adding the different colors of eyes to the RE4 Butterfly Lamp does make its physical appearance much better and more beautiful. However, making the RE4 Butterfly Lamp more beautiful is not its only purpose. The red eyes, blue eyes, and green eyes also increase the value of the RE4 Butterfly Lamp considerably. 

The increase of the item’s value is better as the item’s purpose is to be sold to a merchant so that the players could earn some extra Pesetas.

The selling value of the RE4 Butterfly Lamp with different eyes and without them will be discussed later in this article. Now that you have got a basic understanding of what RE4 Butterfly Lamp is, let us look into finding where we will be able to find the said item. 

RE4 Butterfly Lamp: Location

There are mainly two locations in the main game. The first location is in Chapter 3-2, and the second location is in Chapter 4-1. In Chapter 3-2, you will be able to find the Butterfly Lamp in the sewers. The item will be seen inside one of the chests in the maintenance room in the drainage valve area. 

Butterfly Lamp Chest | Chapter 4-1
Butterfly Lamp Chest | Chapter 4-1

In Chapter 4-1, the item will be located in the ballroom access. You will be able to see the item inside one of the chests kept on the balcony that overlooks the ballroom. The chest will be located just outside the Novistador hive. You will be able to access this place by going through the corridor and using the ladder outside the window. 

In the minigame that is available in all the releases of Resident Evil 4, you will be able to find RE4 Butterfly Lamp right after you win against Krauser in Chapter 5.

Now that you know exactly where to find this gorgeous treasure item let us look into the selling value of the RE4 Butterfly Lamp. 

RE4 Butterfly Lamp: Selling Value

As mentioned earlier, you will be able to add the different types of eyes to the RE4 Butterfly Lamp. This, in turn, causes the value of the lamp to increase. The base value of the item is 4500 pesetas. When you add an eye to the lamp, its value increases up to 1000 pesetas which is higher than the worth of the individual treasures combined. 

Selling Butterfly Lamp
Selling Butterfly Lamp

One needs to remember that you will only be able to add one of each of the colored eye to the lamp, and adding multiple eyes to the lamp, increases the value of the RE4 Butterfly Lamp drastically with the price of selling both the lamps, which have three of the eyes attached going up to 64000 pesetas. 

The complete list of the selling value of the item with the different combinations is listed below:

No Eyes4,500 ₧
Green Eyes6,500 ₧
Red Eyes7,000 ₧
Blue Eyes8,500 ₧
Green and Red Eyes11,000 ₧
Green and Blue Eyes13,000 ₧
Red and Blue Eyes15,000 ₧
Green, Red, and Blue Eyes32,000 ₧

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Butterfly lamp do RE4?

Butterfly Lamp in Resident Evil 4 can be sold to a merchant for the player to earn a few extra pesetas. The players use the item to earn more in-game currency.  

How do you get blue eyes in RE4?

One of the ways you can try to get blue eyes in RE4 is to save the game right before Chapter 3-2 and kill the Novistadores until they drop a blue eye. If you cannot get the blue eye on the first try, go to the last saved file, reload the game, and repeat until you succeed. 

What does the green eye do in RE4?

The green eyes sell for a price of 1000 pesetas on their own, and adding this item to your Butterfly Lamp increases the value of both items. The purpose of the green eye is to be sold so that the players can earn a few extra pesetas. 

How do you get red eye in RE4?

The item red eye is dropped by Novistadors and is very easy to find. To find them, all you have to do is to kill the Novistador when they attack you. 


RE4 Butterfly Lamp is the topic that has been discussed in this article and has covered all the aspects of this beautiful treasure item seen in Resident Evil 4. You can get a clear idea and a better understanding of the topic. Information related to the RE4 Butterfly Lamp, such as its location, selling values, and the basic idea of what the item is, has been discussed in detail in this article. 

Hopefully, this article has been insightful and informative and has given you clarity regarding the topic RE4 Butterfly Lampin order for you to have a more enjoyable and immersive gaming experience!

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