Increase Adventure Rank Genshin Impact With 6 Easy Steps

Increase Adventure Rank Genshin Impact

Increase Adventure Rank Genshin Impact is a common technique to increase your levels in the game. The game has restricted many missions to certain levels only. That’s the reason why everyone wants to increase their level by completing quests and exploring various places.

The value of upgrades is one thing RPGs have in common. So how do we rapidly increase Adventure Rank Genshin Impat? Read on to know about it.

The raising of characters is one of the most critical features of an RPG game. Higher levels make it simpler and more comfortable for the players to wipe caves. With a relatively high standard, other players would have a much lower need to offer support. Genshin Impact is an RPG game in a world of immense imagination. Knowing how to boost the character’s adventure level has its benefits, exclusive to this game Keep reading this article on how to increase Adventure Rank Genshin Impact rapidly.

What is Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact?

Adventure Rank is an account-wide advancement level that does not rely on individual characters, such as Character Experience/Levels, which is expanded with the Adventure EXP. They will still attend Adventure Guild and demand a boost when a player’s Adventure Rank is increased. World Levels and Abyssal realms need an adventure rating before they enter the next level.

How to Increase Adventure Rank Genshin Impact?

Step 1 – Story Quests

Increase Adventure Rank Genshin Impact - Story Quests
Story Quests

Increase Adventure Rank Genshin Impact by Story Quests. They are tied to some levels, and when you unlock them, they are the perfect way to increase your Adventure Rank so that you can do it as soon as it opens.

These are the key aspects of the Genshin Impact, while this isn’t knowledgeable guidance, it is foolish to overlook that your Adventure Rank is accompanied by daily advancement.

Step 2 – Daily Commissions

Genshin Impact Daily Commisions
Daily Commisions

Perhaps the easiest way to collect much of the adventure experience in much less time is by fulfilling the Adventurer’s Guild Daily Commissions. You will get an Adventurer’s Guide after talking with Katheryne in Mondstadt, which will open by pressing F1. The second tab is the ‘Commissions.’ These commissions help you increase Adventure Rank Genshin Impact.

You will complete four Regular Commissions per day. They are dispersed around the aircraft, but you should be able to quickly find the right place if you’ve already activated several Teleport WayPoints. The Daily Commissions range from fighting a few enemies to storing or frying certain ingredients.

You get to complete all four of them, which is an extra 500 Adventure EXP bonus. These quick activities are with your time. It is a fantastic adventure rank boost compared with the little effort that you need to do.

Step 3 – Complete Side Quest & World Quests

Genshin Impact Side Quests
Side Quests

These are relatively short missions that don’t make substantial progress in the plot; you can add some depth to the environment to visit new locations and discover them.

Step 4 – Clearing Temples & Domains

Genshin Impact Clearing Temples
Clearing Temples

Completing domains will get you a fair amount of Adventure Rank EXP. How many you get depends on the field, so look up the bonuses in your Explorer manual before going ahead with them.

The unique domains, the first of which is unlocked at level 12, are a perfect way to begin. Their income varies from 200 to 500 Adventure EXP. However, as the name states, you will only receive this prize once. These rewards and XP grant you a shortcut to increase Adventure Rank Genshin Impact.

The replicable domains are a more profitable way to expand EXP in the long run. The first, Cecilia Garden, will be released at level 16. Each time you finish it, you will theoretically get 100 Adventure EXPs. While this can take much longer than, for instance, destroying a Ley Line Outcrop, domains offer you a lot of prizes too.

Step 5 – Killing Bosses

Genshin Impact Killing Bosses
Killing Bosses

Hunting bosses is the only chance to get Adventure EXP quickly if you get bored of commissions or have been up for the day. Go to “Bosses” and pick one that awards Adventure EXP from your Adventure Handbook

Blowing down one of the Ley Line Outcrop bosses in Mondstadt is a great option, particularly for the new players. If you’re in the game, try the elite bosses of 200 EXP or the weekly bosses of 300 EXP. These weekly bosses can be helpful to increase Adventure Rank Genshin Impact.

The great thing about chasing bosses is that you can do so repeatedly, ensuring that your original resin is adequate to win the prizes. The bosses of the Ley Line Outcrop needs just 20 initial polish and will disperse in the immediate vicinity again. You would earn up to 600 EXP Adventure if you spent your fully preserved new resins.

Step 6 – Map Exploration

Genshin Impact Map Exploration
Map Exploration

Another enjoyable yet time-consuming way up is by discovery. Genshin Impact’s Open World is full of teleport paths, seven figures, and dominations, which you can find for a little adventure EXP. If you like wandering across the map and have a short time spent, this is an excellent place to move up.

Anemoculus or Geoculus orbs can also be scanned across the globe. The seven sculptures reward you with a lot of Adventure EXP, but it takes a lot of time and can be completed only once. Now all that is left is to pick your favorite level-up method and start the game.

Increase Adventure Rank Genshin Impact Rewards

Higher Levels of Adventure indicates more significant Rank Prizes of Adventures. Talk to the Adventurers Guild’s receptionist to get them, and you will be compensated assorted prizes, including a pleasant lottery win of mona.

Moreover, you can use the Genshin Impact Codes to redeem free coins and Primogems.

Whenever you level up, you get a tiny mona and resource award to the Adventurer’s Stand. At ranks 5 and 10, each of you will receive 10 Acquaint Destinies appropriate for every banner you choose to grab, which is perfect for improving your squad without investing real money.

  • You activate daily commissions at rank 12.
  • In rank 14, you can send out unavailable parts for resource hunting reports.
  • You can enable digital community on Rank 16.

Why Increase Adventure Rank Genshin Impact is essential?

The significant advantage of Adventure Rank is that you can access the gameplay content. You have to be at a certain adventure rank before you take them on story and side quests.

Your Adventure Rank also decides whether you can do daily challenges and enter the multiplayer mode or not. Hence, it is necessary to improve your Adventure Rank for the entire game.

Final Words

Several experiences are locked to your rank in Genshin Impact. It is not your character level that defines how robust your characters are but your adventure position that records your experiences. Many Archon and Story quests, including some temples, a few character levels, and many other features, are hidden behind such groups.

With a low Adventure Rank, you can feel the most significant pressure on your time, and occasionally it seems like the game pushes you to work excessively. Hence, we hope you will begin to increase your adventure rank as you travel with this guide, without being in it for a long time.

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