How to Wear Two Hairs on Roblox

How to Wear Two Hairs on Roblox

The Roblox is a fantastic platform for the players to enjoy the gameplay. It is comprised of creations that are designed and developed by the players. You can include the recreations inspired by the other video games, and it provides you a high amount of freedom creativity. And thus, you also have an option to create your own customized Hair in the Roblox.

You can wear two Hairs on Roblox by using the Advanced option in your character customization menu. For this purpose, you need to copy the ID Codes of the hairs you need to equip. These ID Codes are usually located in the URL of the hair item in the catalog. In this post, we’ll go through the detailed process of equipping two hairs at a time in Roblox.

The following article will provide you with all the information about making your own favorite Hair and customize them. This article will also help you to about how to make Hair on various platforms of Roblox.

How to Wear Two Hairs on Roblox?

Wear Two Hairs on Roblox

The following process explains how to Wear Two Hairs on Roblox –

  1. Log into Roblox by using your mobile device.
  2. Open any web browser and open the Roblox website.
  3. On settings, select the option “Request to Desktop Site.”
  4. Drag the second hairstyle which you want to apply on the second tab.
  5. Have a look at the URL and copy the ID Code.
  6. Go back towards the Avatar customization screen.
  7. Select the “Advanced” option, and a new pop-up window will appear on the screen.
  8. Paste the copied ID in a slot and click on “Save.”
  9. Now you will notice both equipped hairstyles.

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What Is The Technique To Customize The Hair In Roblox?

The customization depends on the platform in which you are operating the Roblox. There are several steps to develop custom hair in the Roblox game. If you are on PC, most players wish to use the Blender. Alternatively, if you are utilizing your mobile device, the process of customizing Hair is a bit different and harder to customize if we compare it with PC customization.

Unfortunately, on mobile devices, you cannot create a hairstyle, but you have an option to equip more than one hairstyle for your Avatar in the game. To make Roblox Hair on mobile, you are dependent on some wizardry available over the internet. But don’t worry; it will not hack or modify your game.

In the next section, first, we will have a look at creating Hair in the Blender.

How To Create Roblox Hair In Blender?

Create Roblox Hair In Blender

First, note that Blender is freely available and open-source software to design and develop 3 Dimensional (3D) models. In addition, the software consists of a variety of unique features. Still, before you start working with Blender, it is suggested to get knowledge about some essential functions s of Blender, and they are as follows:

  1. Firstly, open one scene which is specifically containing the character of your gameplay.
  2. Draw a curve-shaped circle by pressing the “Shift – A” button, secondly choose the “Curve,” and followed by the “Circle.”
  3. After drawing the circle, select it and then press the “Tab” button on your keyboard.
  4. Head towards the Controls Point, which is available at the top left side of the screen. And then select “Set Handle Type” and then choose “Free.”
  5. From this position, you have the option to mold the circle into any shape you wish.
  6. Also, you will require another curve for the Hair, so for that, press on “Shift-A” and select on “Curve” then to “Path.”
  7. Later you will apply a shape to the track by moving towards “Object Data Properties” to “Geometry” and then select “Bevel.”
  8. Choose the circle which we made earlier.
  9. Make the edges pointed by selecting the vertices and pressing “Alt – S” on the keyboard.
  10. Repeat the steps for other fronts and parts of the hairstyle according to your wish.
  11. You can reduce the number of “Tris” by lowering the resolution.
  12. Now choose all the hairpieces and move towards “Object,” and select “Convert To.” Next, choose “Curve to Mesh/ Text.”
  13. A prompt window will appear and allow you to select “Mesh from Curve/Meta/Surf/Text”/
  14. Apply a decimate modifier inside the edit mode.
  15. But before exporting, perform a UV Unwrapping.

Working with Blender is challenging to work, but it will become easier to use with some practice. For example, you can design and develop custom hair for your Avatar in Roblox. But to use cosmetic items that are being displayed, you have to purchase the User Generated Content (UGC).

How To Create Wear Two Hairs On Roblox in Ipad?

It is nearly impossible to create Roblox Hair on the iPad. But you can use the above steps for combining the hairstyles. Again, the final results will be exactly identical. You can use the free hair models in Roblox, to equip two hairs on Roblox at once.

How To Create Roblox Hair Extension?

Roblox Hair Extension

Hair extension is an alternative method to make your Avatar unique from the crowd. It is possible to copy designs from other avatars and making them more unique, and you have absolute control over the entire process. There are many methods to create hair extensions, but the simplest way is by using the GIMP software. GIMP software is freely available for you on the internet, and it is effortless to use. And with some fiddling, you can create hair extensions within a concise amount of time.

  1. Get the GIMP Software along with some hair extensions available over the internet.
  2. Open the template by using GIMP.
  3. Add your favorite colors, shades, glows, and much more.
  4. Finally, save the project.

Procedure To Change Hair Color In Roblox?

You have to purchase a variety of hair colors, and you can get them on the official website of Roblox. You can perform this task on both mobile devices and on a PC

  1. Search for the official website of Roblox and log in with your credentials.
  2. Go towards the Avatar Settings option.
  3. Click on the “Accessories.”
  4. From this section, you can select “Hair.”
  5. Type the name of the Hair which you wish
  6. Select from the options that are available in the menu displayed on the screen
  7. Purchase the color you wish
  8. Equip it back in your profile

How To Two Hairs on Roblox Studio?

Roblox Studio is popular software that allows you to create new game modes. The software is freely available on the internet, and you can use it for PC. It provides you the feature to start your own game modes, get other games, and connect with other gamers. This is a great way of combining two hairs on Roblox and equip them as one.

While you load a new file, it will display it empty. You can start importing the models of the character and modify them. But you can create custom hair in the Roblox studio. You have to just develop the Hair by using Blender and then import it to the Roblox Studio. Also, you can get free models over the internet.

  1. Open the Roblox Studio
  2. Click on the option available on the top-left to import a character model
  3. Open the toolbox available on the left side
  4. Search for the wigs and Hair available within the toolbox
  5. Import your favorite hair model
  6. Go to your character model’s file available on the right
  7. Search “Head” and remove it from your character
  8. Drag and move the imported wig and adjust the position in your character
  9. You can apply changes in colors with the Properties Tab

How To Create Hair In Roblox Catalogue?

Unfortunately, you cannot create Hair by using Roblox Catalogue. It is only used for the customization of your Avatar. It provides you the option to purchase the accessories or get the freely available ones.