Escape From Tarkov Survivor Class Guide

Tarkov Survivor Class

The world is all about the Survival of the Fittest, and this game is all about escaping and surviving if you wish to continue this game. These actioned features capture the active mind of children. They are loved so easily and it’s fascinating. The action role-play games have a greater impact on people’s minds; importantly, they play a major role in the leisure side of kids.

Tarkov Survivor Class is a special feature that is found in the most famous game Escape From Tarkov. These classes will help you recognize where you stand in the game. This can be seen in your overall statistics tab. Most of the players find it to be very mystical when they look into Tarkov Survivor Class.

Escape From Tarkov is a realistic first-person online action game with MMO features. This game encourages every player to play in different modes such as online PMC raids, scav raids, and an offline mode that is provided temporarily. The players are given the channel either to play individually or in groups.

If a player wishes to escape or survive in this game, they should kill or fight against other players or non-player characters to increase their points in the game. Dying in a raid is like losing everything in the game: their loot, equipment that they earned in the game.

Escape From Tarkov is an action RPG full of scandals and dramas. In this game, they fight, kill others to arm themselves, and as well as to take control of city areas. Just think of, soon after you get control of the areas you must be more cautious than earlier. You must continuously monitor yourself regarding your position.

What is Tarkov Survivor Class?

Tarkov Survivor Class denotes the level that you have achieved in the game. A raid may contain up to 14 players and can last for 15 to 45 minutes. The players are given some areas, particularly denoted as “Hideout,” to seek shelter. Increasing a player’s trader loyalty will also give access to more quests and items.

Tarkov Gameplay

To monitor the stats and to check how well you are, you can use Tarkov Survivor Class. With the help of Tarkov Survivor Class, you can figure out your playstyle. It is found in the overall Statistic Panel, and it doesn’t be stable throughout the game. As you keep playing, it also keeps changing. It has 5 different values, and among them, one will be shown on your screen for a play. They are,

  • Unknown
  • Neutralizer
  • Marauder
  • Paramedic
  • Survivor


A player’s Tarkov Survivor Class will be shown as Unknown if they are new to the game. It is so because they lack experience and seems to be a beginner. Soon after, you get through the game, and the classes will change automatically. But the question here is, When will the classes be changed? There isn’t any official information regarding this, but based on experienced players’ comments, the Tarkov Survivor Class can change soon after you hit the 20th level. To determine a clear Tarkov Survivor Class, you must gain enough experience as a player.


A player who wishes to obtain this Tarkov Survivor Class must have major experience from killing. A player should always choose to hunt other PMS dog tags or Scavs and mustn’t give priority to looting or chasing high-tier loot. This doesn’t mean that looting in raids is of least importance; rather, the points you have in all the experience should have minimum points. Among the looting, healing, and kill experiences score, your kill experience points must be high other than two.


A player will get this Tarkov Survivor Class if their experience is more on looting. Players who have this class will have a “rat” playstyle and love to loot everything they come across. And at the same time, they avoid hunting players or scavs and have minimum experience in it. It also indicates that the player goes behind the high-value loot areas and has more experience in it. A player should be able to collect every loot, whether it is raid or top tier uncommon treasure.


Tarkov Escape

A player who is wishing to get Paramedic Tarkov Survivor Class must get high points in the healing experience. Instead of spending time in killing or looting, they should spend a lot of time healing over other activities. In reality, it is tough to reach this Tarkov Survivor Class.

And it cannot be achieved through regular gameplay. The player should do this skill leveling by wanted taking damage from barbed wire, fire, or falling. It must be done intentionally, and playing with standard gameplay doesn’t suit this Tarkov Survivor Class.


Tarkov Survival

This Tarkov Survivor Class is achieved by having a better rate of experience in survival when compared to other experiences. And as a result, you will have the character experience. You should gain more experience by enduring the game’s challenge.

In the identical settings and the game mode, you and another player will have different classes. This is because each one’s playstyle determines what Tarkov Survivor Class to hold. You can choose your favorite one, increase the determined experience points and get that Tarkov Survivor Class.

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