DFFOO Tier List [March 2024]

DFFOO Tier List

As we know, Final Fantasy is one of the most popular freely available to play RPG-based games. This game is fantastic and has a new series installed known as Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Mini, mostly known as DFFOO.  The fundamental strategy of the game is based on the features which are involved in the game.

DFFOO Tier List is a classification of heroes in the game based on their strengths and pick rates. Needless to say, there is always a better hero of choice in every update of DFFOO which chances the current meta and tier list. In this post, we’ll go through the current tier list to get an idea of the strongest characters in the game.

The exciting part of the game is their storylines and the iconic heroes and unforgettable villains, which you cannot forget in the entire franchise series of the game. There is a new addon in the game, and it is the epic adventure battles along with the epic battles, creative and unique stories which depict the storyline for each hero of the game.

There is only one method to defeat the villains and move further in the game’s storyline to gather a powerful and efficient team. We refer you to read the prepared list tier of DFFOO entirely and carefully to save yourself for the troubles considering the massive lineup in the gameplay.

DFFOO Tier List

As the story of this game is entirely based on an account, you must make sure to successfully complete various chapters to unlock the different unforgettable characters. Every hero has additional and special equipment of abilities followed by their unique gameplay style. Thus, it must be clear and define which two teams are the best team, can fight and defeat the enemies. Also, it will provide you exciting rewards. The following DFFOO list is segregated into six different categories of level, and it will help you make your decision process smoother and simple.

Basically, as in all games, the heroes are assigned according to the level of their performance. In this game, there are total of seven types of tiers, and they are as follows:

  • SS Tier
  • S Tier
  • A Tier
  • B Tier
  • C Tier
  • D Tier
  • F Tier

So, let us see each hero in detail that are available in each tier of the gameplay.

DFFOO Tier List – SS Tier

SS Hero CharacterHero Role
CloudThe Cloud contains an overall decent amount of DPS in the gameplay.
LagunaThis hero contains two roles Flexible + Debuffer
SerahThe following hero has two roles Brave Battery + Buffer.
SquallThe Squall is a BRV Attacker
TerraHe has the Role of HP Attacker
VaanHe has the Role of HP Attacker
YunaThe hero has the Brave Battery Role.

DFFOO Tier List – S Tier

S Hero CharacterHero Role
EdgarThe character in the game apparently has the role of Debuffer.
HopeHe has the role of Brave Battery.
KrileThe Krile also contains the role of Brave Battery.
LilisetteThe following character consists of three roles Brave Battery + Defuffer + Buffer.
PrisheThe character is a flexible attacker along with the Physical + Magical.
RamzaThe Ramza has the role of Buffer.
SnowThe role of Snow in the game is a Tank.
Warrior of LightThis character also consists the role of Tank in the gameplay.
ZidaneThe Zidane plays the role of an SPD Warmonger.

The heroes in the Tier SS and of the Tier S are best in the entire gameplay.

DFFOO Tier List – A Tier

Hero CharacterHero Role
AceThe following role of Ace is of Self-Buffing BPS.
AlisaieHe carries Multi-Element DPS.
BartzThe Bartz consist of the role of a BRV Attacker.
CecilHe is a Good AoE BRV Attacker.
FirionHe has a role of a Vampiric Damage Dealer. 
LighteningLightning is a self-Buffing DPS in the game.
Onion KnightHe has a flexible DPS in Physical + Magical.
RemHe is assigned the role of Healing or Support purpose.
ShantottoHe is the Debuffer in the game.
ThancredHe plays the role of Poison Specialist.
TidusTidus is an SPD Warmonger in the game.
ViviVivi contains decent Magical DPS.

DFFOO Tier List – B Tier

DFFOO Tier List B Tier
Hero CharacterHero Role
CaterHe plays the role of a BRV attacker.
CidHe consists of the role of Self-Buffing + Healing.
EikoEiko has the role of Healer + BRV Battery.
JechtThe role of Jecht is of a General Good DPS.
KefkaKefka plays the role of Debuffer.
KingThe King is a Ranged DPS.
KujaKujaplays a role of an Aoe DPS.
LayleLayle is a knock Back Specialist in the game.
LennaLenna is a Buffer + Healer.
MariaMaria plays the role of a Healer.
RydiaThe role of Rydia is a Magical DPS.
SeiferSeifer plays the role of a BRV Attacker.
SephirothSephiroth is also an Attacker.
Y’ShtolaY’Shtola plays the role of one of the Magic BRV Attackers.
YangYang is an AoE HP Attacker in the game.
YuriYuri consists of General Good DPS.
ZackZack is appointed the role of BRV Scrapping Tank.

The Heroes in Tier A and Tier B are considered as one of the best hero characters after the characters of Tier SS and Tier S.

DFFOO Tier List – C Tier

Hero CharacterHero Role
AsheAshe has a role of a Debuffer.
EdgeEdge has a role of a Tank.
FarisFaris is also a Debuffer.
KainKain is generally a good DPS.
PapalymoHe plays the role of Magical DPS.
QuistsThe assigned role to Quists is a Debuffer.
RaijinRaijin is granted the role of a Thunder DPS.
SetzrHe is a Debuffer in the game.
SeymourThe role of Seymour is Debuffer.
TifaTifa has the role of BRV Attacker.
VincentHe also plays the role of a BRV Attacker.
WakkaWakka’s role is Random Self-Buffer

The Heroes in Tier C are mediocre in the gameplay

DFFOO Tier List – D Tier

Hero CharacterHero Role
AerithAerith has a role of Healer + Brave Battery.
GalufHe plays the role of Tank.
GarnetHe consists the role of Magical DPS.
IrvineHe is assigned the role of Ranged DPS.
PeneloHe is a Buffer in the game.
SabinSabin consists of a good DPS.
ShadowShadow has a role of SPD Warmonger.
YuffieYuffie is a Brave Battery in the game.
ZellZell has a role of an AoE Attacker.

DFFOO Tier List – F Tier

Hero CharacterHero Role
AuronHe is a Brave Attacker.
BalthierHe has a role of a Buff Stealer BPS.
CelesCeles plays the role of Magic DPS Nullifier.
CyanHe is a Tank in the game.
FuujinHis role is of Wind DPS.
LionHe is assigned the role of a BRV Attacker.
PalomPalom is a long-term battle specialist.
SteinerHe plays the role of Anti Human DPS.
VanilleHe is a Debuffer.
YdaHe is assigned the role of a Poison DPS.
SazhThe role of Sazh is a Ranged DPS.

Avoid heroes of Tier D and Tier F in your group.

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