Sims 4 Birthday Cake & Candles Guides

Sims 4 Birthday Cake

The Sims has been a fan favorite life simulation game since its launch in 2000. Sims4, its latest version, is a rage amongst the fans, too, albeit with some twists from its predecessor versions.

The Sims 4 Birthday Cake appears in The Sims: House Party, The Sims 2, The Sims 3, and The Sims 4. But, there’s a catch. While we could buy a birthday cake in the previous versions via buy mode, we can only bake it in Sims4. An added pain or a bonding moment for the family?- fans seem conflicted. Either way, we’re here to give a detailed guide to this feature, to make the birthday cake- a cakewalk for you.

One of the most cherished moments is when the Sims character ages to the next life stage. It opens up the character to new adventures and challenges. And what screams birthday better than that buttercream and fondue loaded cake, candles and all!? A Birthday Cake hence, rightfully, is an essential item in the games, for it is used to celebrate Sims’ birthday to move it to the next stage of life.

How to Buy a Sims 4 Birthday Cake?

Organizing Birthday Party
Organizing Birthday Party

Well, you don’t. The previous versions did enable the player to buy the cake in the buy mode. The only way to get a Sims 4 Birthday Cake is to bake it yourself. Quite wholesome.

 Here are the steps for it:

  1. Go to the fridge and select “Cook.”
  2. Select what cake you’d like from the menu – there’s chocolate, strawberry, white and blue confetti, and more. How many items you see depends mainly on your current cooking skill and a gourmet cooking skill if you want to make a gourmet cake. Chocolate and white cakes options will be, however, open to everyone.
  3. When the cake is made, select it and click “add birthday candles.”

Are Sims not baking the cake?

Choosing Cake in Sims 4
Choosing Cake in Sims 4

Just check if some food item is already inside the oven. That could be the reason why the character is not complying. Also, do make space on the kitchen counter for prepping the batter.

Flavors of Cakes for Your Sims

Sims can bake white or chocolate cakes, with a “hamburger” cake. This cake is solely available if the Up All Night digital content is loaded. Blue confetti or Strawberry cake is also available to cook if you’re on enough level. We recommend you increase your level by practicing the normal cakes first.

Sims 4 Birthday Cakes can be made by using black and white cakes and SimCity cheesecakes from the gourmet cookery skill. This base can be used anytime in your cake recipe.

One can bake a Honey cake, too (from honey collected via beekeeping). Rest assured, your beloved characters’ tastebuds would be satisfied :).

Can’t add Candles On the Sims 4 Birthday Cake?

Many people have encountered this glitch. Here are a few fixes for when you don’t see the option to add candles.:

1. Reposition the cake

Position the Sims 4 Birthday Cake in the center of the table. Also, there should be nothing else on the table/counter. Please remove it from the fridge’s inventory and set it on a separate counter.

2. Use the ‘bring out cake’ interaction

There’s an option to add candles to your cake interactively. For this, you first have to secure Dine Out pack. Once you have this pack, you can get an option to add candles to your Sims 4 Birthday Cake once you go close to it.

3. Travel Skip

Sime travel is one famous method to reset the game spawning system and remove unintentional bugs.

If you still can’t add the birthday candles to your cake, try having your Sim travel to another lot. After a couple of minutes there, please bring them back again. Check if the candle option has re-appeared.

Oh, and babies can’t bring out the candles.

Having dealt with this burning problem, let’s head to the main step: “Blowing off the candles…”

How to Blow Off Candles in the Sims 4?

Once the candles are added, any sim can blow it. The option appears as soon as you get closer to it.

Blow Off Candles in the Sims 4
Blow Off Candles in the Sims 4

If your birthday sim is a toddler, you will require assistance. You can choose an older sim to help you blow out the candles by clicking on the Sims 4 Birthday Cake while directing the toddler.

You may also control the elder sim and choose the toddler you want to mature up by clicking help blow out candles. Also, we don’t need a birthday cake to age the baby. You could click on the bassinet and ‘age up.’


Sims 4 Birthday Cake Not Working?

Try moving the cake to an open space like one in your bedroom. Sometimes the small space in the kitchen glitches out the birthday cake.

How to bake a cake for a baby in Sims 4?

Same as that for adults, plan a social event. Then you can bake a cake for the baby in Sims 4.

Is there any cheat for Cake in Sims 4?

There is no cheat for cake in Sims 4. The only way to create a cake is by baking it in the kitchen.

On a Final Note

Overall, the birthday celebration is an enjoyable event, and the baking of cake makes the experience arguably more immersive and heartwarming. There are seven stages of life for a character, and though they can age without Sims 4 Birthday Cakes, it doesn’t make the character delighted. Besides, everyone is always down for a party! We hope we have helped you have a hassle-free bash for your sims.

Happy playing!

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